Thursday, February 12, 2009

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

For some of you, it is already Friday the thirteenth. Here in New York, it is still the birthday of one of our better known Presidents, Abraham Lincoln, born on February 12.

Our current and still very new President Obama, is encountering the first turbulence sent towards him by the opposition party, the Republican Party. No damage to the hull of the new administration yet. I think that most of the population is still very much caught up in the financial crisis, and What It Might Still Mean to Each of Them.

In my micro land, I am delighted to have had my head pass recent inspection and even treatment by some very fine doctors. I am now in possession of a renovated back molar. It is now strengthened, and filled in, by a brand new inlay. Celebrating that, and having read about the study showing that eggs are good for us, I have wasted no time in getting an early start on the Easter season.

The gift-wrapped creme egg pictured above is now history. It was deliciously rich in the way that the first creme egg of the season always seems.

I came upon a very small display of the beloved creme eggs in a neighborhood drug store (chemist shop) this afternoon after a visit to my eye doc for a regular check of my glaucoma. All is well with my optic nerves, and I am instructed to continue on with the drop of the magic fluid in each eye every night. To properly check my eyes, inside out, my wonderful and informative doctor has to dilute my pupils. That part I hate, and it is so unpleasant to leave his office and come out into a bright early afternoon light.

All the same, I did squint my way a few blocks to the drug store to get some Valentine's Day candy that we can give to customers in the shop on Saturday.

That's it! And, right next to Cupid's mix was that tiny assortment of the creme eggs. Of course, I could not resist. And ... I also got myself some multi-vitamins. All in balance.

It was amazingly windy today, and I was very glad that the many tall construction projects still underway in the neighborhood all seemed to have all their various equipment and building materials all tied down. Safe journey on the sidewalks this afternoon.

When I got home, I returned to a new year's crochet project, which was started to used up a bunch of left over yarn in various shades of ivory, pink, red, rose, and some other pastels. Very much a Valentines Day shade card.

Of course, starting such a project always leads me to buying more yarns. That is why I will never, never get to the end of my left overs.

This afghan will probably be 10 by10 squares, with each square about 5", with some sort of lacy bit surrounding the squares, once I finally get them connected.
However, that connecting will have to wait, because tomorrow it is back to work. I will leave my television vigil over what this new government of ours might do to get our economy back into positive mode, and which local sports stars might be found out to be liars.
The not-so-new-now owners of this apartment building still are trying to get more than one of the three elevators to work. The ugly painting is still in the lobby.
It is very cosy here tonight, even with the wind blowing fiercely outside. I hope to finish that afghan before true springtime arrives.
May I wish all of my readers a very Happy Valentine's Day. It is a day for sweets, and a day to be sweet. I find it fun to practice being sweet.
Pleasant dreams to all.


  1. Oh dear, Frances - someone is advertising in the comments section - the nerve!
    I know what you mean about the first cream egg of the season - I'm not a fan of cream eggs, after the first one - but oh it is good!
    Your president visits us next week and the country is in a state of excitement. The last president decided to discount the US's largest trading partner and closest ally - and we're all pretty happy that there's a thinking man in the White House now.

  2. One Creme Egg = One Migraine.

    Is it worth it? No, but its a finely balanced question.

    Pleasant dreams to you too.

  3. Glad your eyes and teeth passed inspection!
    I was also pleased to hear lots of eggs are good for us as i love them. Chocolate ones as well of course!
    Happy Valentine's to you.

  4. I love your colour choices for your afghan, they look very in keeping with spring. I hope you post a picture of the completed project.

    As for Creme eggs, "A bit of what you fancy does you good" or so they say, and who am I to argue?

  5. Lovely to read abour your New York life, so very different from my own. Glad to hear all is well with the eyes and that the teeth past muster, but do you have to tempt me with cream eggs? They are in every shop in the village and so far I haven't given in to temptation, but a woman can only last so long...

  6. I have to thank Pondside for leading back to your site which I'd found when I first came to blogging. And then I could not remember how I found you.... My husband is a great devotee of cream eggs so no doubt they will be on our shopping list a little ater today. Your blog is delightful, thank you! Warm wishes from Suffolk, England xx

  7. It's lovely to catch up francis , i'm sitting snuggled behind my counter eating my lunch and hoping none of the elusive customers decide to come in now...It's a very good idea having chocolates on the counter but unfortunatly they'd be eaten by me before anyone walked through the door, i do do coffee though..All the new spring range arrives next week and i can't wait, [This is turning into a blog].. i love your crochet by the way and keep me away from cream eggs xxoo

  8. I have President-envy, if there is such a thing. He is amazing, not to mention very dishy and an honest, decent, globally thinking man to boot. Why don't we get PM's like that? (I also want a pair of green leather gloves like the stylish ones Michelle was wearing on the Big Day)

    I didn't know you could get creme eggs over there - lovely things; I once tried to eat about 8 in a row when I was teenager, but gave up after 5. So very good to hear about your toothy problems being sorted, one of the worst parts of the body to go wrong. Spring IS on its way, I am sure.

  9. all those pictures were like pick and mix. lovely. winced as I read you had a new BLACK molar, had to double read (given all those chocs and sweets!) and glad to check that it was a BACK molar. Phew.

  10. It sounds as if you have been thoroughly inspected, Frances. I sympathise over the dilated pupils, I'm very short-sighted and have had a couple of occasions when I needed the same close scrutiny. I'm glad you found a treat to make up for the treatment. Those crotcheted squares look glorious.

  11. Love your 'balanced diet' of vitamins and chocs! I didn't know that creme eggs were available in NY, must admit I am not really keen on them.
    I so wish I could crochet, although I do knit, I have never mastered crochet - your wee squares are gorgeous.
    Happy Valentine's to you. xx

  12. Having once crocheted an egg cosy - for eggs of the boiled rather than the creme persuasion - just to prove that I could do it, I have great admiration for anyone who can make anything bigger and of regular appearance as opposed to lop-sided.
    Glad all is well with the eyes and the teeth. When you hit a certain age eyecare - or at least the tests - are free here. Teeth, unfortunately, continue to cost money. What age do you hav to be before you decide you are just not going to get your money's worth out of a new crown?

  13. A very happy Valentine's Day to you too, Frances. I have to admit I'm quite partial to a creme egg. Or two. Never used to like them but these days I love 'em.

    Best wishes,
    CJ xx

  14. Hello Frances, thank you for paying me a visit via the lovely Pipany (who I met up with again last week for a spot of chatter over coffee and knitting. Lucky me). Love all your crochet - not something I've even attempted to master yet!
    Diana x

  15. Ps Meant to say also, I love the first creme egg of the season. It's down hill after that!

  16. Creme eggs, what a treat - but a Caramel egg, now there's something. I even found a marshmallow egg last week, delicious!
    I am envious of that Valentine candy, we have such a poor selection here, it's like everyone's ashamed of celebrating in the exuberant way they do in the USA!

  17. I have a big box of crotched squares in my front hall-ready to
    put together.I used to knit too,but am not as good at it.
    My better half loves the Cadbury eggs.
    I like the yellow chicks.
    I love Easter and all the Bunnies and flowers.

  18. Isn't it exciting to sort through your squares and imagine them all stitched together? I just love granny afghan squares...