Sunday, April 5, 2015

City Views, Country Dreams

Happy Easter from New York.

Earlier today the sun came out, although the temperature stayed on the cool side.  Just before midday, I walked through Central Park and over to see what this year's Easter Parade might show me.

Over ten blocks of the Avenue are closed to vehicular traffic, and thousands of folks wander around.  Some wear fantastic headgear that they have designed; other folks are tempted by vendors providing ad hoc hat assistance.

Some folks dress their dogs.  Some dogs are not required to wear hats, but are taken along for the ride.  Or walk.

I saw quite a few groups who had chosen some sort of unifying theme for their creativity.

I admired this smiling fellow's subtle use of carrots.

As the Avenue's crowds thicken, it can become tricky to take photographs of interesting hats if the wearers are strolling briskly.  Some hat wearers are more obliging and will pose for a long, long time.

The ladies in the following picture had two different approaches to hat decoration.

Church services were plentiful along the Avenue.

As I scurried along trying to capture interesting costumes, it was often easier to take a back shot.

The two fellows in the next picture had a butterfly theme in their outfits.  They were bending down to pat a dog, I think.

Another back view.

And yet another back view of some girls who definitely knew how to have fun.

This little bunny was staying warm in her daddy's arms.

Some of the strollers adopt a classic look.

Others, like this fellow, always have a distinctive look.  I am sorry not to be able to remember his name.

Roses are red, and tights are, too.

These three friends had different inspirations.  The fellow with the white hair was also trying to take a photo, and stepped into my frame.

The mother of these two adorable little girls wanted to take their picture next to this person who seemed to be a walking topiary.

I asked permission to take this little girl's photo.  I particularly liked her relaxed bunny ears, and the look of the Kabuki figure on the uniqlo shop in the background.

Lots of people seemed to want to have their picture taken along side of this gentleman.

The next hat was typical of many that started out as simple straw hats, and then got extra toppings.

I thought that this lady's black and white outfit was very chic.

Not too many cloche hats on display.  Like the above lady in black and white, this lady was part of group from a vintage clothing establishment.

These two folks just met.  A quick photo op.

This is not a very good photograph, but the hats were interesting.

Here is another person who clearly likes to stand out in a crowd.

This quintet had come all the way from Japan to show off their egg hats.  Sort of like extra large decorated eggs in tiny egg cups.

Here's a dramatic back lit profile view.

I encountered several balloon artists making hats.  These folks were dressed up as whimsical clowns.

This year the scaffolding that had been around St. Patrick's Cathedral while maintenance was underway had been removed.  You all can see how clean the stones look.

More flowers!

More straw hats with plastic eggs.

This lady was greatly inspired by nasturtiums.  Her outfit was really dramatic, but also quite beautiful.

Since very early this morning, crowds of people had been queuing up to attend one of the many mass services at the Cathedral.  Tickets were advisable.  (I admit that I have never gone to a church service that required a ticket.)

Sir and Madam.

I think that you can the the dollar bills on her arm and shoulders.  You cannot see her roller blades in this photograph.

These ladies are very well known fashionistas who always find wonderful ways to wear exotic, often vintage clothing.  It's always a delight to see them in their Easter finery.

Is that a cupola?

Definitely dressed up for Easter!

Lots of flowers had been planted along the Rockefeller Center esplanade.  I see a chocolate shop in the distance....

I took this picture of the adorable little girl's mom taking her picture with the giant green bunny

Another little family group was taking advantage of the benches to have a bit of a rest.  I hope that you all are not too weary at this point?  I have a few more pictures to show you.

Dancing bunnies in red shoes made everyone happy.

These folks dressed in vintage elegance felt the need for hot dogs.

This chap in the long gold coat was also wearing gold Doc Martins.  He was also hoping to sell some of his intricately decorated eggs.

The man in the madras jacket wore a top hat covered with rounds of yarn.  His lady had a small hat featuring a tiny ball of wound up yarn.

I admired this fellow's imaginative used of egg cartons.  I thought his bright green shirt set off the hat's design very well, as did his smile.

The lady in the blue jacket is holding a very clever rabbit puppet that lots of little children found amazing.

This next photograph was taken in the busy interior of a Lindt chocolate shop.  I did not leave the shop without some chocolate.  Lent is over.

As I continued my homeward bound walk up Fifth Avenue, the crowds seemed to be thinning.  However, balloon hats were still being created.

I thought this tiny hat was rather charming.

I found these hats rather fanciful.  The orange one is actually a sailing ship.

Crossing 57th Street and leaving the designated Parade blocks, I saw this dad and daughter.  The daughter's Easter basket was noticeable empty.  Perhaps she had expected to fill it at the Parade?  Or perhaps she'd given away candy.

On their way home, lots of folks kept their ears on.

Another pair of ears.

On my way back across the Park, I spotted some more ears.

And lots of horse drawn carriages.

And walkers, joggers and bicyclists.  But not many flowers yet.

Perhaps in this coming week some leaves will appear on the trees, too.

Back home again, I am pleased to show you all my brand new chocolate hazelnut bunny.  I think I will just admire him for a while.

After all, I did buy some delicious chocolate truffles at the shop, too.  

I hope that you all will enjoy seeing these 2015 Easter New York city views.  Thank you for your visits and kind comments.