Monday, September 10, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good morning from New York.

What a grey, muggy Monday has appeared unto us. It is the kind of dawn that does not energize. Well, it does not energize me.

I will try to counter that lethargy with my cups of strong coffee, and focus on presenting my favorite smells and sounds, as requested by Exmoor Jane. I will just toss them out as they occur to me.

One. Any form of cooking that involves brown sugar and melted butter creates an aroma that I find irresistible.

Two. Lavender, fresh, dried or making an appearance in soaps.

Three. King's College choir singing "Once in Royal David's City" will make me cry.

Four. Hearing almost any Bob Marley song will make me want to dance.

Five. Freshly ground strong coffee. Freshly brewed strong coffee.

Six. Hearing almost any word from a dear friend whom I've not heard from recently.

Seven. Fried bacon.

Eight. Bossa nova music played by my favorite street saxophonist, who plays in Central Park on moody, cloudy days.

Nine. Chocolate. Up close.

Ten. Ripe peaches.

Eleven. The sound and even the smell of being close to someone I love.

Twelve. The sound of laughter from someone I know, or even someone I do not know, particularly if it is a child's laugh. I include the sound of children giggling in this entry.

Any of the above would be a very welcome sensory signal. Many of them would make pleasant combinations, too.

I hope that you all will find that we share some of the twelve.

It is still grey and muggy, but I am feeling energized. Off to work!


  1. Wonderful twelve, Frances. I can smell the brown sugar and butter!...add the strong coffee and I'm in heaven!

  2. I share 2,5,6 and 7.

    Interesting what C.Oates said about her character portrayals as I thought that was something she had done really well in WE are the Mulvaneys, and she paints them so well warts and all.

    I love all the piccies you have been adding your paintings are lovely.

  3. I can share several of them with you Frances 2,3,5,6,10,11,and 12. What a lovely list, but I would not expected any less from you. I hope you enjoyed making the list. I found it something very worthwhile.

  4. Fab twelve - and many the same as me in fact! We do all seem to have lots in common on this site - hope all is well in New York and thinking of you especially on 9/11. love mousie

  5. Oh yes.....many favourites here too. Crikey, is it really 9/11? I lose track of the date/time/place...
    Thank you for taking this on - like Blossom, I found it a thought-provoker and very meaningful.

  6. Lovely list - no morning is complete without the coffee. There is something so wonderful about the feeling of congruence that a smell, or a sound can conjour up.

  7. Oh, King's College choir - that's a guaranteed tear-jerker.

  8. I like listening to Kings College too. I love all the paintings. Very inspiring. I want to start painting again.

  9. HE hey you did it !! i found once i started i couldnt stop, i'd forgotten all about coffee and i try very hard being a veggie to forget the bacon, but its very hard..xx

  10. What an evocative list, brown sugar and butter..reminds me of apple crumble hot from the oven..mmmmhh!

  11. I'm am so with you on the brown sugar and butter - yum! And, come to think of it the rest too. I would love to hear bossa nova music on a saxophone in Central Park. Such an evocative list.

  12. Hello Dear Frances,
    I love all on your list, I love Bosa Nova Music, bought a lot of this way back in London. Chocolate, cannot get enough of it.

    Autumn is in the air Frances, but it is one of my favourite seasons, not so muggy here, but we did have rather a blustery day today.

    Best Wishes,

  13. Hi Frances,
    What a wonderful list of smells and sounds.

    I too love lavender and Kings College Cambridge singing carols, and the aroma of fresh coffee, nothing like it. Sorry your weather bit dull, it;s been fine here, at last!

    Daughter Evie is in NY this week, hope she is enjoying her stay, she arrived on Friday and gets back Thursday.