Monday, June 18, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good Monday morning from New York.

According to various magazine horoscopes that I have recently read, this is a time during which I am encouraged to go against my nature and not make plans.

Right now there is so much on my plate, that I may not have a choice...the phone has just rung and yet another member of my staff will not be able to come into work today, due to a strained back. She is off to the chiropracter.

This was to be my day off. My jury duty starts tomorrow, and I hope will last only two days.

Since my last blog, it has been arranged that my staff member with the domestic abuse situation has begun a leave of absence. So...counting the maternity leave, we are now down three people. The store continues to have lots of customers with big purchases.

I had planned to go to the store this afternoon to help in setting up the sales floor with the new July collection. Now, after the phone call I just had, I need to hit the shower, get dressed, and head on into work.

I really cannot believe this.
This blog is not well written, but surely does indicate my state of mind right now.

I am a strong person, but ....


  1. It never rains, does it? May all your colleagues sort out their problems soon before you go under as well. Hope things look up soon.

  2. oh lord, smile sweetly and get more of those high spenders through the door and dream of spending the bonus!

  3. Fret not dear I shall send Madme Grognonne over next flight I can book!

  4. Poor Frances. Now don't you go overdoing it. Toady

  5. Frances - what you need is old mousie there for a couple of weeks - I am good with large purchases!
    And I know the money!
    Fly me over and I could be your apprentice. love mousie

  6. Oh dear Frances, what a b*gger as we say over here .... wish I could hop on a plane and help you out!

  7. you're too good to that store!

  8. Berludy Hell - poke them all in the eye and take the day off . . . don't you dare overdo it . . . health is so very very important and the trouble is you won't know how much until you don't have it any more. Very stern headmistress!

  9. oh frances i will come and give you some help take care xx jep

  10. I'm glad I don't have staff! Just sheep and they never do as they're told. Take care and give yourself a well-earned 'vacation'.
    Crystal x

  11. Oh poor Frances, it seems to keep hitting you. Take care, dont overdo things.

  12. It really has been quite a #%%^&*& of a day.
    Tomorrow's jury duty confinement to a quiet waiting room filled with benches presents a promising alternative.
    Thanks to all of you for your kind words.
    What a swell bunch we are!
    xxx ooo

  13. How many times have I heard that said in a jury room? 'Have come for a rest' ...trouble is may not be .....
    take care

  14. Bloody hell what an absolute pain, get in touch with head office and ask for more staff this isnt fair,if i had ruby slippers i'd be there in a thrice,,,,lordy imagine all us purple cooers helping for a week would the place ever be the same again ???xxxxx

  15. You heard Headmistress Frances, you look after #1 and make sure you mind your health. At least jury service might provide something different to brew on than the shop, still, I agree with the girls, tell 'em to stuff it and take a day off. Is that a twinge in your big toe? Chiropractor anyone?

  16. Good Morning Frances,
    What an anxious state you must be in, and you work so hard at the shop, just wish it can get sorted properly for you. Do hope you eventually get some quality time for yourself only. Sending you my love and best wishes.