Monday, October 22, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Can you all imagine it? I am now into day three of a few weeks of vacation. I will not be traveling to any lovely distant location. The dollar is in the cellar. I will wait until it starts back up the steps again before packing my passport and suitcase.

Meanwhile, I am so enjoying being able to be a tourist in my own home town. The answering machine will screen out any calls fromt the shop and I won't look at any e-mails that might be from a job-related source. Bliss!

Even though I valiantly tried to tie up the little loose ends before departing the shop last week, I had to leave certain matters unresolved. My best efforts to close some issues did not receive timely responses from others, so ... I will not be available to futher pursue those resolutions.

Saturday, I stopped by the box office of a Broadway theatre to enquire re tickets for a Brit import that is due to officially open here during my time off. Tom Stoppard's Rock 'N' Roll, originally done at the Royal Court. Well. Lucky me got instant gratification and a ticket for a preview performance on that very Saturday night.

I am a Stoppard fan since seeing a ... preview performance decades ago of his "Rosencrantz...." and was curious to see this one, as I have known people who lived in Prague during the 1960's, love real rock n roll, and wanted to see the original cast in London, but could not afford to travel.

So, the original cast came to me! My last minute ticket placed me in the fourth row of the orchestra (stalls) big, expensive treat for me. I enjoyed the play very much, the ideas in it are provocative, the time frame continues my recent reflection on my early adulthood in the 1960's and 70's. The use of the music of the period and the specific "liner notes" from the important recordings just pushed lots of buttons in my memory lane.

Lots to think about with regard to revolutions, politics, honesty, male and female relations, just all sorts of stuff. Grand performances, especially by the leads, Brian Cox, Sinead Cusack and Rufus Sewell. Due my prized spot in row C, I was somewhat disconcerted at times during the play to find that Mr Sewell had focused his rather intense eyes upon me. Probably because most of the others in my high-priced area were white-haired, older even than I am, and probably were not reacting to the music with the same memories as I was.

I am relaxing more each day. Getting the required errands accomplished, but still finding time to actually do some painting. I have begun my individually painted watercolor Christmas cards. They do take lots of time to do, but I so enjoy making them each year, as each one is a special gift for folks that I have known for years.

This afternoon's painting session was jolted about 4 pm by what sounded like a drill coming through a wall of this apartment. The source of the roar and vibration was work being done in the vacant apartment next door to mine. I have mentioned that this building has recently been sold to new owners, who doubtless want to convert the building from rental apartments to condos or coops. So, when an apartment becomes empty, the demolition/renovation begins.

Now I realize what sounds I have been missing while at the shop! Even so, it is great to have some time off.

Tomorrow a friend and I will visit some galleries and have a lunch to talk, talk, talk. And eat and drink some, too. Then on Wednesday, another pal and I will go to a sample sale that we love to visit each year. The sale is held by a company that specializes in beautiful Italian leather goods and cashmere. Great styles and amazing bargains. Then, we too will have lots to talk about at another lunch.

And so, my leisurely time off will go forward.

I love getting up early in the morning knowing that the day will be filled with whatever I choose.

Pleasant dreams to all.


  1. Sounds as though you are going to have a lovely time!

  2. It's great being a tourist in ones own city isn't it. Sorry about the noise from next door though. Have a great time off work.

  3. What a lovely way to spend a vaction...just doing what you feel like doing!

  4. Dear Francis did you mean Mr Sewell as in Rufus? if so lucky you i do like him......Enjoy your vacation, and enjoy yourself without work interferring and treat yourself...xxxx

  5. What a wonderful way to spend you time off work! I do envy you the Tom Stoppard !

  6. I hope you have a fabulous 'at home' holiday.

  7. I loved being a tourist in London when I lived there redoing those things that I used to do with my Mun and Dad when we visited. Dropping into Fortnum & Mason for tea; walking in teh parks and going to see the changing of the guard and of course droppin in on the galleries and museums - still adore the Natural Scince Museum - can't wait to take my own children! Have a wonderful holiday!
    You made me shiver with delight about Mr Sewell's penetrating stare - lucky,lucky you!!!! I've had a crush on him for ages!

  8. Hope you can really relax and enjoy your vacation, Frances. Wonderful that there is so much for you to do 'at home'.

  9. A few weeks off! Sounds heavenly. I am having time off at the end of the month and mid November too, so much leave left to take. Isn't it lovely just taking each day as it comes and doing as you please? There must be so much to do and see in New York. Look forward to hearing about it. Spoil yourself and forget all about work!

  10. I hope you enjoy every minute of your holiday time, Frances! It certainly sounds as though you will have no troubel finding amusing things to do - museums and galleries and sample sales....I'm turning a faint shade of envy-green!

  11. Rufus Sewell....cor! Hearthrob or wot? just wait until Posie Rosie sees this ...she was a lucky girl in college with himself! My claim to fame? ...I exchange Christmas cards with his cousin! Glad you are enjoying your holiday.

  12. Another lovely Diary Frances,

    So pleased you have some time free from work, you can spoil yourself rotten, and enjoy stress-free creative wonderful moments, at your leisure. All sounds heaven, Art Galleries, Museums, Concerts, Shopping for Leather goods, meeting friends, ah, what could be nicer. I like the idea of water-colour Christmas Cards, all done by your artistic hand, quite special I think.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation Frances.

    Love Camilla.xx

  13. Frances, it's so nice to think of you having an extended and well-overdue break. Make sure you keep us up to date on your outings. Love the sound of those cards; you just can't beat something someone has made for you can you? I love your paintings too. You are such a talented artist.
    frances, thank you for all your lovely comments on my blogpage - we are indeed a lucky bunch here at Purplecoo to have made so many good friends xx