Sunday, March 29, 2009

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Isn't it pleasant to have golden sunshine and bright blue sky greet you on a day off from work?
I love to wake up without aid of an alarm clock and find early morning light encouraging me to get up quickly and prepare to enjoy the hours ahead.

Today was a day off. I woke without aid of my alarm clock, to find very dim light. Then my ears picked up the sound of several cars passing by on the street outside my bedroom window. The whooshing sound told me that the street was wet. So I was not to have any golden sunshine or bright blue sky.

I got up anyway, and went over to take a better peek through my window, and saw that we had a misty, foggy morning. I love that atmosphere, and think that this city's architecture often looks its best under this filter.

The weather definitely encouraged me to a slower beginning to my day. I am lucky to have the Sunday New York Times newspaper delivered to my doorway. No need to get my feet wet in order to have access to the relaxing treat of reading the news, listening to the radio, and enjoying a simple breakfast of coffee and croissant, with marmalade.

I called one of my brothers and had a long catch up call with him. Also very relaxing.

Several projects were listed on a tiny square of paper that I had left near my keys. I had made the list yesterday, before I knew of the lure of staying indoors today. I began the charming chore of defrosting my aged refrigerator, I balanced my checkbook and bundled up some papers to be re-cycled.

And then I noticed that the light was changing, and that I could venture out without an umbrella.

I took the bus across the Park to return a book at the library, noticing that the very soggy green Park was finally showing brilliant yellow forsythia highlights. From the bus window, I glimpsed a few scattered early daffodils. While on the east side, I popped in to see some dear pals who were working today.

Feeling lazy, I opted for the bus for my return trip to my lovely west side, and then continued walking along to take care of a few errands, including stopping at a neighborhood green market. That is where I treated myself to this primrose.

Primulas always are so sprightly. Who can see one and not smile?

It's just about sundown time here, and once again the city is cloaked by that gentle dim light.

Later tonight, I will definitely need to set my alarm clock, to ensure an early start to Monday. Much has been going on at the shop. We hosted our semi-annual special event last week, donating ten percent of our proceeds to a philanthropy. The turnout was fabulous, particularly in light of the continuing economic uncertainty.

There are some other interesting developments underway at the shop that I hope to write about at a later date. Please forgive me for being a tease. For now I will keep these developments confidential.

Wishing you all sweet dreams.


  1. That sounds like a perfectly lovely day off, Frances......a great breakfast with the big paper, a trip to the library and a gorgeous flower - perfect!

  2. I agree with you about the misty moist atmosphere and the magic that it creates around the architecture. We have just discovered the delights of "Google Street"and have been doing virtual walks around NY, you can do the same and walk around London and Oxford. Maybe we will see Frances on her way to the library next time we take a peek!

  3. Frances, I love the thought of the tiny piece of paper as a reminder, a bit like The Borrowers!
    The market sounds a lovely place to be, and your primrose should flower for a while and give you Springtime joy.

  4. Yes, the image that stays in my mind is a tiny scrap of paper with weeny writing on! New York does sound very lovely in the mist.

  5. Intriguing, Frances.Look forward to hearing what is afoot. Your day sounded very relaxed and I also love that misty cloak that descends from time to time. xx

  6. Such beautiful writing, Frances (I'm looking at a misty, damp day too). I love that you make the most of every minute and yet sound so relaxed. Hmmm, now we wait to hear what's happening. Hope it's good news for you.

  7. I just devour your wonderful posts with so much pleasure now I can imagine your surroundings. Thank you for sharing your day with us in your inimitably positive style :-)

  8. Another evocative post from the Queen of New York. A picture of the mist-shrouded buildings would have been nice too!

  9. I think you sunday sounds to me to be the ideal day off! so very, very different to my manic sundays!

  10. So pleased you had a lovely day Frances. I always enjoy hearing about your wonderful NYC.

    What pretty Primrose flower you bought,and so cheery, the picture tells us that Spring is here.

    Intriqued to know of the news, which I am hoping is good news dear Frances.


  11. lovely blog Frances - I do so love a description of your day - you seem to do so much in a few hours. Have just been down through the lovely pictures for St Patrick's day - I can remember when you longed for the camera to be able to add the pictures - now look at you!

  12. I love the sound of your day off, Frances - sounds as though it was well spent. Obviously a lot goes on in the city on a Sunday - here it's mostly people mowing lawns, washing cars, pottering about the village, but no libraries open or busses.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your teasing news in due course.


  13. Hello from Scotland! Hope you catch the Tartan Day Parade in NY tomorrow - part of the 11th Annual Tartan Week ( celebrating everything Scottish and promoting it to you in NY. We visited NY from Scotland in 2004 to support Tartan Week in various locations. Fantastic trip! Apparently you have made the grade with parades when you are allowed to march down 5th Avenue - when we were there the Tartan Day Parade was still on 6th Avenue so it seems there's a bit to do yet! If you do manage to catch any of the parades, pipes or kilts, it would be great to see some pics. All the best! BB

  14. Oh monday mornings and alarm clocks! :(

  15. I so enjoyed this slow amble through your Sunday Frances.
    I bought my neighbour a primula just like yours a small watering can - a little birthday gift.
    I look forward to the revelation of the mystery!

  16. Hello!

    Thanks for the visit from New York City! How strange the web-world is! Here am I at the countryside in Norway, and there are you in that big metropole reading my blog!

    I wish you a happy easter!

  17. I love you for being a tease! :-)

    Just kidding,
    I love reading about your experiences no matter what and how you write about them!

    I was thinking of you again this morning, when I looked out a window on the nortwest side of my apartment: An avenue runs by there, separated from our bilding by unusually wide frontlawns, a side lane leading to on-street parking spaces, separated by large old trees. Another strip of lawn and old trees runs the length of the avenue, to devide the side lane further from the main thoroughfare. The other side of the street mirrors ours. I love this wide avene, we owe them the great light that falls through the high windows of the rooms. Now the avenue has become even more endearable: the city has planted clumps of daffodils and tulips between the trees of the two strips of lawn that separate the lanes. They brought memories of Park Avene, New York, in Spring. Simply lovely.

    The sun is setting now, it was a beautiful Sunday in Spring here. I hope for you too! :-)

  18. Hello Frances, thank you for visiting! A cutting mat is so worth it - Makes precision cutting easier, and I suspect you'd use it a lot!!
    It's many years since I've visited New York...sounds like you had a beautiful day off.

  19. Missed this when you posted it sorry. I did enjoy sharing your day.
    And such a pretty flower, I have three on the windowledge in the kitchen that are supposed to be going in to the garden, but I get so much pleasure from them indoors that I don't want to plant them outside!

  20. I think the puppy will look forward to seeing all this in person.
    Such a delightful visit.
    So sorry not to have commented sooner --but my life has been rather busy as you can imagine.
    HAPPY EASTER........and love