Sunday, April 20, 2014

City Views, Country Dreams

Happy Easter to you all from New York City.

Today has been sunny, but chilly.  I decided to leave my down coat at home, and to don several layers of light weight clothing for my stroll over to the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade.

I did not wear a bonnet.  The charming sisters in the following photograph wore lovely flowery bonnets and sweet smiles.

I like to arrive at the Parade around 11:30 before the Fifth Avenue church services conclude.  Fifth Avenue is closed to vehicular traffic between 57th and 49th Streets and everyone just sort of ambles along either posing for photographs, or taking photographs, or just enjoying the day.

As in prior years, there was a mix of elegance, tradition, imagination and just plain old zaniness.  Everyone seemed to be in a fine mood.

As I walked along, it was not always possible for me to take the photo from the angle I desired.  Crowd movements can be unpredictable.  One must go with the flow.

I hope that you all will be able to detect this sombrero wearer has adopted a bit of a rabbity disguise.

Lavender bonnet complimented her purple hair.

The following fashion forward trio seemed to know each other and were glad to pose together.

Some hats's designs are best viewed from behind.

Most shops along the Avenue were closed.  It was nice to see big planters of daffodils outside this jewelry shop.  The giant planters also act as safety devices, protecting the window from possible nefarious drive-in shoppers.

Quite a few bonnets featured architectural decorations.  I like the look of this storybook tower in the middle of Fifth Avenue towers.

This little girl in the lacy skirt and flowery hat was more elegant than her Mom with the tote bag.

This little bunny had a good view on Daddy's shoulders.  Mom had a pretty red jacket.

The pink bunny wanted her photo taken with one of the police officers on Parade duty.

Anyone with a sudden urge to don some bunny ears could satisfy that urge with the assistance of several vendors.  Parasols were also available.

This little girl was so happy that her doll donned bunny ears.

The following photo was clicked in haste in order to capture the giant chocolate bunny on the gentleman's head.

And, on the bunny front, this street magician actually had a rabbit in his act.

The fellow in the next photograph defies description.  His outfit and make up must have taken hours to perfect.

Here is an extra large sunny side up.

The Rockefeller Center Promenade featured the usual lilies, topiary rabbits and crowds.

Lots and lots of blossoms on this brim.

Ahh, an elegant trio on the Avenue.

I wonder if this glamorous lady's bonnet was heavy.  Its flowers were really pretty and pink.

I thought this scarlet and neon lime duo were quite striking.

The crowds were beginning to bother me a bit, so I took this final photo of an adorable little girl, and wondered what she might have thought of all that was going on around her.

Returning home, I wanted to take a couple of more photographs to show you all that I have now welcomed chocolate back into my domain.

The above rabbit is a milk chocolate rabbit.  The next photograph offers a look at the dark chocolate rabbit, along with a few chocolate truffles.

I do hope that you all have enjoyed seeing a bit of the joy that filled Fifth Avenue today and thank you for your visits and comments.  I am very happy to have a new follower, too.


  1. Happy Easter, Frances, from chilly Alberta! I love your Easter Parade posts each year, and can't help but hum 'In Your Easter Bonnet...' as I read.
    You'll smile to know that I am breaking pieces of the very same sort of red-ribboned mild chocolate bunny at this very minute!

  2. Happy Easter, Frances!
    What fun the bonnets are.
    So glad you are enjoying a chocolate bunny!

  3. Hello Frances. Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

    Looks like a fun time at the Easter Parade - so much effort going into the various headwear.

    I reckon all our 'would be/could have been' visitors to Merchant Square must have been at your Easter Parade because there was little evidence of them there today! Such is life!

  4. What a treat for me, way up here in Alaska, to see NYC in this festive mode. I loved seeing all the Easter creations, especially that one huge pink flower-bedecked hat. But it looked busy there, and I can see how you must have Ben glad to get home to your knitting project.

  5. I remember your post from last year with all the hats – this year again you show us such a variety. I guess this is a New York tradition at Easter? It certainly is fun and many people like to have an occasion to wear a hat. I like English hats – there are so many elegant ones because they wear them more often than we do here in the US – I bought a couple in London – but where should I go to wear them? Well yes, maybe in New York …. As for chocolate eggs, that is also a great tradition – yours look yummy.

  6. you are so interesting frances (and so lovely too) i am not surprised you have a new follower. this was fun, all those fancy hats! did you don a pair of bunny ears too? ;)

    enjoy your chocolate!

  7. Frances...thank you so much for taking us with you to the annual Easter Parade! What amazing hats! The children are so sweet! You brought back special memories of pretty Easter dresses with scratchy crinolines, new patent leather Mary Janes, little white gloves, and of course, a pretty hat! Enjoy your chocolates and Happy Easter! Susan

  8. Thank you for your wonderful report on this year's Easter parade! It looks like so much fun for everyone!

    Easter blessings; Bear hugs, too!

  9. Such an extraordinary mix of elegance, loopiness!!

  10. Hello Frances:

    Whilst we had heard of the Easter Parade we had little if any idea, until now, of what it actually might look like.

    And such fun. We are totally captivated by the creativity, variety and humour of the hats, and indeed clothing, which you show in your pictures. This is an occasion which is clearly taken very seriously when it comes to what to wear and how to wear it.

    Your chocolate Easter bunnies look very tempting and would not, we fear to say, last very long in this household!!

    Although as we write this Easter is drawing to a close, we wish you much joy and peace at this very special time of year. xxx

  11. What an amazing assortment of hats! I especially liked the flamingo ones.


  12. Oh, Frances, thank you so much for showing us the atmosphere of the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade! People obviously enjoy the day and wear their hats/costumes with pleasure and a sense of humour! I like the flamingo hats, the fried egg hat and Rapunzel's tower pretty much.. How nice when good occasions and creativity gather people and make them feel closer than habitually!...

  13. Hi Frances,
    The New Yorkers certainly know how to enjoy themselves! It's so much fun to go with you to the Easter Parade.
    I hope you have had a lovely Easter and enjoyed your holiday!
    All the best,
    xoxo Ingrid

  14. What a fabulous parade Frances and such a wonderful selection of hats. I hope you have enjoyed your chocolate.

  15. What great snapshots of a lovely parade. My favourite has to be the topiary rabbit. I have already requested my man creates one in my small front garden. I think it will be some time coming! I also loved the elegant vintage couple now that is a hat I would wear. Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  16. Happy Easter Frances!
    I'm envious that you can wander a short distance from your home and enjoy the fun of the Easter Parade before returning to enjoy your Easter chocolates. xx

  17. Thank you so much for taking us along to the Easter Parade -- yes, a fair amount of zaniness was evident. But what a pleasant way to spend a few hours!

  18. Well it would not be easter without Frances and her NY Easter Parade. It does fill me with mild panic at how quickly this parade happens. It can't be twelve whole months since the last one?

  19. Easter isn't Easter without a Lindt bunny or two!

    I was hoping you'd share the hats with us again ... such fun!

    Here's hoping you had a fantastic Easter :)

    (Frances, do I owe you an email? Odd question I know but Yahoo kindly wiped my inbox a few days back and I have the feeling there might have been an unanswered missive from you in there?)

  20. The Easter Bonnet Parade with Frances is a tradition now. Thank you for going to the trouble. The chocolate bunny is your reward!

  21. Thank you for taking us on the Easter Parade, Frances! I so enjoyed seeing all those amazing hats .......I love seeing the crazy ones, the funny ones and the flowery ones! You are very clever to capture so many great pictures and to give such a flavour of the atmosphere in NY. Loved seeing your chocolate treats too......reminding me it is time I had a cup of tea and a bit of my own Easter chocolate now!
    Wishing you a happy spring weekend.
    Helen xox

  22. Thank you for this very personal Easter Parade. My favourite is the lady with the large tree with pink blossom growing out of her head/hat? Or is this an optical illusion?

  23. What a lovely festive mode! Wish I was there!
    Have a great weekend Frances...

  24. How lovely to see the Easter Parade in New York. I came to New York for the New Year and absolutely loved it so I am very happy to have found your blog. I look forward to seeing the wonderful photos of such a wonderful place. Xx

  25. How nice to see al these people in the easterparade! And so many familiair places for me, i loved your post!

  26. Your Easter Parade looks like lots of fun Frances! I understand why you love going there. All those colourful and happy people. They simply make you smile :-)

    Hope spring arrived in NY as well! Love from Holland,

    Madelief x

  27. Do you know my friend that with all your lovely pictorial blogs you have saved me a fortune in airline fares, because you make me feel like I am actually IN NY with your blog. Still and all, it would be worth the fare to go over and say hello to you.

    As always - truly delightful. xx

  28. Cathing up on your two posts , both full of Colour seen through your eyes. Lovely to see all the blossom and spring flowers as you shared your walk through the park. I always enjoy seeing the characters and costumes of your Easter parade. Every age can join in with the fun and another welcome burst of colour for everyone to share. Thank you for taking the time sharing so many photographs!
    Golden chocolate bunny enjoyed here too. Hope you are getting chance to enjoy more spring time walks in the park. x

  29. I adore the photo of the little girl in her pram wearing - unbeknown to her, probably - her bunny ears! So cute - and so lovely to see your Easter Parade post. Many thanks. Cx

  30. Thank you for taking us on your Easter Parade - flamingoes seem to be popular!
    I love chocolate.....
    Best wishes

  31. I am late here but absolutely loved your Easter pics, the thoroughly enjoyable experience you give us with your photos is amazing. I can't believe it is a year since you last did so. I hope you enjoyed the choccy!

  32. pretty nice blog, following :)

  33. Dear Frances, what a pleasure to catch up on your posts and to see New York finally fully into spring!
    It's wonderful to see how much effort people put into their Easter parade headgear and outfits. Also delighted that chocolate has made its way back into your life!
    Very warm wishes, Karen

  34. Lovely photographs & report
    the following blog of your new
    art-knitting is superb.
    Glad to see the Easter parade as
    we did not have a chance to even
    brave a walk through the crowd.
    Mike & Kitt

  35. I see you had a very nice time at the Easter parade - something I have never done in my life. I love your pictures. You captured the essence of the parade beautifully. You're such a lovely lady FGO and I'm so proud to be one of your "oldest" friends.