Sunday, August 26, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

As it is already late, I won't write too much tonight. This is more by way of just staying in touch.

We are quickly coming up on our Labor Day weekend, which traditionally marks the end of summer, start of fall. Our summer weather has never quite gotten in gear this year, bit of brief hot and humid, but mostly cooler, much cooler than usual.

In the shop, we have made good use of the cooler days, and have already done quite well with our fall woolens. We have been selling lots of wool coats in August!

The past two weeks' financial news re sub prime loans have no doubt begun to sew seeds of fear in the minds of many of our customers. Their mortgages and credit card balances may now have much higher interest rates. This may dampen enthusiasm for the beautiful styles we now have available.

I have stolen a few hours to try on some of these new styles, trying to select the pieces that will be my "uniform" for September. Alas, I am having a difficult time finding items that properly fit me. I am too scrawny on top. Need broader shoulders. Or something.

So far, I have only managed to select one beautiful red cardigan. The color becomes me, and I am sure that when I wear it, the sweater will sell.

We just ended our "retail" August month, and once again, beat our goal. So, it will be another bonus!

Tomorrow night we are scheduled for night one of a two- or maybe even three-night process to refinish the floor in the shop. Much moving around of heavy fixtures will be needed each night and on each following morning. I had heavily lobbied to shut the shop on an August Sunday to get the job over with in one long day, but ... no the answer came. We cannot close for a day.

So...we will have much aggravation. I am sure that many staff members (possibly including me) will find the smell of the refinishing liquids repellent. Some staff may want to leave immediately. But the shop shall stay open. I do hope that I exaggerate the problems.

Speaking of problems, it seems as if much is going on in lives of dear people who contribute to the site. If I were less tired, I could add a few tales myself. But this Sunday evening, I think that I will leave it, merely recounting some retail tales.

If I ever get another day off (must happen sometime this week) I may write more, or may no longer think that any of what concerns me now is still worth worrying about. Time can be our friend.

Pleasant dreams to all.


  1. Not a poor excuse for a blog at all Frances. Another beautiful glimpse of your New York life that I always enjoy so much. I can see the red cardigan, (I love red). Hope the floor goes well and you are not too affected by the fumes - can they do that to you, what about 'health and safety issues for you and the customers?

  2. There you go again Frances working sooo hard. As you can see from the blogs the British weather has been no great shakes either but we live in hope of an Indian summer before the winter is upon us. I like red and it does suit me but I rarely wear it - perhaps I'll get a few red things for winter.

  3. The financial news re sub prime loans has added yet another thing to teh lsit of why the world blames America for its ills Alas, here and overseas as teh moeny markets rock adn interest rates play silly games I hear teh AMericans need to have what they want now adn regardless of if they have teh money or not. It owuld appear teh American dream has rather turned sour alas!

    So right about things that matter so much today when left lose their power, one can look back and think why did I ever fret about that!

    Re quotidian..despite people belieivng it is "something recurring daily, something ordianry and commonplace" it is infact, as any Breton will tell you a small town between Quimper and Quintin famous for its sausages ....well so Madame Grogonne tells me and who has the foolhardyness to argue with her I ask myself?

    Do hope you find more delights in teh fall wardrobe allocation, a red cardigan sounds a delight but an entier outfit far more exciting!!

  4. i love the egg cup painting. is that yours?

  5. I love your bnlogs Frances - I love the fact that you give an insight into your working life and the place where you work and peak of city live in America.

    I always enjoy your blogs.

    Don't overdo it - you will need another holiday soon.


  6. Your blogs always take me back to NY and memories of fun times with friends at a horse show at Madison Square Gardens, such fond memories and always such great blogs.
    Blossom with love. xx

  7. I like your words! Fall and becomes ,its lovely you know what i mean..xxo

  8. Glorious as always my friend. I love the sound of the red cardigan, there is a certain elegance about a red cardigan, I always feel, don't know why, but there it is.

    Love the pictures and the paintings. You are multi-talented.

  9. Good Evening Dear Frances in New York, I love your letters from America. Do not worry yourself of how short your Diary's are Frances, whatever you write be it long or short, all is worth reading, breath of fresh air.

    I have treated myself to a new woollen coat this year, but will not wear until weather is much colder here. You will look lovely in your Red colour, itis such a cheery shade. I love your pictures Frances. How goes with the oil-painting, and has the book on Mrs Woolf finally reached you yet?

    Thank you so much Frances for your kind comments. I may blog a little later tonight, or should I say this morning now.

    Best Wishes To You.