Sunday, March 31, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Good afternoon and continued Happy Easter wishes to you all.

It's a bit grey and chilly, but that did not prevented me from attending the annual Fifth Avenue Easter Parade.  I found lots of creative folks wearing lots of colorful outfits and ... Hats!

I saw many hats that had been made from recycled materials.  The next photo shows an architecturally inspired hat mostly constructed from old MetroCards, the laminated paper cards we use to ride public transportation.

There were very large hats and also very small hats.

As I made my way down Fifth Avenue, actually walking on The Avenue, which had been closed to vehicular traffic, I came upon a block that was truly blocked off.  Pedestrians were required to retreat to the sidewalks.

I do not recall this having been done in past years, but my memory might be faulty.  Perhaps it was done to aid the Police Department in being able to have the cross town (east west) streets at end of this Fifth Avenue block available to car traffic when directed by on duty Police Officers.  I did not ask.  I kept walking.  I had more hats to see.

Some hats were pretty yet also dignified.

Some hats were exuberant in their festive mode.

I do not know how this gentleman attached his tiny hat to his head.  It was truly a fascinator.

Isn't she lovely?

This group of Japanese ladies had differing approaches to Easter dressing.

From this particular angle this lady's hat reminds me of the Concorde planes of yesteryear.

Note that there are four visible ears and two undercover ears.

Anyone feeling the need for additional ears had available options.

I wonder how much this chapeau weighed?

This parade goer was attracting lots of attention.  I settled for a profile view.

Sometimes it seemed as if there were more folks with cameras than there were folks with hats.

This gentleman's tiny dogs seemed remarkably calm; however, we were warned not to pet the dogs.

These two hats were on the traditional side.

Who could resist taking a photograph of this little cutie?

This senorita knew how to stroll up the Avenue.

This couple made a charming, vintage pair.

I could not get any closer to the three or perhaps four ladies who were wearing these enormous Easter baskets on their heads.

I do not know the reason for the snakes and flowers on this hat.

Check out the blue hare on the lady with the blue hair.  And don't miss the duck on the hat in the background.

The young lady who had made this hat had a delicate garden sensibility to her design.

Their are always some true fashionistas in the crowd.

They are so elegant.

More fine dressing, somewhat inspired by the 1920's.  I love her stockings and shoes and his blue suit.

More recycling.  This frock is intriguing even if not really pretty.

This couple, in front of Saks Fifth Avenue are somewhat traditional, but with a certain flair.

I took a detour over to the Promenade area of Rockefeller Center to see the flower displays.  I also found a few cast off recycled material hats and some very large eggs.

There were hundreds of Easter lilies.

This extended family group was resting.  The littlest girl in blue was tired and crying, and being comforted.

The following photo shows some ladies with recycled paper hats playing with their tablet.

Sometimes a simple idea can have a large impact if done on a large scale.

Aren't these gentlemen dashing?

Of course, chocolate plays a large part in Easter celebrations, but I was glad to see that the way the light hit the sign on this shop reminded us all a bit about the spiritual side of this day.

I thought that these two little girls were absolutely adorable, and it was fun to wish each other Happy Easter.

Here is an irresistible little bunny. 

Argghh!  Here's a lady pirate wearing her ship on her head.

I hope that you all are not tiring of parade watching.

If you need a snack, have an Easter hot dog.

Two ladies who would not consider wearing bunny ears.

The trio in the white shirts wanted to have their pictures taken with the cute little folks.

Royalty posing with a subject in front of a floral covered shop front.  What more could one ask for?

Here's your answer.  A grand display of chocolate bunnies.

Here are three home made hats that are whimsical and lovely, too.

And here's the back view of those hats.

This flower bedecked cross was on the steps to one of the Fifth Avenue churches.

Here's one final view of a lovely little girl in a pretty Easter bonnet.

And here are some lemon yellow tulips in a very large planter.'s the dark chocolate bunny that I brought home with me.

I hope that you all have enjoyed coming along with me to this year's Easter Parade.


  1. We always enjoy walking the parade with you Frances... what was on your head I wonder?

  2. Fantastic post, Frances! I love the creativity that this parade inspires, and being able to go along with you and see all that caught your eye has been a treat.
    My favourites are the bald gent with the tiny fascinator (yes, how on earth did he do that?) and the lady with the garden on her head - wonderful!
    A very happy Easter to you and may spring not be too far off now.

  3. I see now why you might write a sonnet about those Easter bonnets, though my initial observation is that the hats are not always best matched to the people wearing them. No-one is wearing a ushanka, which could I suppose, be decorated. From this I conclude that your weather is better than ours.

  4. Those gold bunnies get everywhere. They breed like rabbits!

  5. I enjoyed walking along Fifth Avenue with you, what an eclectic mix of hats and hat-wearers!
    What most amused me was how everyone was well wrapped up in winter coats and thick knitwear - probably not what they intended to be wearing when they conceived their creative headgear.

    My favourite hat was the bird's nest with coloured birds - I could see myself wearing that one.


  6. Some wonderful pictures Frances - really worth clicking on to enlarge. I felt I was almost there with you! Good to see some colour at the end of a long winter.

    Happy Easter to you.

  7. What a fabulous array of hats and costumes. I felt as though I was walking down Fifth Avenue with you Frances!

  8. Great photos and thank you for taking me on your walk. So many creative people out there, some very elegant and some not. Some with a lot of artistry and imagination and some not. A grand mix and lovely to see. But bare arms on a chilly March morning made me shiver!

  9. What fun Frances
    and what super photos!
    Why do I always manage to miss this Easter parade?
    Hope to catch up with you at more leisure soon.

  10. I just love that the Easter Parade tradition is still so alive! Do you know how many hat wearers there were Frances.

    Thank you for taking us along with you :D

  11. Easter would not be complete without our virtual visit to your Easter Parade. One of these days you might be persuaded to post a picture of yourself wearing an original millinery creation? Hope you enjoyed your Cadbury Cream egg too. x

  12. I look forward to this post each year, and was a bit worried when you mentioned that the weather might put a damper on the parade. I'm glad it didn't! I wonder what sort of hat you'd construct if you were so inclined? I think I'd choose something colourful and traditional.

  13. I adore the vintage-dressed folks so much! So classy. Makes me wish for a time machine...

  14. It would not be Easter without your Easter Parade report Francis, your sharp eyes capture so many wonderful (and sometimes downright eccentric) details!

  15. Dear Frances,

    Wow.! what super photo's of lovely costumes and amazing hats. Thank you for sharing with us Frances of your Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue.

    Sadly we have nothing like your Easter Parade here in England.

    Perhaps next year we could see you sporting a hat, perhaps get a kind person to click that photo for you.

    I adore hats, mine tucked away in a hat box for future occasions maybe. Although I have been sporting my Russian hat lately to keep me warm against the elements of the much cold weather we have had recently.


  16. Your photo's look so very cheerful! It is a joy scrolling trough them. Makes me wish we had an Easter Parade in Holland. It looks like great fun! What were you wearing Frances? I would have loved to see your outfit!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  17. Oh what a fun day out! Great pictures. We tend to go to visit cities for holidays (vacation )
    Nice to meet you over there xx

  18. Such a great series of pictures, Frances – I enlarged them and they look splendid. There are many hats I liked and would have worn. I love hats but never can find an occasion to wear one. What a fun time you must have had watching this flamboyant parade – thanks for taking us along.

  19. a lovely series of photos. I bet you had great fun getting people to pose for your camera. You caught some splendid examples of the milliner’s art, quite a few of them home-made, I daresay.

    At least the weather was reasonable, although the lady in no-sleeves must have felt chilled in her outfit.

    I hope you kept under wraps - literally - and stayed cosy and warm out in the streets.

  20. Thank you for taking us on the Easter parade again this year. It's beginning to feel like a regular tradition !

  21. Hi Frances,
    That was some Easter parade! You New Yorkers certainly know how to go all out and do a good parade. Loved it!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog.
    I was very impressed to hear that you've met Georgia O'Keeffe. What a treat and how interesting. When we visited New Mexico in the early 80's it was very hard to find any information about her and now her home is a museum.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo Ingrid

  22. Such lovely photos - I enjoyed the little dog and the baby but there was so much to make me smile. Thank you for sharing them with us. x

  23. I loved coming along to the Easter Parade with you again Frances! You choose such a wonderful mix of sights for us to enjoy! I am rather keen on images of bird's nests and eggs at the moment, so the hat like a nest is one I loved seeing. The children's bonnets were all lovely, and I always enjoy the sight of a baby wearing bunny ears :) And seeing the ladies in their elegant costumes....I loved those! Hope you had a good Easter and enjoyed your chocolate bunny.
    Wishing you a Happy April!
    Helen x

  24. What a wonderful Easter essay, Frances! Thanks so much for taking us with you.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  25. My heavens! Such diversity and style! My favorite of all is the beautiful purple kimono! (And what did you wear?)

  26. Well I am late to this but I so enjoyed it. Some classy pictures too as always. Hats of every description and more, what a lovely way to celebrate Easter. Thank you!

  27. Hello Frances - some of those hats were truly amazing, and how lovely that in this busy age so many people make such an effort and put together such fabulous creations! I think the Americans are so good at parades.

    Best wishes (and thank you for your visit to my astro blog - it was lovely to hear from you).