Monday, July 28, 2008

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

The humidity is bearable, as is the temperature. We were able to sell quite a few wool and cashmere sweaters at the shop today. These are strange times.

I think that the incredibly wonderful Cowgirl has asked me to come up with some random thoughts. Random thoughts just run through my mind all the time. Let me choose a sampling.

1. I prefer pasta to rice for my carbohydrates ... but there is nothing like a baked potato.

2. I can live along with a lot of dust at home, but need to have my workplace clean, clean clean.

3. I wish that I had a sister, but have found many surrogate sisters though friendship.

4. The last time I was in a church for a service was at my father's memorial service, some years ago.

5. I hold out hope to some day have a garden, and a puppy ... Milla ... that one is for you!

6. It really bothers me that I learned Latin, French and Russian, and now feel each of them drifting from my mind. Latin was to give me eternal help in spelling and any reader of this post knows that has not held up.

7. I do think of 7 as a lucky number, but also quite like 3 and 9.

Pleasant dreams to all. xo


  1. Morning Francis. I enjoyed your random thoughts and would willingly send you one of my sisters. Which one would you like? The one who's only topic of converstion is about her dogs and horses or the one who is bossy and still treats me as if I'm ten years old. Now what I really needed was a brother.

  2. my puppy is very very good at travelling, wrapped in brown paper and happy to fly. Although, now that I can zap her (see forums) we're almost a little bit in love. The thing about pasta is it invites better sauces, rice just sits and has separate things (curry for instance) plonked on it. But children don't like rice much - how can you not like rice? They get fed it at least once a week and I say, it's just something for the sauce, but still they make out it's a big deal to eat and they're not particularly fussy. Would love to be able to afford a cleaner and be dust free and a sea of clear surfaces.

  3. I've always thought of 3 as a good number too.

  4. There is NOTHING like a baked potato!

  5. Oooo Frances I am an only child so I will be your surrogate sister . . .

    Gawd - do NOT take Milla up on her puppy offer.

    I love baked potatoes too . . not so keen on pasta . . . will remember that though if you ever come over to visit . . .

  6. Humidity awful here. Really awful. Why can't we have one thing or another? As much as I love cashmere I think it has been a cotton day.

    Will remember the baked potatoes (like WW) for when you visit!

  7. I like your facts - beware the puppy though! I am starting to think of cashmere sweaters, even though it is hot and humid here.

  8. Frances, here's wishing you a garden and a puppy... but how will you visit all the places you long to see in your previous post? Well, perhaps just the garden then which, with your creative and artistic talent, will be beautiful.

    PS Tom said to tell you his prints are monoprints but he's experimenting with lots of printing forms at the moment!

  9. I am a new visitor to your Blog. You don't mention Australians in your 'strangers' list so here's one! I'm a grandmother who enjoys writing poetry. I also belong to Blue Coo but only just.

    I was particularly interested in your Blog as I have a great friend who lives in New York. We met when we were fourteen and, by the time we were in our early twenties, we were flatting together in London. Then she moved to America and I to Africa and then Australia, and we both married . We are now elderly but we still correspond frequently and your photos remind me of her.

  10. Am really impressed by Latin, French and Russian. So you can ask questions in Cicero and answer them in Pushkin, all the while reading Le Figaro? Don't let them slip. I wonder would your random thoughts be the same in each language? They ought to be but somehow language changes you a little, (though I can only claim a little French) But as for the garden - just go for it, though I'd beware of the puppy. Agree with you on the baked potato and I always munch up the skins too.

  11. I like pasta, rice and baked potatoes. Un cochon, non? Quentin Crisp was on the money about dust and I agree with him. But clean is important, as is tidy. I'd volunteer to be your surrogate sister, though I'm deficient in certain key areas. And please expect a puppy by return post.

  12. Now there is a thought Francis "A Puppy! and a Garden"
    I am not sure that the two really go together.

    All my puppies have done a fine job of helping me dig mine, however their idea and my idea of where the hole goes and how deep it should be differ dramatically.
    I wish for your dream to come true and that you enjoy filling in the puppy holes and digging your own!
    Love Blossom

  13. Hello Frances,

    Loved your random thoughts. I too adore Pasta and Baked Potatoes especially with Cheese.

    Dusting here is often done although I have second thoughts to leave it in the hands of my husband since he broke a piece of china, ooh, loved that figurine too.

    Oh Frances,I would love to be your surrogate sister, and we have a wonderful friend in you too Frances.

    I do not attend Church as often as I used to, and we do have a lovely Church here, more like a Cathedral really.

    Hoping that one day you will be able to have that Garden Frances, but I do know that with your wonderful creativity it will be filled with a wonderful assortment of beautiful flowers, and a puppy, ah yes, adore dogs.

    My French is a tad rusty and the only other language I have known akin to the English language.

    My lucky number is 8, but I also like the numbers 4 and 18.


  14. I leaned Latin and consider it to be a blessing too and I love French.
    I love the number seven.
    I would like you to be my sister. I always wanted a sister and now have a wonderful sister who I did not meet till a couple of years ago (and two more in Ireland that I did not meet till I was in my thirties and I have new brothers too but stop me now it gets complicated).
    I have always had dogs, I adore puppies and kittens.

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