Thursday, August 9, 2012

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

It is another of those early August evenings when we feel the pressure in the air and know that a thunderstorm just might be coming by for a visit.  We have not invited the storm, but the storm will still come calling.

I have no idea of what sort of plant is in this photo that I took earlier this week at the Union Square farmers market.  The hiding red bits are little peppers and the leaves are a melange of purple and green.

I stopped by this particular garden plant stand at the market to let the lady in charge know that I am still managing to keep a pretty little succulent tree-like plant alive.  I purchased that plant from her in the late spring.  I am not lucky with house plants on my apartment's window sill.

I am, however, lucky and honored to having been given a Kreative Blogger award by the marvelous blogger Pondside.  If you have not before visited this lady's part of the world, I urge you to click over there right now.

Accepting that Kreative Blogger award requires me to list ten somewhat interesting things about me that you might not already know.  I will treat that "already" lightly in the following list.

I.  My September birthdate allowed me to just barely avoid the dreaded current Baby Boomer label.  It also allowed me to be a Virgo.  I do think that there might be something valid in the whole star sign concept.

II.  I have two younger brothers, both of whom are blue-eyed blondes.

III.  Television did not enter my life until I was about seven.  I was able to read at age five, and still prefer reading to television watching.  Movie going, however, has always delighted me.

IV.  I love celebrating Christmas, the carol-singing church part, the tree decorating, baking, gift giving, card making and sending, visiting with friends ... and long ago, visiting with family, too.

V.  Reaching young adulthood in the early 1960's was a gift.  The era's spirit of change gave me courage to set out on my own, leaving my familiar Virginia, discovering New York.

VI.  I've always looked a bit younger than my age, and so some folks have not always realized that I did have a older head than it appeared.  There have been advantages and disadvantages to this.

VII.  Although I have never been married, three or maybe even four men proposed to me.  It has been a long time since all that took place.  I do enjoy my own company, but still have that notion that a certain Prince Charming might magically appear.  I also hope that one day I might be able to have a dog.  I very much regret not having had any children, although I continue to have contact with lots of folks much younger than I am...some of these folks could easily be my grandchildren.

VIII.  When at college (university) I had the good fortune to meet Georgia O'Keeffe, and even more good fortune to have her compliment me on my then current art projects.

IX.  I continue to be very thankful to a former boyfriend who encouraged me, back in 1982, to take a solo trip around Europe, making lots of use of a Eurailpass.  When I returned to New York, he dumped me while I was still suffering from jet lag.  All these years later, I am still so glad to have had that long holiday.

X.  Overall, I am also thankful for very good health, although my skin cancer surgeries on my face (by a top notch NYC surgeon) were quite traumatic.  I urge each of you to be wary of the mid-day sun, use sunscreen, and have regular check ups.

What an odd collection I have offered to you readers.  I have decided, with Pondside's approval, not to pass the KB challenge on to any specified bloggers.  However, if any of you all are intrigued to come up with your own bouquet of ten, please do a post and let me know of your decision.

Let the record show that the air is still thick, and the thunderstorm is still offstage.


  1. That was fun to read the ten things about you. You met and talked with Georgia O’Keeffe! How exciting! I am like you – we did not get TV until I was 13 but I also preferred reading. I did get this KB challenge early during blogging but could not come up with 10 interesting things – it is difficult sometimes to figure out these things. You do look very youthful and I would add, always elegant.

  2. Hello Frances:
    Many congratulations on your award.

    We identify with so much of what you have written here: preferring reading to television [we got rid of ours more than thirty years ago], a love of cinema, being content with our own company, not having children. Sadly, we never met with Georgia O'Keeffe who was, of course, a major figure in the American art world. Lucky you, Frances.

  3. Some little snippets I had not heard before!
    Gosh, Georgia O'Keeffe, a really towering figure.
    I never realized you had had any surgery on your face --so the durgeon must have been super skilled.
    Buster's haircut day......
    ps the peach crumble from the Union Square peaches was bliss.

  4. Frances, your ten list is very interesting!

  5. How interesting! I'm very impressed that you've met Georgia O'keefe. Lovely to have found your site.

  6. Ah, Pondside... a good blog indeed. :)
    Like you, I didn't have TV until I was around seven - I wonder if that has anything to do with our love of reading? I barely watch any TV - aside from the news or if my son wants to watch anything. Also like you, I love the cinema.
    Wow to Georgia! Whaa?? to facial surgery - VERY well done, by the (non) looks of it.
    Love these thingies where I get to find out more about good people. xx

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  8. Oops, sorry, managed to post the same thing twice - hence the deletion. :)

  9. What an interesting bouquet of answers! Quite Frances-like. I'll bet those three or four men think wistfully of the one who got away.

  10. Such an interesting post, Frances.
    Congratulations on your very well deserved award. You told us ten very interesting things, and I love the way you write!
    Wishing you a happy weekend....and not too stormy I hope.
    Helen x

  11. An interesting and honest post Frances. Well done on your award. Bella B!

  12. A very interesting collection, some quiet snippets as well as bits which show your enterprising spirit. A life well lived, I would say.

    That boyfriend who encouraged you to travel to Europe and then dumped you - mean rotter - do you think he already had a new lady lined up but wasn't brave enough to tell you?

    Here's hoping that the future will bring all the good things your heart desires, but even if it doesn't, I am sure you are wise enough to appreciate and enjoy everything you have. It is a great deal!

  13. Hello Frances, it is strange how we look back on the moments that have shaped our life. I always read your posts and believe youhave had an interesting life and do use your time very wisely.
    I was pleased to read that you have gained more time with a better balance of work and play. Time to be creative and indulge in your many projects and use your talents, lovely to see what you have been up to.
    Hope the weather is not too hot and sticky in New York. Have a lovely inspiring weekend. Millyx

  14. An interesting post, Frances. I could say I share 3, 5 and 6 with you (apart from the NY/Virginia bit) and maybe a tepid half even of 4. I guess we who follow each others blogs are all quite similar really, or rather, for we aren't all similar, that we choose to write about similar things, though of course these are really smallish overlaps like planetary orbits occasionally touch. My own planet is clearly one of outer and irredeemable darkness: I had to look up Georgia O'Keefe. (Hangs head in shame!)

  15. What a fascinating collection of facts Frances. I love these sort of insights into another's life and personality.And I'm very much in awe of you meeting Georgia O'Keefe.

  16. What a wonderful and intriguing list you have shared with us, I have a hundred questions forming but for now I will just ponder and imagine.

  17. oh I loved this interesting read Frances... a few of my questions answered! I hope your work/life balance is proving enjoyable x

  18. I was so interested to hear a little more about you. Congratulations on your award. If there was a gracious blogger award, I would give that to you as well.

  19. We're waiting for thunder storms again today and the pressure hasn't let up much. Still very pleasently distracted by your true confessions of 10 unknown facts. Keep well Frances.

  20. What a wonderful post. I do enjoy these insights into aspects of fellow bloggers we wouldn't normally 'see', they're the plus side of blog awards. And wow, you met Georgia O'Keeffe!

    I do hope you get that dog one day x

  21. Frances, what a fascinating collection of facts! I am always intrigued by the 'things you may not know about me' postings, I love what we choose to leave out and to reveal! Your life has been one to celebrate in many, many ways.

  22. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - it is good to catch up with your news too.

    Pomona x

  23. Dear Frances,

    Congratulations on your award. It is well deserved! I enjoyed learning more about you. I hope prince charming will arrive on his white horse one day. One is never too old for love! Like you I am not a tv watcher either, but know and then I enjoy watching a tv series like Downton Abbey on the BBC.

    From a humid Rotterdam,

    Madelief x

  24. That was so interesting - and I loved that we have 3,4 and 6 in common. I know that there is much more and I hope some day to take a walk in your neighbourhood or mine, to discuss those commonalities. Georgia O' that is something!

  25. Lovely to find your comment. It is rather an out facing task sorting through so many photographs. You are so right, l was making the connections in my mind and hoping it made sense to others. I still seem to take so long loading images and then half of what I had planned never materialises. I am never sure the best way to keep photographs, we all take so many, one day will they all be lost in some storage or other.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, seeing lots of inspiration.

  26. I'm late to this lovely post, and have so enjoyed reading your interesting list. I think no. 9 struck me the most - for its irony and appreciation of the fact that sometimes people who treat us badly can also offer us great gifts!
    I think you've had an interesting and well-lived life so far and it's perfectly clear that it will only continue to be so!

  27. How wonderful to have met Georgia O’Keeffe and to have been complimented by her too!
    I don't like the sound of the ex that dumped you, better off without him I'd say but at least you had a lovely trip to Europe.

  28. Frances, I'm coming very late to this, but I did enjoy it. Thank you for sharing those parts of your life.

  29. Dear Frances,

    Many congratulations on the award, very well deserved too.

    I loved reading about your ten list, like you I was around seven when I was first to view the TV.

    Your Prince Charming will when it happens sweep you off your feet dear Frances. I think the boyfriend who dumped you needs his head examined.!

    I have had a small light brown mark on the right side of my cheek on my face for about a year now, I keep telling myself that perhaps it is just my ageing but must get it checked out soon.

    How wonderful to have met Georgia O'Keefe.!


  30. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list. I came to your blog through Buster, then Elizabeth and I am so glad I did! I have become a follower and will stalk your blog from time to time - it's almost like taking a little trip away from home!