Saturday, May 12, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good Saturday morning from New York.

I am hoping that many of you all will already be enjoying a fine May day, and I thank you so much for your very kind comments.

Although I have been meaning to write a proper blog for days, this will not be the day for that either. It is just too busy at the shop. My work days are very long, and it is too boring for me to just recount that situation once again.

There will be a break in that cloud on Tuesday, so I may write again late Monday.

Meanwhile, it is a relaxing pleasure to see what all of you have been doing all over the globe.

Best wishes.


  1. Hello Frances,
    Sorry to hear you're still rushing about at work, hope you get a break as planned on Tuesday.
    Weather here quite changable, rainy, very windy, then sun comes out, I know it's going to pour tomorrow because I've planned a BBQ with friends!

    Best Wishes

  2. Hi Frances - I'm sure that you must be hard at work as I write and that it will be a busy day-before-mothers'-day in your store.
    Lucky you to be able to indulge your passion for shoes this week. I love them too, but find that more and more I am seeking out the comfortable-with-a-little-style instead of the over the top killers of years past!

  3. Hi Frances - busy or not it is lovely that you keep in touch.

  4. Hi francis,I know sometimes it is so hard to think that what you've done could be of any possible interest to anyone, and a few days break gives us something to write about, i do the same, but read more of the other blogs and comment on them! so it's good...
    does this make sense?????xxo

  5. Good Evening Frances, I have just been on your website and saw the shop where you work. I have to say the clothes that you sell are lovely. Now I can picture you in your shop when I read your blog (you seem to be there an awful lot).

    The good thing about this site is that there is no pressure to keep blogging. Just dip in and out when you can. We will always be here waiting.

    Take care - Jacqui x

  6. Hello Frances,
    The weather here in Norfolk has been very wet, but now and again the sun has come out, and early this evening I saw a most wonderful rainbow. I have not put up a diary for a while now,always seem so busy like you, but I always look forward to hearing from you whenever your time permits. Enjoy that break on Tuesday dear Frances.

  7. Hello Frances,
    I am finding my way around my blog and yes having seen other peoples they can look so interesting and creative. I am playing around and putting some of my sewing projects on display too .When you get your camera you will discover this whole new world to display yours. Hope the day off soon comes around.
    Best Wishes Milly x

  8. Il pleut comme une vache qui pisse here !!

  9. Hi Frances. Bit to caught up myself to blog at the moment too, but hope you are well and looking forward to maybe reading your blog on Tuesday. Take care xx

  10. Good to catch up Frances, I too am thoroughly enjoying this site and al of the blogs, just have a problem deciding which blogs to read first, trying to read them all is a luxury, am getting there slowly when time allows. Hope all is well in your world, I do love visiting it.

  11. Ah yes I love Degas and had a chalk drawing of his dancers in my room as a child, sadly not an original!

  12. Good that you are keeping up even though you are so busy. Look forward to hearing more news.

  13. If you're interested in Isabella Blow, there was a lead article in Sunday's Observer Review section - I would imagine you could find it online, a very moving interview with her husband Detmar Blow, where it seems to emerge that although ovarian cancer is the official cause of her death, she suffered badly from depression and perhaps committed suicide by drinking weed killer. So very very sad. A poignant article.

  14. Frances, you sound a little low and tired. Hope you'll get a tiny breathing space soon. Looking forward to hearing more from your beautiful New York. Wonder if you are having any better weather than we are here -- it's cold again (but we do need this lovely rain).