Friday, May 4, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

I wondered about just writing good evening to the world, but stepped back, briefly.

How I wish that I had the energy or wit to properly write tonight. But. It has been a work week so full of challenges. I do not think that I have met them. I do not think that I could have met them. I am not even sure that others may even recognize the magnitude of what was on that challenge platter.

I will not complain. I will try to get a good night's sleep. I will put on the clothes that I hope to sell, duplicates of course to others, tomorrow morning.

Barring severe paper cuts, I do hope to be able to write something more skilled tomorrow, or even on the Sunday morning. Sunday is lined up for my official day of rest. Remember, I am the one who makes the schedules at the shop, so if I am tired, I am to blame.

Gosh, this sounds awful. It's just that I am tired.

Tomorrow is another day, but we always say this before that particular tomorrow arrives, don't we?

Pleasant dreams.



  1. Francis you are running yourself ragged this is not why you left your other life TAKE A BREAK otherwise I shall send Madame Grognonne to housekeeper for a while and she shall feed you Cabbage soup which you will not like believe me!

  2. Don't overdo do it Frances, delegate and get some 'me' time. Toady

  3. Hello Frances, hope you managed to get a good nights sleep. I can identify on how you are feeling, trying to juggling so many things, business, and so too one wants to enjoy their peaceful quality time. I always enjoy your blogs immensly Frances. Feet up tomorrow then, good book, relaxing day, maybe a short walk in that beautiful park in New York.

  4. Lady, if you don't take a break and get some rest, we'll send Rhett to get you and Tomorrow Will Be Another Day! or do we have to go scarlet in the face trying to convince you we care and do not want you to collapse?

  5. Oh Frances, I hope you had a good night sleep, you sound exhausted. Don't take on all the problems of the shop, there must be other people you can delegate to?

    One step at a time. When is your day off? Sunday? I do hope you can relax and find some peace.

  6. Francis dear, hand some of that work over to the puppies we can't have you to tired to blog.xo and paper cuts yoww!!

  7. You sound exhausted Francis. I am just catching up on blogs, I have been so busy out in the sun planting and so on have missed out on reading the blogs. Take care and get some rest.

  8. Frances you need some time off just for yourself! I hope that there is someplace you can go for a little restorative intervention....a spa, a country will burn yourself out. Please think about taking care of yourself.