Saturday, June 27, 2009

City Views, Country Dreams

Good morning from New York.

When I read comments on my posts, I continue to be amazed by how many arrive from people living very far away. It is such a pleasure to know that even while sitting here in my tiny aparment, I am able to trade thoughts, pictures, information and laughter with folks all across the world.

Recently, I have traded comments with Tulsa who lives in Japan and writes several delightful blogs.

She has tagged me to participate in a game of Five Favorites. I will comply, though my answers may be a bit vague.

My five favorite songs could be Waterloo Sunset, No Expectations, Instant Karma, Once in Royal David's City and As Time Goes By.

My five favorite movies could be The Maltese Falcon, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, anything by Almodovar, Chinatown and Annie Hall.

My five favorite books is a category that proves impossible to list. I might be permitted to list categories? My art history books with favorites on Georgio Morandi, Pierre Matisse, James MacneilWhistler. My art technique books. My needlecraft books. Short story collections by DH Lawrence. Novels ... oh, just too many to list.

My five favorite crushes is another tricky area. Are these crushes to be only fixated on people, or could they be ... wonderful shoes, beautiful gardens, art supply stores, yarn shops or libraries? If people, this is also tricky ... must these people be alive? Then perhaps I'd say Roger Federer, Ray Davies. Since I am not so young, crushes from past times are so much easier.

My five favorite random things. Ah, the window of opportunity opens.

Being able to get outdoors, whether it is by taking a short walk to Central Park, or being able to visit a friend who lives by a lake. Glorious photo above.

Finding free time to draw or paint or visit friends.

Re-connecting with old friends or finding a new friend.

Hearing good news.


Can you all just about see the deer peeking through the edge of the forest that surrounds my friend's home? It makes me laugh to remember how he watched us watching him.

Back to the game.

I would like to invite the following wonderful blogging friends to join the game.

Cait O'Connor to be found at

Un Peu Loufoque to be found at

Visiting any of these folks will guarantee any reader a treat. They are five of my favorite writers, and they can lead you to even more favorites.

Have fun with the game of tag.


  1. Waterloo Sunset!
    Oh yes! I remember it well.
    And Giorgio Morandi.
    Our tastes are very similar in so many things.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Buster sends a wag and a lick.

  2. Now here it is; When you say 'Good morning from New York', I hear in my head, the dulcet tones of Alistair Cooke on Friday nights, on BBC radio4. saying 'Good Evening'. and you knew you were in safe hands for the next 15 minutes. As I do when I find you have (happy day!) blogged again. I sit here, in my little cottage studio, looking out onto a warm, Cotswold evening, with the Specials playing rather too loudly, drinking a bottle of Westons cider, enjoying the fact that I am 42 years young today and suddenly, at the click of a mouse button, I am transported to New York, the Big Daddy of all cities, and read that you love Waterloo Sunset. It is truly amazing. :)

  3. Lovely to read Frances, and what a beautiful photo.

  4. Frances it's interesting that when talking about crushes you mentioned Ray Davies and Roger Federer - different times, different disciplines - but they share similar facial if not physical similarities, don't you think? Best wishes.


  5. I love these little glimpses into people's lives - they're often quite revealing; always surprising. Particularly like your random things - hearing good news and laughing, I can certainly identify with those.

    Lovely blog, Frances.

  6. yes to Waterloo Sunset - and Sunny Afternoon while you're at it. Lovely elegant blog as always, F, and, as always, such generosity towards others!!

  7. I love your taste in music and movies and....oh, everything! Ray Davies!!! "You Really Got Me" really got me too!!! Thank you for this wonderful post, I love the pictures too!

  8. Well Frances, thank you for asking me to do this with your kind words. I will have a bash at this meme as it is you asking though choosing favourites is very hard.

  9. Dear Frances,

    Oh it is a yes from me too for Roger Federer.

    Loved reading your glimpses into life, and your friend's lake looks so inviting.

    Lovely pics too, and As Time Goes By is one of my favourites.


  10. Dear Frances

    As ever, your impeccable taste and class are all over your posts. Keep up the good work!


  11. Lovely list Frances. Thank you for sharing and I agree with laughing as one of the best things xx

  12. Even when you allow us a peek into your private world you remain enigmatic, Frances. I do love the cool elegance of your prose and it was a pleasure to read some of your favourite things. I'm going to look at Tulsa's blog as I would love to visit Japan.

  13. Your blog title intrigued me, I see country views but often hanker for city views instead! It will be great to come back and visit you in NYC. Great lists.

  14. Terry met Julie, that dates us both!

    I like the painting at the top of your post, is it yours?

  15. I share your crush on Ray Davies - a dish. This is a great read - thankyou.

  16. I like your very catholic taste in music (Waterloo Sunset & Once in RD'sC), literature, cinema and favorite things.

    That is a beautiful image at the top of the post - a painting or modified photo?

    Happy Canada Day from here, and a safe and happy July 4 to you.

  17. Beautiful list, Frances......and the photo, well, I want to crawl into it.

  18. Hello,
    I found you via acornmoon and have enjoyed looking at your pictures of New York.x

  19. Hello Frances,
    I like your random things, hope you have experienced them all this week. Then books, to inspire, patchwork, art and sewing, the more colourful the better.
    Lovely blog.
    Hope life is busy in a good way. and hopefully not just work.
    Best wishes Milly x

  20. Oh Frances this is lovely a lttle peek into a bit more of you.
    Thank you so very much for the wonderful messages you have left on my blog recently I have appreciated them hugely.
    Much love

  21. I just came upon your blog, I know not how, but I enjoyed very much reading your posts and looking at your lovely mug collections. I’ll come back.

  22. You have a lovely blog and this is fantastic post :)

  23. Thanks for tagging me Frances, I'll get round to it someday soon! I am hopeless at favourites but will start to think... :-)

  24. Fireworks tend to bring out the child in all of us don't you think? Nice pics! I "created" a similar effect when taking pics from the top of the Empire State Bldg at night. Top of the Chrysler Bldg looked particularly good - in a shaky kind of way!

    Thanks for your comment about our outing to Inver Cottage - still feeling good about it!BB

  25. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!