Friday, April 27, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Well, I have gotten back to the city from the isolated suburban area conference center where I attended three days of meetings. The site is beautifully landscaped, totally artificial, has a golf course, and is in the direct flight pattern of a nearby airport.

One day during our sessions, some of us elected to sit outside the very airconditioned conference room for lunch. (The catering was lavish and mostly quite delicious. I always think any meal tastes better out of doors.) But there we sat around a pretty table on pretty chairs, and with regular frequency, a large, quick shadow was cast upon our table and the surrounding terrace and lawns, followed immediately by the shrieking roar of a huge jet. Now... that cannot be good for the digestion. I write of this, in part, to encourage you who actually live in the country to treasure that authentic experience.

I jumped with every jet. But, remember, this was a business gathering, and even with my rather sweet employer, business is business, and sometimes we just have to go with a flow that is not our choice of flow.

Aside from that, what else might I tell you all? It was great to see old friends amongst the other shop managers from all across the country, and to see what they were wearing. (We all have the same collections, from which to chose our wardrobes, but everyone has her own take on what way to go. I remembered how chilly the conference rooms were, and opted for major layering, and covered feet. My buddies who went "light" and wore sandals, were in big trouble.

We got a preview of the fall collections, and the items are so beautiful. I am one to look for what may not please our customers, but have to admit that this time around it all looked sumptuous...and will be expensive.

Back at work today, and trying to play catch-up, but not with great success. Lots of customers, lots of back-office demands. Time flew. I had one very handsome Brit come in with his visiting about-to-be 75 year-old mum. He wanted to treat her to a new outfit. She was determined to resist. But, we all hit it off, and I figured out what she might actually really like in our current styles, so she is flying home to London on Monday, with a great new cardigan and pair of trousers.

I know that while I was out of town, this site did experience a few bumps and hiccups, or whatevers, and it is wonderful to see that survival is a strength that purplecoo embraces.

So far, I haven't really had time to think about how I may write differently here that back at the other you know where, but imagine that it will all evolve naturally. Time is at a premium for me now, so it is likely that I will be writing ... how can I put this, with less quantity, but maybe not less quality. We shall see.

Pleasant dreams to you all. xo


  1. It all sound so glamorous Frances, but I know what you mena about air con and those arctic blasts. Toady

  2. New York, New York - how I miss it so. Sounds like the conference centre was near/in one of the hotels off the airports. What a glamorous life you lead in that store - handsome men and mums - my sort of men! What clours for fall then! Lets get ahead of the game here - purple maybe - mauve - a clue please.

  3. Once stayed with a friend who lived under a flight path, conversation had to stop when something flew over.. i couldn't believe it, it was quiet surreal, we'd be mid conversation then everything would stop, then after plane had flown over start again as if nothing had happenned!!

  4. I do wish we could buy from your website. The clothes just look divine! Suggest it to your boss enxt time you see her.
    And I know exactly what you mean about food tasting better out of doors. We get the RAF flying over the most beautiful beach in the world. Very noisy!
    Send me your full http address and I'll put a link on my blog page.

  5. Just caught up with your lovely new blog Frances and I am looking forward to reading more of them. I agree with you about the freer feeling now. There is less pressure to write every day. I have a lot going on at the moment but will be blogging tonight.

  6. Hi Frances,
    It all sounds very glam and worth it for the food if nothing else, Glad the elderly woman from London has gone home well suited!
    I think you should carry on writing as you are, that is you and your life and I for one love reading about it.
    So we're both Virgo's that is interesting, when is your birthday, mine is 18-09,

    Hope your day has been a good one.
    Elaine X

  7. Oh, I remember those freezing air-conditioned conference rooms! And I also remember living in west London, right under the Heathrow flight path - not fun. I think you're right in saying that the way we write will evolve naturally - I still keep thinking about country themes, but I'm sure I'll get broader in due course.

  8. It is just so wonderfully reassuring to see the lovely evening New York posts in our mornings here! Don't care how you write, it's all delightful. My favourite collections are always the autumn ones, love the weight of the textiles and the colours.

    The 'burbs and their flight-paths, eh! Back to the peace and quiet of the city for you.