Tuesday, June 5, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

A very good Tuesday evening from New York.

Weather forecasters told me this morning that I should expect thunderstorms.
Those storms seem to have passed us by. The air is breezy now, and it is still a while until sunset.

This was my longed for day off. Last night I stayed at the shop while the monthly crew cleaning took place. This morning, when my little alarm clock did its beeping, I decided that I would get up...after a 30 minute re-entry from dreams ville.

Then, up and to the shower, and then down to the basement laundry room to take care of much overdue laundry. All done, folded, and put away before 10 a.m. Just about then, my phone rang and I had the immense pleasure to having a dear friend tell me about her just completed trip to Paris, Venice and some other spots in Italy. It is almost as good as traveling there myself, to hear what she saw, experienced, ate. (All of you, from your various locales, also help me to not feel too badly about working long hours in New York. I do thank you!)

I did a bit more apartment improvement duties, followed by grocery shopping, and lunch. Then ... it occured to me that a nap might just be the luxury that I sought. It was. In a few hours, I did wake up somewhat refreshed, and went out for a walkabout, taking my umbrella along just in case. The wind was definitely up, and the air was marvelous. My hair was blowing all over the place, not tangling mind you, and it felt wonderful.

Got home in time to do some reading, messing about in my new sketchbook with pencils, ink and paints (just trying to keep my playful visual creativity flowing without editing) and then fixed myself a delicious pasta meal, followed by scrumptious strawberries in cream. Just ate the last strawberry. Got more left for tomorrow! I do love this berry season.

Let us back track a bit. Good news on the work front. All the noise that got started at our managers meeting, seems to have taken hold. Now the former official line about "making do with the shop budget you have" has transformed itself into "lets err on the side of over-staffing, etc." I do have to laugh a bit. It is great to have one's strongly held opinion transferred to the powers that be. I do not mind a bit that someone else may champion this notion as his/her own idea. I just want the extra staffing.

My return to the shop was full of catch-up, and lots of stored up problems to be dealt with.

Some of you all asked about what I have selected from the current collection for my "clothing allowance." So far, just one light-weight ribbed linen pullover sweater in a blue-purple that we call iris. It is an easy to wear mixable piece. My allowance still allows my choosing ca. $400 more worth of items, but I am not sure what else I may take this month. It is always possible to hold the funds over to the next month and have a real splurge.

It is quite difficult to do the store managing without my assistant, but as of June 10 I will have the loan of an excellent sales associate (not an assistant mgr) from another shop. She will be with me for the summer, and I will be able to mentor/train her with the idea that she might wish to eventually become an assistant manager.

Right now, the work is strenuous, but I do feel that my staff realize (for the time being anyway) that we are all in this together. This is a major change from the atmosphere in the shop when I joined them a year ago.

That digital camera purchase cannot be too far off, so begin to prepare yourselves for an onslaught of visual imput. I know that I will need lots of tech help, and also know that I can count on you for that help when I call.

Every day when I read various postings and blogs, I continue to be encouraged by what a generous bunch of people have been gathered together here.

Pleasant dreams to all of you!



  1. Such luxury to be able to order your own day to nap and do as you please on your day off!

    Night night Francis

    ps are you going to see the retrospective Richard Serra sculpture exhibition at the MOMA ? Not my taste but perhasp it looks beter inteh flesh as it were!

  2. Hello Frances. It is taking me forever to catch up with everyone but I am doing my very best! Lovely to hear all your 'doings' over the past weeks - a very relaxing start to my day thank you. I love the berry season too and will be thinking of you as I tuck in later xx

  3. Nothing like a lovely nap now and then, it's such an indulgence. I miss the days when my children used to take a daytime nap, as I'd often lie down with them! Berries - wonderful - some of our strawberries are ripe now and we had the first ones yesterday.

  4. As I sit here contemplating two very in disgrace dogs, weeds a foot high, plants that need planting out and a funeral to attend....your blog is like a dream..fabulous

  5. Now I live in the country I do enjoy reading about your city life. A clothing allowance sounds wonderful but the long hours don't.

  6. Hello Frances,
    Glad to hear the sketchbook and pencils were in action again. A good walk and a breeze on the face always feels so good and refreshing, blows the cobwebs away. Life seems very busy here. Trying to make each day count. We are enjoying lovely sunny weather and the days seem so much longer.
    Been able to eat outside is so nice. My icecream season has started, two huge tubs of summer fruits, daily portions when the sun is shining.We all have to have our own luxuries!
    Hope you feel better after your very busy week and news that help is on the way.
    Best wishes, Milly x

  7. Sounds like a wondeful day off, love hearing about life in the retail world, a world I used to inhabit

  8. SOunds like a lovely relaxing day.
    I will think of you as I eat strawberries for tea later!

    warm wishes

  9. Greetings to New York from Wales.

    Sounds like a lovely day off to me including a nap which is sometimes one of my luxuries as you know. I haven't had one today yet.
    And good news for you on the work front.
    Strawberries and other berries - I also have a passion for those

  10. Glad you enjoyed your day off. Good to catch up wit your friend , exciting hearing about her travels. When do you get a holiday?

    What a relief to here you are gettingan extra pair of hands to support you in shop .

    Warm wishes

  11. you get that camera sorted young lady and show us some shots..
    It's actually so easy to put photos on this site ..strawberries and cream hmmmmmm i've just had them with meringue.xxo

  12. A clothing allowance - what a treat - especially as the clothes in your store are so lovely.
    The new strawberry plants we pla nted earlier this year are starting to crop - its a great thrill to sneak out and pop in a strawberry!!
    Dying to see some of your pictures.
    PS Take a pic of Bryant Park for me!

  13. I can't wait to see your pictures! Especially to see if they match the ones that appear in my head when I read your blog.

  14. Good evening Frances,
    Glad to hear you had a relaxing day off, and pleased that you will be having extra assistance at the shop. Look forward to seeing all your lovely drawings and pics when it is convenient for you, they will be the "icing" on the cake along with your wonderful Letters from America. Warm Wishes.

  15. Hello again, Frances. just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments on my Wed blog - feeling so much better for all the support from Purple world! xx

  16. Hi Frances,
    Thank you for your thoughts and advice re job promotion. I've been struggling with it over past few days, talked to current DD who is very keen for me to do it, but indicated it would be expected of me to be in Office every day, I can't do it Lucy would suffer so would my health, office is 70 mile round trip and in rush hour horrendous, so I think I've got to turn the invirtation down , even though I'm feeling highly honoured to be asked. well thats how I feel today I tell D on Monday.

  17. Hi Frances - your day off sounded perfect - a little housework a little creativity, a nap and berries! I'm envious of your clothing allowance, althoug I can imagine that after a while it's like putting on a uniform every day - but what a uniform and what wonderful variations!!
    Stay cool in the summer-city!

  18. Francis I know you are run off your feet but be nice to me, I ahve tagged you so tell us 8 new things about you.. see my new blog under my profile called "the other side of me" so you get teh idea. ps the illsutationonthat is a set of MOMA fridge magnets of women in paintings...

  19. Hello dear me again, un peu loufoque, sorry no it is not your computer ineptitude my laptop is dead so I can only be reached via jackofalls email never mind! Go to my new blogsite"The other Side of me" whcih can be reached via my profile and there you will see what I tagged so that you may do likewise!