Thursday, January 21, 2010

City Views, Country Dreams

Good afternoon from New York.

Let's see, it was about a week ago on a sunny, but still chilly day, that I took a walk across Central Park. It was a day that did not require gloves, and so I was able to take a few photographs. I planned to write one of these posts later that day.

I did not get around to writing on that day or on any of the days in the following week. This New Year finds me dawdling a lot when I am not at the shop. At the shop, dawdling is impossible.

Allow me to share some of the pictures I took on that blue-skied day. These red berries managed to cling to these branches during our recent snow storm, and subsequent windy rain storms. These are tough berries!

The above picture was taken as I walked along the edge of what is known to many as dog hill. It has always been a very popular spot for lots and lots of dogs to frolic around. Years ago, they got to be leash free in their frolicking; this is no longer so, except for some renegades who like a taste of freedom.

The picture below shows some row boats stacked against the edge of the frozen lake. Around April the boats will be available to rent by the hour.

Here is another westward view across the frozen lake. The towers in the background are atop an elegant apartment building on Central Park West, the road that, logically, is on the western edge of Central Park.

I did get lots of exercise that day, and took more pictures. Many are similar to others I have previously shown you all.
Because it has been so very busy at the shop, with semi-annual inventory, various sales, meetings, and much more going on, it has been a pleasure to seek another sense of time by continuing with the various knit and crochet projects that I began just after Christmas.
I finally finished the hat and mitts set. The hat is crocheted from a mixture of wool dk, tweedy wood dk, and a silk mohair. The view below gives an idea of the textures and pointy dome top of the hat.

The photo below gives you an idea of what it looks like on my head.

The mitts were knit with the same wool dk and tweedy wool dk. I decided to leave the silk mohair out of the mix! In the background you can see yet another section of my fair isle patchwork coverlet.

And, here's the newest project, my second pair of socks. I am using a Crofter dk yarn, and wonder if I really like that gauge for socks, as well as I did the four-ply merino I used for my first pair of socks. Guess I will know more when I finish.

I have finished knitting another project, a pair of "house" slippers, done with double strands of harmonizing dk. Now I am in the process of felting them up a bit. If I ever get the result I am after, I might just take another photo.
This is a very quiet post. Perhaps as you read my words, you will share the relaxation that I have found in working on these projects.
Although the days are definitely gradually growing longer, the sun has now set, so I will now wish each of you all a good evening from New York.


  1. Just the sort of city walk that I would so enjoy. Thank you for sharing.
    I would love to see the fair isle blanket in more detail.It looks like a one of a kind.

  2. 'A quiet post'....but a lovely one as always, with a sense of relaxation. Your walk must have been a treat , getting out of the busyness of the shop.
    I love the colours that you are using in your knitting.

  3. Beautiful knitting and crochet projects Frances. I especially love your hat.

  4. Hello Frances. Lovely post full of wonderful projects. It is so inspiring to be able to share in others' crafting isn't it?

    I am so interested to hear what you feel about the Crofter for socks as I had thought of doing some too. I imagine they are knitting up much thicker? Perhaps this would ake them perfect for wearing with walking style boots or for slouching around the house?

    Your Fair Isle coverlet is gorgeous and has tempted me into doing some again some time. I do love this type of knitting, though have not done a large project in Fair Isle for years now.

    Love, love the hat Frances and I can see it really suits you too. A wonderful post, thank you xx

  5. I love your posts! The hat and the mitts are fantastic! suzie xxx

  6. What a lovely , sunny walk, thank you.
    The hat...gorgeous!!
    The new yarn is very nice, I haven't knitted socks for years..
    Please, let's see more of the fair Isle...please.
    Good luck with the felting, I'd love to hear how it goes, i'd love to try it someday.
    Stay warm
    Take care

  7. Love your 'quiet' posts, Frances. And your crofter's wool looks lovely. Can you turn the heel, though. Of course, you will say - with a knowing smile giving me my come uppance as stuck on a desert island with a bag of wool and a packet of needles I should be at a complete loss and be reduced to trying to weave something, tying the strands between the branches of a tree. I guess I am rambling like this because I was struck by one of your first sentences which could so easily have found itself in the introduction of a novel. "It was a day that didn't require gloves...." what an enormous canvas of reflection that conjures up - who is the glove wearing person and what is the weather doing?

  8. Your relaxation does seep out of this post Frances. All your handiwork is just beautiful,I am very impressed. I love the hat and the colour of it too. I am so pleased that you are managing to relax this way away from work.

  9. I am awed at your knitting skills, Francis, especially the Fairisle, and glad that you find some *you time* inbetween horrid things like inventories. I love that you are so close to Central Park, which to me is the very epitome of New York, and that it seems to be practically your backyard. (You can keep your frozen lake though...)

  10. Another gentle stroll with a lovely lady, as well as a view of the pretty things she makes when she gets home.

  11. As you say a gentle blog! I think I'll have to try the Crofters yarn soonish - it's really intriguing.

  12. How lovely, felt like I had taken a walk myself!

  13. Do you have any idea how much joy you spread with your lovely warm comments? They make me day, Frances, they really do. Anyway, lovely photos of the city but, I, of course love even more, your lovely knitting projects. Great job!

  14. It seems such a shame that the dogs are no longer allowed to run free on dog hill. I cannot imagine where city dogs get to exercise without a leash, it seems cruel somehow.

    Your hat looks splendid and very complicated. I still have not started a knitting project despite my good intentions but your gloves look inspiring. Maybe I could try something like that? I can feel the draw of the knitting wool shop!

  15. I enjoy your posts and your photographs very much. I have thought of learning to knit. Perhaps I will get inspired!

  16. Oh, that hat is absolutely beautiful - love the colour! I'm so looking forwards to seeing you - can't believe it's nearly time!

  17. Enjoy reading your blog and wonder if you would be interested in emailing a "Country Girl" in Southern Ohio, but hail from Kentucky. Your city life is so much different from our country one.

  18. Hello Frances,
    I felt there was a blue theme going on here. The lovely blue sky on your sunny walk, blue boats and then your fabulous knitted hat and gloves. Then your randomly dyed wool with many shades of blue

    It was nice to see a glimpse of that other wonderful piece of creativity, the patchwork knitted throw.
    I am pleased to tell you I have completed my first pair of knitted socks, very warm and cosy in the finer 4ply sock wool.
    I too felt very relaxed knitting, maybe start a second pair soon. Still very cold here, though no sign of ice, just a hard frost.
    Enjoy the knitting, wearing it too.

  19. What a gentle and peaceful post, Frances. Thanks for the peek at your knitting projects. Can we see more of the Fair isle blanket? I'm trying to find a source for the Crofter here - may have to look in Seattle when I go down in March as I'm not having much luck.

  20. I love your hat :~)! I used to live in NYC, I miss it often...

  21. As someone who is basically cack handed I do so love seeing your beautiful work: it sounds silly but it's like listening to music.

  22. Hello Frances,

    A lovely post, and wonderful pictures too.! adore that knitted hat Frances, think we may love the same things, just wish that I could knit, you have an amazing talent Frances.

    Love the coverlet, and have always had a passion for fair-isle. Best of luck with the felting Frances, somehow know you will do a fab job.!


  23. You do sound relaxed but as someone who is a hopeless knitter I am impressed at your achievements. More pics of the city please !

  24. A peaceful blog and lovely knit items. I enjoyed the walk too.

  25. Frances: you are so amazingly talented in so many ways! Photography, writing, knitting, painting, . . . the list keeps going on. Thank you for sharing your riches with us.

  26. Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind words!
    The San Remo is a spectacular building and I love Central Park.

  27. i think its nice to take things a bit slower after the rush of christmas! i love your hat and mittens! hats dont suit me, and the socks i might try and finish the socks i started last year! fliss xx

  28. Well done on the house slippers, that'll make the Winter extra cosy!