Thursday, November 22, 2012

City Views, Country Dreams

Hello from New York on Thanksgiving afternoon.

It is a beautiful day, warm for this time of the year, and a perfect day to see some of the annual Thanksgiving Day parade.  The parade is sponsored by Macy's, the giant department store.  As I have shown you all in previous years, the parade draws huge crowds as it makes its way from my West Side neighborhood downtown to Macy's at 34th Street.

After an early oatmeal breakfast, I walked over to West 72nd Street and found lots and lots of normal-sized balloons being given away.  The balloons advertised the special Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall.

Each of these balloons had a long ribbon attached to it, and some folks found intriguing ways to tie several balloons together, and some children found ways to release their balloons upwards into the bright blue sky.  The lady in the fur coat was overdressed for the occasion.

As I got closer to Central Park West and the crowd grew thicker, I saw that this year several large orange Sanitation Department trucks had been parked across 72nd Street to create a barrier.  I am guessing that this was some sort of safety procedure, but it also created some photograph-taking challenges for someone short like myself.

I began to wonder if I would actually be able to take any pictures of the famous giant balloons that are a major parade feature.  I began to consider my strategy, while wandering around a bit, looking at various vendors' offerings.

The following view looks westward, away from Central Park West, and gives you an idea of the tall NYC apartment buildings lining 72nd Street.  Remember this mom with the hat and stroller.  She will re-appear later on.

The first balloon appears.  I think it is Hello Kitty, but am not sure.  I am sure that the famous Dakota building is on the left.

Here is another view of the Dakota.  Can you see the strands of linked little balloons bobbing in the wind?

Here is Kermit the Frog, and I am now aware that taking pictures is going to be difficult.  I am still behind the truck barricade.

Charlie seem so very far away.  My view is very obstructed.

I take another look at the vendors' fares and enjoy the opportunity for a close up photograph.

There is a slight entry/exit space between the two trucks.  The Keep Back warning does not apply to parade watchers.

I am not sure if I will be able to slip between those trucks. It is very crowded on the other side of the trucks.

Alas, the trucks are not the only obstacles to a view.  Everyone has a camera.

I decided to keep trying, and not to give up on capturing some of the parade for this post.  Here's Spiderman!

I do not care for cotton candy, but hope that someone will buy this vendor's ample supply.

If you look in the left hand of the next vendor, you will see lots of dollar bills.  He has been doing well with his souvenir stand.

I looked up at the sound of yet another helicopter hovering just above us.  These helicopters might be for our safety, or might be part of parade television coverage.

There was no need to wait for a turkey dinner.

Well, I finally found my way to the parade side of those big orange trucks and once again saw the lady with the hat.  She was also now wearing her husband's hat while he gave their beautiful little girl a good view.  I was also about to get a better view.

Sponge Bob!  The children in the crowd announce every new arrival with ease.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the following fellow.

Here is another mystery man.

Mickey, I definitely recognize you!

Who is this?  I have no idea.

Ronald McD, of the famous fast food empire.

Ronald was followed by another foodie, the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  Lighter than air.

Here's a friendly duck, perhaps wishing he could be over in the Central Park Lake.

Does a flying candy cane count as a part of any food group?

The Christmas theme continues with this cheery elf.  Note the string of smaller balloons is still afloat as well.

Who is this?  I am hoping that some readers might be able to supply additional identification for many of these characters.

I hope that you will be able to see that this trio with their festive conical hats are actually the Three Little Pigs...over sized.

Finally, as everyone began to feel a bit chilled, and children were beginning to feel a little cranky, we got to see the real star of the parade ... Santa Claus!

Everyone applauded and cheered.  And then we all knew the parade was over for another year and that we were very glad to have seen it ... sort of up close.  We counted our blessings!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for bearing up with this post's picture quality.


  1. I was expecting the Staypuft marshmallow man (Ghostbusters)to appear in one of your photos Frances.

    Happy Thanksgiving x

  2. Frances,
    the blue guy is a snurf (Schlumpf in German), probably the Grand Smurf.
    You did a great job to get a good view and pictures to share. Thank you so much!
    Thanksgiving wishes,

  3. I got Smurf and Sonic the Hedgehog and Buzz Lightyear and feel exceedingly pleased with myself! Thanks for persevering Frances!

  4. So hard for you not to have a good view....but you got some very good photos! How amazing to see those cartoon characters made into balloons!

  5. oh oh, those crowds...did experience them once...i'm taller than average, but your pics of the parade are still better than mine!

  6. Frances, I did enjoy your pictures and wish you Happy Thanksgiving! The smurf, aka Schlumpf aka Grand Stroumpf as he is called in Belgium is more of my kids' generation, so it was easy to recognize him. And Charlie Brown, for sure :-).

  7. Dear Frances, Such wonderful photographs. Thank you for sharing. I love the goose looking so confidently over the crowd. ox,Gina

  8. that was fun, i usually go the opposite way of parades, but seeing it this way was not scary! the best part is your always very charming commentary, thank you frances.
    and happy thanksgiving!

  9. You have some amazing pics Frances, they capture the spirit, as always.

  10. A fun day watching the parade. It is good to see all the colours against such a beautiful bright blue sky. You certainly join in with the celebrations and take in all the details. I imagine you returned home to a warm drink and relaxing evening after all that excitement!
    Christmas is creeping up, glad to hear the teacup factory has been in action. I have just been knitting some tiny clothes for a little girl to play with and dress her toys in, a birthday gift .One of her presents was a little pottery tea set for the dolls too.
    Happy thanks giving and a happy weekend. X

  11. Such fun! SpongeBob Square Pants
    Papa Smurf ( to name but two!)

    Glad you got to share the parade with us!

  12. How exciting! You have a charming way of making NYC seem like a large village!


  13. I recognize a Smurf, Buzz Lightyear, and SpongeBob (and Sonic?). Here's a silly truth - parades or processions never fail to bring a tear to my eye, I must always have a tissue handy.
    Happy Thanksgiving Frances!

  14. Hi Frances,
    Looks like a fun day out! The New Yorkers certainly know how to entertain themselves. Love your stream of images.
    All the best,
    Ingrid xx

  15. Well done! I have come to count on your willingness to punctuate the year for me with the festivities in NYC. This parade, St Patrick's Day and the changing season in Central Park. How small the world has become as we see it through one another's eyes. Thanks for the lovely afternoon out!

  16. Yes, thank you Frances. Through your camera I too visit New York routinely.
    I'm so glad you broke out from behind the sanitation truck into the river of the crowd. The weather appears kind. Here we are getting your hurricane Sandy - not so much wind but endless heavy rain. If hurricane Sandy were one of those giant balloons I would shoot it down.

  17. Dear Frances, you've given us a great report on the parade, and a guessing game too! And thanks to your commenters I've learned that a Smurf is aka Schlumpf or Grand Stroumpf!

  18. I loved your pictures of the parade, Frances! I love your own special commentary too. There is something magical about watching small coloured balloons fly off into the sky. Some of the characters had me puzzled too...some are toys my grandson plays with but I get them rather mixed up! And I did enjoy the bit with the mom in the (two) hats :)
    Thank you so much for sharing this occasion with us.
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  19. I really enjoyed watching the parade with you through your post Frances – it must have be so much fun to be there among all the happy crowd of children. We had a very sunny day here too, in the mid-70s. Your photos showed the excitement of the parade very well.

  20. I'm sorry to come so late to this, Frances, but I enjoyed it very much. So many happy memories resurrected - especially by your use of the word 'oatmeal' - I had a lot of oatmeal breakfasts in New York! What surprised me and pleased me was how many choices I had of ingredients to add to it! I usually start the day with porridge and honey!

  21. Delightful pictures. Much fun had by everyone, so it seems. This is/was good.

    I've finally gone into hibernation. See you in the spring. Blessings and Bear hugs until then.

  22. Is your blue mystery man a Smurf? Spiderman looks like he's crawling across the crowd's heads! What a pity you couldn't get a better view.

  23. I am surprised at you, Frances, you didn’t climb up and over on the truck in the name of providing clear pictures for your avid readers on the non-Thanksgiving-parade side of the world.

    Great fun all the same. Sorry, I can’t help with names of the anonymous balloons. Modern life passes me by.

  24. How your blog marks time, it seems no time at all since we viewed the parade albeit in the virtual world through your blog. It seems so calm, blue skies and sunshine, who would have guessed the recent high winds and snow storms. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. What wonderful pictures Frances of your Thanksgiving Parade in NY, love the Charlie Brown and all the other cartoon characters floating up high.


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