Thursday, March 28, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

It's only a few more days until Easter arrives.  Our weather is still very chilly, and I wonder if this year's Fifth Avenue Easter Parade might suffer.  I am still wearing my down coat, and am often glad to have gloves and hat nearby.  A showy bonnet would be totally out of place.

As the above photo reveals, I have some chocolate eggs in my home.  My Lenten chocolate fast will soon be ending, and I do look forward to that first Cadbury Creme Egg.  I might not enjoy the second Creme Egg quite so much.

I've been busy with all sorts of required tasks during the past week, including actually focusing on filing my 2012 taxes.  This is a tedious task, and I am much relieved to know that my forms have been signed, sealed into envelopes and mailed to the required governmental agencies.

Let me assure readers who left comments before my recent laptop purchase that I am still quite happy with new my Mac laptop.

I made another visit to the neighborhood Apple store on a beautiful day, and was granted easy permission to take a photo through the skylight ceiling showing the blue sky through the clouds surrounded by some big neighborhood buildings.

Have any of you all read any novels by Ruth Ozeki?  I had the pleasure of meeting her several weeks ago, and since then have read her first novel, My Year With Meats, and am now reading her new novel, A Tale for the Time Being.  She is an interesting person, and writes books with multiple layers.

Most of my time in the recent weeks has been spent indoors.  We have had chilly days, accompanied by rain, by sleet, by snow, by fierce winds.  How I do hope that true spring weather will settle in hereabouts very soon.

After all, Easter is almost here.  It's time to get outdoors and enjoy see green leaves, flowers, and gently warm, sunshiny days.

Thank you all for all your visits and comments, and a very Happy Easter to you, too.


  1. Happy Easter, Frances.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  2. i've just heard of a tale for the time being, that's cool you were able to meet ruth ozeki, i'd like to read this book now too.
    i hope it warms up there now, i know my kids are definetly over the blustery weather. enjoy your chocolate egg, happy easter dear frances!

  3. I hope the sun comes out to warm your city in time for that wonderful parade - it will be a shame if it's 'frozen out'.
    Up here, in the Pacific Northwest, we are experiencing true spring with rain and blossoms, some blue sky and weeds racing the bulbs to see which can grow tallest.
    I have seen many Easter 'vignettes' in blogdom over the past week, but none any prettier than yours, with its Cream Egg.

  4. Happy Easter Frances!

    Here in the UK we are gripped by the coldest March for over 50 years ... what a contrast to last year when we met for lunch in central London! It was a balmy 21C, this year we'll be very lucky to get to 4C brrrrrrr!!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the Easter parade.

  5. A happy Easter to you too. In freezing Lincolnshire England I think we will be toasting hot cross buns on the fire to keep warm! The only time I visited New York was in June and it was blisteringly hot! Central Park was very welcome with its shade. Shame my boy no longer has the job that took him there for over 6 months as I really enjoyed my stay.

  6. Well as you will know from Celia's comment, we are in the grip of the coldest March for 50 years. Again overnight and this morning, we have had light snow flurries here in Norfolk, nothing settling. But the easterly wind is bitingly cold, taking the temperature down to minus two to four during the day, and being on the bit that sticks out the most on the easterly side of the UK, we get the easterly wind first! Even the daffodils in the garden are reluctant to open fully... summer starts in three days!

  7. A chilly and happy Easter to you dear Frances, wrap up warmly! I love the little wooden bunny in your lovely arrangement. X

  8. I hope things warm up for your Easter Parade, things are no warmer here although today the sun has shone and the skies are blue.

    You are very good, waiting all that time to eat your egg,I am sure you will enjoy it all the more for the wait.

    Happy Easter to you Frances. x

  9. Here in the Deep South we have had a very mild winter with no ice or snow. All the trees are in bloom as well as spring flowers – today will be 65 degrees F but it will be back to 70 by Monday. It will be nice for the people who observe Easter to go to sunrise meetings. When I think of Easter candy I still remember the super delicious chocolate raspberry eggs I used to buy at a place called Blum’s on Union Square in San Francisco – sweet memories…

  10. We're still huddled over the wood burner and hoping for a respite soon from these icy blasts. I wish you a very Happy Easter and will picture you enjoying that first cream egg.

  11. Hi Frances,

    Hope it will get a bit warmer soon! Have fun watching the Easter Parade. It sounds good.

    Happy Easter dear friend!

    Madelief x

  12. Thanks for the introduction to Ruth Ozeki who I hadn't heard of, but am now curious to read. What an interesting person she seems, and a Zen Buddhist priest amongst her accomplishments!
    I wish you a very happy Easter, Frances, including some well-deserved chocolate eggs! Keep warm.
    Hugs from a freezing England xo

  13. Wishing you a Happy Easter weekend. Glad to see you have your Cadbury creme eggs at the ready. Still chilly here, snow lingering in all the fields and hilltops. Still wearing gloves and scarf and warm coat. Hope you manage a walk and see some spring flowers in your Central Park and some sunshine. X

  14. Happy Easter, Frances. Love the pic of the Apple Store roof. Pretty cold here too!

  15. I hope you have a lovely Easter Frances. Enjoy that creme egg! I hope it warms up for you - it is still unseasonably cold here too and trying to snow again this morning. We keep getting little flurries!

  16. Wishing you the loveliest spring weather and Happy Easter,

  17. A Happy Easter to you, Frances.
    Knowing you, you will be doing something uplifting, cerebral and cultured and enjoy it very much.

    I hope the sun shines for you and the Easter Parade will be to your liking.

    Not too many of the ghastly Cadbury’s cream eggs though, I find them unpalatable, but Beloved needs them for Easter happiness.

  18. Happy Easter dear Frances.!

    I do love that picture of Egg Cups with Easter bunnie and choc eggs.

    Thank kindly Frances for the mention of your friend the author, I have made a note and will be reserving books at my local library soon.

    Very cold in Norfolk England, a scattering of snow again too yesterday.

    Look forward to seeing your lovely pictures of the Easter Parade in NYC Frances.


  19. Hello lovely Frances!

    I simply wanted to wish you a VERY happy Easter. I hope the sun comes out and radiates a little warmth into the bones of New Yorkers!

    Well done for getting all the tedious paperwork sealed and dispatched. However much I dislike doing that sort of thing the feeling of relief when it is finished makes it (almost) worth the bother!

    A très bientôt,