Sunday, January 30, 2011

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Our city has tried to set a record for January snowfall depths. Right now, owever, many residents would not mind just letting the record pass us by.

Even after several days of above-freezing temperatures, we still have quite a bit of snowy leftovers, and many of them are not so pretty.

Most folks now seem to have at least one mobile cell phone with them at all times. The stationary pay phones in the picture below have not been much use to anyone lately.

Some urban planners refer to receptacles such as the free-newspaper stands in the following picture as street furniture.

Now, if you look carefully, you will see that this bike has been parked illegally.

Let us leave Broadway and head over to Central Park, taking a route past a block of brownstone houses. Still quite a bit of snow left along this block.

I wonder if this car's battery still has any uumph? Can you all see the discarded Christmas tree just peeking out of the snowbank?

Here is another car that isn't going anywhere very quickly. The discarded palm probably wishes it had gone to Florida. Perhaps that is where the car's owner has been.

At last, we have crossed over into Central Park, where some of the pathways have been cleared, and some have not. The benches are not yet ready for passersby who wish to sit awhile.

Lots of dogs, dog walking folks and pigeons are out for some exercise. Many trees still have their striking white outlines.

In the above photo, can you see the big snowman, actually wearing a hat?
I like this vista looking over the Sheep Meadow, where hundreds of sunbathers lie during July and August. You can see the buildings along Central Park South in the background.

Even though the day was bright, my gloveless fingers were becoming chilled, so I took just one additional photo before putting my camera away, getting my gloves back on, and heading home.

I hope that you all have enjoyed seeing some of my city views.
Stay warm everyone.


  1. Oh Frances, your photos are lovely! I've only been to New York City once, and that was in April. I was so anxious to go, having fallen in love with the city in many movies and books. And, I am happy to say, the Big Apple did not disappoint and lived up to expectation. One day, I'd like to come back, and stay longer than the four days I spent.
    Thanks for sharing you beautiful city with us.
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. What a nice tour that was, Frances. You take me out of the everyday and into another world - this time a snowy one, but always so interesting.

  3. I've been comparing these pictures with the one of a summery Central Park that's in your side bar - it's hard to believe it's the same city.

    Hope you are keeping snug and warm.

  4. Goodness! You've got so much snow. Over here we wines so much about the snow before Christmas - council officials even resigned over it! And according to the Chancellor we can blame the snow for our disappointing economy!

    But signs of spring are all around - it will be a big shock if you send more winter weather across the pond.

    Stay warm (knitting maybe?)

  5. Wow it is unusual to see snow that thick in a city, what a freeze you are having. Fabulous picture Frances, take care venturing across the icy footpaths!
    Posie x

  6. Delightful pictures, Frances. Looks very much like our Canadian city, but with different landmarks.

    Have fun playing in the snow!

  7. Snow snow snow!
    Time to go......
    oh dear, are we getting sick of it!
    Your photos are a delight as ever
    and really do give people a picture of what everyday life is like here.
    I think I've almost come to the end of snow pic possibilities.........
    As you can tell, Buster still loves snow.
    Hope you are keeping warm-ish
    love from all of us

  8. Thank you for the lovely "walk through the park." You always have such great photos and narrative. You need to knit your self some fingerless mitts. They are a quick knit and may help to keep your hands warm and still able to use the camera. I made some for a young gal and she was thrilled that she could now text without taking off her gloves! There are many free patterns for them on Ravelry. I would recommend "Susie's Reading Mitts" by Janelle Masters and "KIS(KnitItSimple) Mitts" by April Klich.

  9. I like your views of Central Park and the repeating lines of snow-laden tree branches.
    That almost twilight grey look of overcast skies and snowy landscape prevails up here too - and we're due for a storm on Wednesday!
    American illustrator Susan Jeffers has captured the look beautifully in her rendition of "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"

  10. Ooh Frances, I don't envy you one little bit for once! It's funny your observing that most people are carrying mobile phones as the public ones are snowed up - over here in the UK we have very few public phones anymore, and nearly everyone (including me) carries a mobile/cell phone, even if it is, in my case, a rudimentary one. Sending spring thoughts your way.

  11. I hope you'll soon be free of the stuff.

    I agree that it looks beautiful to start with but it soon gets to be a dirty mess and great nuisance.

    Big cities look better clean and bright, when everybody walks with a spring in their step.

    Keep warm, Frances.

  12. keep warm Frances, your snow looks very pretty but you can have too much of a good thing!

  13. I still suspect, Frances, that you only pretend to run a shop. Your real job is a senior agent for the New York department of Tourism. You are the Mayor's (forgive my ignorance is it still Bloomberg?) senior helpmate and your mission is to beguile us all into coming over again and again - just to check your photographs of Central Park.

    Do you know I still find it hard to get my head around (how do you say that in English? - comprehend perhaps - but no that's wrong, head around will have to do) the fact that Central Park has straight sides and presumably corners like a suburban garden. What is in the corner? A compost heap? A building? A large stand of pampas grass or rhubarb? You could even run a competition - what is in the corner (apart that is from snow).

  14. Oh my goodness, Frances! That's a lot of snow! We had a bit of snow here in Japan too and LOTS of it some places up north of this archipelago. I hope you are staying warm as possible. It is supposed to get warmer over here from tomorrow and I hope it will get warmer soon in NY too!!!

  15. Wow...just been talking to my brother who is on Cape Ann, above Boston - said they have six feet of snow, and still coming. I am happy to watch the snow through your photos - rather than experience it again. Janexx

  16. 'we still have quite a bit of snowy leftovers'

    I love that line...
    I love your pictures too...

    Out, Out damn snowy leftovers!

  17. Hi Frances,
    Looks like NY is still covered in snow. Love your photographs.
    Keep warm and wish you a lovely weekend.
    Ingrid xx

  18. Aw, enjoy that big fluffy white blanket!
    Have a happy weekend xx

  19. Wow! That snow! It looks like you're having a tough time of it over there in New York, some of those photos are just amazing, with things like bicycles snowed in. I hope you're keeping warm and safe Frances, and I hope your snow ordeal comes to an end soon. Love Vanessa xxx

  20. Thank you dear Frances for posting those great snowy pics in NY to share with us.

    Yes, can see that snowman.!

    My son's partner's cousin lives in Boston, think they may have had lots of snow over there too Frances.


  21. Thank you for that walk frances,great photos and your comments had me laughing xx

  22. wow, that's a city under the snow! You know I always marvel at snowing, can't imagine how bad it can get... but it must feel so nice to see it melt and appear the first signs of spring!

    Warm greetings, Frances!

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  24. Too true Frances..
    'Jam jars used for watercolor brush washing..will tip over..'
    I know you like to travel the British countryside..but here's an alternative.
    Go paint in Provence with the Brits. There are plenty of jam jars onsite (that's why I'm going again) and the food, rooms and views could not be nicer. Reasonable too - after all their BRIITISH!
    I hope to bring back the full report after May.

  25. I am late to this but did enjoy the snow scenes. Has it gone yet I wonder?

  26. Hi Frances
    Isn't it amzing how much snow we got here in NYC this winter and how long it's stayed? I can't remember a winter like this my whole life here! Your photos are lovely!