Friday, June 15, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good Friday morning from New York.

The past days have been quite full. So full, that it is now difficult to remember what actually happened when. Keeping a daily diary helps to record proper sequencing, but when time gets squeezed, daily writing gets squeezed as well.

We have had very cool weather, and at times, very wet as well. One of my favorite pairs of espadrilles are still sort of damp in the ropey sole area after an unexpected evening walk through the rain. Today looks to be a beauty, and I do hope to get out doors.

It's a day off, but work has already entered the arena, with an early morning phone call from a frightened staff member. She had already missed a day this week, and the reason is a boyfriend with big anger issues. This morning the police are involved. It is ironic or maybe just a true reflection of statistics, that our company should have recently benefitted an organization that helps people troubled by domestic abuse. Once again this morning, I have urged my employee to contact the organization and do hope that this time will be different than previous incidents.

Other serious developments, but with a happier result. I have heard from my beautiful assistant manager, and learned that she is now the mother of a 8 pounds-and-counting boy. However, she is back in the hospital herself having had a very close brush with the danger of eclamsia. She told me a chilling tale of what she has been through during the past ten days, that let me know that my instincts were correct that something was very wrong. All of us continue to pray for her recovery and that the child will be strong as well.

Another little drama for me arrived on papers slipped under my door yesterday. Sometimes when I arrive home from the shop in the mid-evening (say around 8 or so) I will find a take-out food menu has been slipped under my door. I never order take-out, but the delivery men who visit my neighbors do not realize that and still hope that I will call their restaurant/cafe.

Last night's papers were announcing that the apartment building has indeed been sold, and letting us know who the new owners are. It is a corporation with, so it seems, nation-wide holdings, including five other properties in New York. This is very different from the family-corporation that were the prior owners and may mean changes that will not please tenants like myself. We shall see.

I am a tenant somewhat protected by our rent stabilization law, and recently signed a two year renewal of my lease. So...I am entitled to stay where I am for the stated rent for that period. Seems a long time, but as I said above, time does speed past.

I did a little research on the new owners' website, and discovered that their asking a market-based rent for "my" line of apartment within this building that is almost double what I pay. Very scary. Sometimes I just cannot imagine where the money that fuels our city's real estate comes from!

Let me see if I can raise the mood of this blog.

It is a cool and clear day. I will go out, visit the green market to see what fresh food and plants may be available. I will again try to get ahold of the elusive digital camera. I will connect with my friends. I may see a movie or go to the ballet.

It will be an enjoyable day for each of us.



  1. Gosh yes time does fly past, i am afraid two years will whiz. Fingers crossed that all turns out how it should. J x

  2. Perhaps on the brighter side, a big company will keep the building in good repair etc. etc. I bet a view of Central Park is top dollar as they say. Who knows where you will be in two years - with that shoe man perhaps!!
    Look forward to some pics please.
    love mousie

  3. Yes, two years will fly, but you never know what other deals you could make in that time. Glad the pregnancy had a happy outcome, but it sounds sccary nontheless. Funny how instincts are usually spot-on!

  4. There's a lovely tranquil tone about your blogs, even when describing difficult subjects and situations that I really enjoy. Look forwards to the next one and hope both mum and baby are doing well.

  5. Good news about the baby and "Yes" Frances get the camera, there are so many wonderful things to photograph in NY, enjoy the ballet or whatever else you do.

  6. frances i would love to see some pitcures i have only seen them on the tv xx jep

  7. We are alike. I get frustrated when I have no time to pursue my goals, what I really want to be doing.
    Don't worry about the apartment issue I am sure it will all work out. I am a great believer in what's meant for you won't pass you by and whn one door closes another opens.
    I love reading your blogs they are so relaxing whatever you write about.
    I am impressed with your library getting the Diary but then New York would be full of bibliophiles and thanks for the reference you sent me about libraries, I did not know it.

  8. Hello Frances,
    I really loved your dragonfly story, they are such beautiful creatures and so wonderful to know they are in New York too. Someone told me they are a sign of well being, they have turned up at different times and places for me. I do sort of thing of them as being lucky for me, definately very special. Oh I do hope you get the camera, you will love it, its so fantastic to capture something and then instantly load it onto the computer and see it ,enlarge it ,share it with others.You will wonder how you have lived without it.
    Thankyou for your good wishes, hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Looking forward to some of the photographs,it will be wonderful to see pictures along with your writing.Have a good weekend.
    Best Wishes Milly x

  9. Frances - thank you for your message - hope all goes well with the staff situation.
    I fiddled about with my site yesterday so it might be why you were denied access as it were!
    I was trying to be clever and do all sorts but alas nothing has changed! I left it as it was. Have a good weekend - mousie x

  10. Me again Frnces - today in our Sunday paper - is a page on places to stay near/in Times Square - I thought of you - you should be able to read online.

  11. Good evening, Frances. I can understand how you may be worried about the new ownership. Will there be any kind of meeting with the new owners?
    A lot can, as everyone says, happen in two years. It sounds as though you are in an ideal location, so I guess that the best thing to do is to enjoy the moment!