Thursday, July 5, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams ... Five Steps to a Smile

Good morning from New York.

I have been tagged with the question about ways to cheer up, so thought I would start a little bit blue and see where this goes.

Sometimes, just listening to music is good; almost always dancing to music is even better.

Going for a walk and watching what is going on all around is a good shake up of the status quo.

Housecleaning can take care of dust on furniture, floors, and give a rinse to one's mood, too.

Reading, book or magazine or even ... a blog ... can help to change the mood station.

For me, drawing or painting will always take me to a totally different state of mind.

And, of course, I have some terrific friends to connect with and share both good and not so good times.

I realize I have gone past five, but maybe even taking a nap (getting caught up on rest) can be cheering. And then there are all those food groups!

All of these methods seem obvious when one is not down in a particular dump, but can be quite handy to call upon in gloomier moments.

Now, let's have a big smile!


  1. I knew you instantly this time!!
    you look lovely....our cheer ups are very similar,going back to look at your other photos. xo

  2. Painting me too, and you will also add phtography to that list.

  3. Just looking at your multi-colour blog made me smile.

  4. lovley your blog cheers me up xx jep

  5. The big smile is the most obvious one......that we first forget when we are down! Why is that- it does give an instant lift doesnt it?