Sunday, June 10, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams...Eight Things

Good Sunday morning from New York.

From the silence that I sense in my building, I may be the only person awake. That is probably an overstatement, but it is very peaceful.

I am honored to have been invited by UPL to come up with eight interesting things about myself. Eight bits are not difficult, but the interesting part does slow me down.

1. I tend to take many situations more seriously than some people do. Some times this is good, but often I wonder if I can re-train myself. (If I cannot reach eight, may I stop at five?)

2. My home phone is of the rotary dial type. I have owned it for over 25 years and it serves me well.

3. I can be quite thrifty, but can also splurge when the mood strikes me. I am not acqusitive, but love knowing that very special things to buy and things to do and things to know do exist.

4. I am left-handed, but used to be able to use an iron better with my right hand. Nowadays, I rarely use and iron with either hand, since I can used the steamer in the shop to deal with creases.

5. I have had several bouts with skin cancer on my face. These required work by an expert surgeon, and decades later, one has to really look to notice the "seams." Since those experiences, I am a devotee of shade and sunscreen, and remain pale year round.

6. When I was much younger, I received proposals from three men. I turned them all down, and have never been married. I have also suffered a broken heart. I have no children. I do wish that I did not live alone, but as time passes along, it begins to seem that my solitary life may continue. Do any of you have an older brother, uncle or friend who is also eligible and hopeful? Here in New York, my friends always say they would not now introduce me to any men, because they don't think that the eligible ones in my general age group are still hopeful.

7. I used to know how to make etchings and drypoint prints, but think that I may have totally forgotten the skill. I also used to make my own clothes via sewing and knitting. Also baked bread every weekend. I still try to do some knitting, but the rest of these activities fade into nostalgia.

8. Summer is my least favorite season. I was raised in the southern part of the States, and do not like the mix of heat and humidity. Even so, I do not have air conditioning, but rely on an efficient fan to cool my flat.

That is the eight that I can manage today, before gathering my strength for another day at the shop. It is possible that I might write more of a blog this evening. Time is increasingly precious to me, but I really do enjoy this site.

Best wishes to all.


  1. I imagine your apartment calm and elegant - do you have parquet floors, perchance? I used to do etching, too - it's very satisfying, isn't it?

  2. Thank you for rising to the challenge Francis it is a very interesting resume! I am impressed with the printing and all those other skills, it complies nicely to the pioneer image of american women being able to turn their hands to anythingand averything!

    I wonder where down south you come from, my lot are from Virginia and Carolina.. oh and give me a good electric fan over air conditionng any day!

    Have a good Sunday!

  3. Now Francis you must tag 5 others!!!

  4. Good to know you better, Frances. I can emphasize with the dislike of air conditioning and summer. Give me spring and fall any old day!

  5. I stayed with my friend in Montana and she too has a fan to cool her apartment. Interestingly she too lives alone. She is 56, I think and has many male friends - but says she is not sure she could share her life now.

    I love the idea of tagging and people writing these 'new' facts about themselves - I wonder if I could tag the whole of the site as I technically started it and get everyone doing their 'homeowrk'.

  6. You seem to be managing perfectly alright without a man in your life anyway. But three proposals! Very interesting facts, Crystal x

  7. We too have a phone like that Frances. It makes such a satisfying ring ring!

  8. Good morning Dear Frances,
    I have yet to retire to my bed, wanted to leave a message before I did so. I can so identify with number (1), just like me, so too number (4), I am (L) handed, but have to iron with my right, my mother used to say it was because she carried me as a baby on her (L) hip, which I think is lovely. The weather here in Norfolk has been calm and mild today with no rain. I love the spring months the best, not so hot, which suits me better, sending you my very best wishes.

  9. Well .. that was lovely is so interesting reading these and putting 'meat on the bones' so to speak.

  10. It is so great to read these lists, love those old phones.

  11. There are a few left handed people in my family and no 2 used both hands equally until he started school, he eats more tidely with his knife and fork in opposite hands and I am convinced he is ambidexterous (no idea how you spell that one I'm afraid)

    A broken heart?was that why you turned down the others? I hope you do find somebody to share your home if that is what you want it is sad when people lose hope whatever the situation. Sometimes could do with a little solitude though, our home is overly full at times even though it is happily the choice I have made.

  12. Good Evening Frances,
    Thank you for your letter, enjoy your day off, and how lucky you are to be able to draw, I am not so talented I'm afraid, but it would be lovely to see your work, but only if it pleases you. Hope the thunderstorm does not take hold too long. Warm Wishes to you.

  13. These are wonderful, Frances. Truly wonderful and a lovely insight into you....'you'.
    Ah, how I wish my brother were not married already - he is even Stateside so no move required. Shall have to give this some thought - transatlantic matchmaking shouldn't be beyond me!