Thursday, December 5, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Good afternoon from New York.

My glitter-festooned Advent calendar is telling me that December is on the move.  I actually forgot to open any of the first windows until the afternoon of December third.  My apartment has taken on the appearance of a very active Santa's workshop.

I am pleased to report that I have already shipped some of my FoakleyArts shop's knitted accessories to their new homes.  Some additional new items have been put on the shop's shelves.  

Christmas cards are also being painted, and I rotate between creating the little Christmas tea cup cards and working on a variety of knitting projects.  Baking is being contemplated.  Parties are on the horizon.  Of course, I also head out to my place of employment many days of the week.

Perhaps in my next post I will be able to show you all some festive New York City views.  The holiday spirit is definitely in the air!  There are many fine sights to photograph.
Thank you all for your recent visits and all the kind comments and advice.  The past few weeks have been full of new experiences!


  1. Frances, I Would love to see some festive New York views, for although my son lives in Manhattan, he is lousy about sending photos. Advent calenders! That brings back such childhood memories,I haven't had one in many years, but I think it would be great fun to design one! Here's wishing you much delight this Christmas season.

  2. I like to think of you in your Santa's workshop. My husband has been making gifts in his wood shop and I've been wrapping away and doing Christmas cards. Time to take down the fall/Thanksgiving decor and haul out the red and green!

  3. Someday I'll send you a note, Frances, to say 'I'm coming to see New York at Christmas time'. You are cosy and busy in your apartment, but I can imagine how much fun it is to go out into the hustle and bustle and to look at the shop windows.
    I have now caught up on your posts and see that you have been to Shropshire and have met Friko. That was a great photo!

  4. Wonderful that your beautiful knits are selling Frances. I like to think of you working in your Santa's grotto!

  5. Hello Frances I loved this post, I can just imagine you in your cosy apartment, turning it into Santa's workshop with your beautiful makes. Scenes of New York at Christmas are the stuff of magical movies to many of us across the pond, and I look forward to your festive pictures soon. So pleased your lovely work is selling well.
    Happy December!
    Helen x

  6. Your knits are lovely, Frances; they are clearly authentic, timeless pieces created with care. You put us, who do not paint our own Christmas cards, to shame. What a contented Christmas season you have lined up.

  7. Dear Frances, Such a pretty Advent Calendar. I loved them when I was little and I still enjoy opening each window.
    Your Etsy shop is full of your beautifully knitted treasures. I'm so glad that you opened your shop.

  8. You sound happy Frances! Those new experiences must have been good ones :-)

    Wishing you a Happy weekend! Christmas in your home and NY sounds lovely!

    Madelief x

  9. Hello Frances, I writing this comment, not from Suffolk, but from a beautifully simply styled attic bedroom in the actual 'Made&Found' house in North London!
    I drove down in the dark this evening, guided by the satnav - whizz ing into London on the motorway on a dark winter evening by myself is slightly outside my comfort zone. But I arrived safely and my display is almost set up - just a few tweaks needed in the morning.

    I'm so pleased you have had some success with your etsy shop. A great reason to knit more hats and scarves!

    Celia xx

  10. New York during the Holidays is certainly a special place. I went there in mid December with my daughter years ago and we loved it. We also enjoyed going to NYC last month and meeting with you – that was special too. I’ll write a post on it soon. I can understand how busy you must be with everything you do and work too – I am retired and never have much time.

  11. Hi Frances! I see you have been very busy with knitting! Your fair-island knits are very beautiful! Do you know the knitted xmasballs from arne and carlos?

    greetings from Fleur in de polder

  12. Thank you all for your comments. I so appreciate hearing from you.

    Fleur, I have seen the Arne and Carlos book about the knitted Christmas ornaments...they are terrific designs.

    Things are still busy hereabouts in the "workshop."


  13. Hi Frances,
    Congratulations again to the sales in your shop.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your round-up of Christmas in NYC.
    Many warm regards,
    Ingrid xx

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  15. What a lovely Etsy shop, just found it and enjoyed seeing all your knitted pieces. Love the scarf at the start of this post. I have just returned from a little holiday, managed to knit one sock in the evenings during my stay. I love all your colours and patterns, they must add to the feeling of warmth as well as the actual wool.
    As usual, you show us New York festive style. So very different from my local villages and towns, we have a fresh tree covered in lights by our little village shop which looks very pretty.
    It is quite mild here, and I have been enjoying sunny days. I have several new knitted items ready to wear when it gets colder. You have inspired me to knit more, good luck with your shop. x

  16. Frances...thank you for sharing a glimpse of Christmas in New York. I always enjoy the way you share your beautiful city with us! Merry Christmas from South Georgia! Susan