Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from warm and sunny New York City.

The warmth is a surprise after our recent chillier, cloudier and even rainier days and evenings.  I was so glad to have only needed a light sweater for today's walk in Central Park.

The horse-drawn carriages and pedal-powered carts were doing good business, but lots of folks were just using their own feet as I was.

Some of the trees are real dazzlers in their autumn splendour.

Some of the lawns are very overgrown, with lots of leaves waiting for the rake.  There are lots of partially nibble acorns and other nuts partially hiding underneath fallen leaves and green ground cover.

When the sun slipped out from behind the large fluffy cloud, the colors took on additional brightness, and the air added some warmth.

I am fortunate to have most of this week as days off from work, and have been doing a bit of very overdue de-cluttering, straightening, and ordering of various bits and bobs around my apartment.  I am very proud to have taken time to do this, particularly as it meant carrying on with my project while having the drillers still carrying on with their own project just the other side of the wall.

Taking the walk in Central Park gave me a reward for my efforts.

The following photograph shows the model boat pond, where remote-controlled model boats share the shallow water with ducks and an occasional dog.

On a day like this, the reflection added to the beauty of the surroundings.

On my homeward walk through the Strawberry Fields area, I smiled at all the tourists who were making their own respectful visits as fans of the late John Lennon.  

I like the varied colors of the leaves on this shrub.

Nearby I saw lots of the little orangey mushrooms that you might be able to see through the wire fencing in the next photograph.  Perhaps you all have some idea of their proper name.  I do not.

I really enjoyed having a bit outdoor exercise and got home in time to enjoy my sandwich lunch in peace while the drill team enjoyed their own lunch break somewhere off their scaffolding.

A few days ago I visited a members preview of the fantastic Matisse Cut Outs exhibit which has now officially opened at The Museum of Modern Art.  It is much the same as the exhibit that was a standout at The Tate.  I highly recommend the exhibit, and am very glad that my membership card will allow me unlimited visits without the bother of a timed ticket purchase.

Thank you all for your visits to this place, which definitely does not require a timed ticket.  On the topic of time, I laughed when I discovered that the Central Park Horse Show I mentioned in my last post was over before I took my photographs.  Obviously, I am not always on top of events around NYC!

I've now got to think about dinner preparations and just where my next bit of de-cluttering will be directed.

I hope that you all are also enjoying some time outdoors in this wonderful month of October.  There is so much to see! 


  1. The pond picture makes me want to go find my copy of STUART LITTLE for a re-read!

  2. Dear Frances, I cannot believe that your drillers are still there! How horrible and stretching that must be.I so hope for you that this work will be soon over, at least when the winter season starts and they cannot do anymore on your building. Very understandable that you long to go out and enjoy the sun and colours in Central Park. Thank you so much to take us with you. And that there is no entrance fee for a ticket to your lovely blog.

  3. Frances, how awful for you to have continued noise, and no doubt dust as well. How much longer will you have to put up with it? And have you benefited in any way, I wonder.
    The trees in the park are sensational, those colours almost look unreal. And was that a Monarch butterfly?

  4. The colours around the park are stunning Frances... So inspirational. Let's hope the noise stops soon!

  5. Yes, we should grasp these lovely autumn days!
    Loved the Central Park walk.
    I'm off to Long Island today to sniff some leaves!

  6. Dear Frances,

    Please forgive me if I have already mentioned this in a previous post but I truly sympathise with the noise polution you have been enduring for, it would seem, a long time now. When living in Paris and pregnant with our son our apartment Windows overlooked an Inside courtyard. Workmen spent weeks redoing the four wals of that courtyard. I was obliged to live in my flat with the shutters closed during the entire day, and this was in winter so sunlight was a rarity. The noise factor was trying to say the least. Do you know when the work will be finished for good? Not long now, I hope!

    I'm always struck when I see your pictures how much greenery there is in New York. I only spent a few days there years ago but I marvel at how good you are at finding nature in Central Park. It's fascinating for us readers!

    Warmest wishes to you dear Frances and good luck with the decluttering.


  7. Isn't New York beautiful? Going outside and walking is such a necessary delight.

  8. I am pleased that you have a week off to enjoy the beauties of the fall colors around you. New York is so lovely in autumn.

  9. That is a stunning butterfly. Are they commonplace for you? And still the drillers drill. Our workmen are hammering slates onto the next door roof now. They are progressing very slowly and disappear for days at a time. It has rained heavily. The plastic sheeting looks inadequate to the task of keeping the roof dry.
    Warm weather is predicted here. I will search for autumn colour too.

  10. Is that a Monarch butterfly I spy in your photographs? How lovely. It seems as if you have had to put up with the drilling for ages now? You must be getting tired of it or maybe you no longer notice?
    The Matisse exhibition sounds wonderful, I would have liked to have visited when it came to the Tate, it got very good reviews.

  11. Lovely autumnal park pictures, Frances. I especially love the pond photo, a beautiful view. I am sorry to hear the drilling at your apartment still continues....I do hope it will stop soon! Good luck with the de-cluttering :)
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  12. So sorry you are still drilled into submission.

    It’s so brave of you to play in your apartment anyway, in spite of the pests just outside. De-cluttering is always a good idea; I am, sadly, only very half-hearted about it although I really need to get down to it soon.

    Enjoy your walks and your museum visits, nature and art together is good for the spirit, and if there’s a bit of tasty food as well, life’s not so bad.

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  14. Hello, Frances! It's so nice that you had more free time for yourself this week! You always find what to do, thirsty for art and beauty, and you succeed to transform your own experiences into excitement for us, too!:)
    Some of the beautiful pics remind me of some sights around!:)
    It was very interesting to read more about Matisse (you provoked me, thank you!).
    I do hope the drillers will go home soon and leave you in peace!:)

  15. Oh Frances, I'm dismayed to read that the builders are still at work! No wonder you're grateful for good weather and the chance to get out for a walk. I do hope you get some peace at home soon. xx

  16. They're not still drilling?! No!

    At least you have the park, and isn't it looking great in its autumn garb.

  17. It´s always such a pleasure to take a look at your blog and follow you in your beautiful city...
    My island seems SO small and I just adore your pictures!
    Warm hug,