Tuesday, July 3, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Tomorrow is the day that we celebrate our Independence Day. 1976. From England.
And here am I on the eve of Independence Day, being so glad to have so many people across the Atlantic with whom to communicate.

I have today celebrated my second private independence day, with a second day off. Tomorrow I will return to the shop to see what has happened while I was away, and also to see if any customers want to buy nice clothes on a holiday. As a "civilian," I was never one to shop on holidays, usually preferring to get together with friends, or travel somewhere.

Thanks to all who gave comments on my initial posting of a photo. I got opportunity today to play with my new toy, the digital camera. I took some shots around the neighborhood and also in Central Park. Those pictures I will eventually share with you.

After taking care of a bunch of stored-up errands this morning, I had a stroll in the Park, and then ventured downtown to have a much delayed hair cut. Now I am not so shaggy as has been true for the past busy weeks. To commemorate both the haircut and the new camera, I prevailed upon my lovely stylist to click a photo of her handiwork. And have posted it here (I hope!)

The salon is not too far from my shop, on... or actually above... lower Fifth Avenue, and the photo looks across Fifth to some other older buildings. This area has been through many eras, and is currently undergoing somewhat of a resurgence. Lots of shops at street level, above are residential lofts, salons, music studios, photography-related businesses and studios, internet-related businesses, design studios. The average building is about 12 or less stories tall, so daylight is possible at street level.

After the recent doings in London and Glasgow, I note a bit of increased police presence in New York, but really not too different from our contemporary "normal." When I was taking the photos round town today, I could easily have included some overhead helicopters in some shots, but elected to go with the clear, beautiful blue sky.

Hoping that the beautiful weather that we have had for the past two days will speed across the ocean to you. There is a tulip magnolia tree near my corner in full summer leafiness, that somehow is now producing its second 2007 crop of blooms. I will definitely have to take a picture to show you.

Pleasant dreams to all.


  1. Lovely to see the real you and your self portrait is so accurate. I still haven't got to grips with my camera. I can do the point and shoot and download them and that's about it. I keep getting the handbook out and try to understand all the different features but my poor brain just does not take them in. Aparently I can zoom, do macro, different light settings and even play games. It's all a bit beyond me. Hope you are refreshed after your brief break. Take it easy. Toady

  2. Frances, isnt it odd how we build up an impression of people before we see them, just from reading writings? You look just as I had expected!

  3. Nice to 'see' you! I got a camera a couple of years ago and havent used it yet! i use Hub3's - just because I've learned how and I hate new things

  4. Happy 4th of July Frances. I have just been catching up on your blogs. Hope you had a good short break.

    How wonderful to see photos. I love your self portrait too. Look forward to seeing more of your sketches and scribblings, which have always interested me.

    It is amazing how pictures/photos bring the blogs to life...

    warm wishes

  5. That is a lovely picture. All those tall buildings fascinate me, I'd love to see into all those apartments, especially the penthouses! Do some of them have swimming pools and servants? I think I should make the effort and visit.

    You look lovely by the way.
    Crystal xx

  6. hello frances nice see to your pitcures cant wait to see more i still get in mess with my camera and have to get sons help but keep trying hope you are enjoying your rest xx jep

  7. Oh, the illustrated 'City Views' is great. Wow! You look so chic!

  8. I love all the photos and the self portrait too. Nice to put a face to a name. Your hair is in my favourite style. (Mine is similar now but I have to keep straightening it).
    You have inspired me to take and post more photos(not of myself though I am far too shy). I only do the minimum with my camera as I am not technical.
    Glad you had two days break and hope you are right and the summery weather comes this way.

  9. Oh you look as glamourous and Hepburn like as I had imagined tres tres chic!!!Very breakfast at Tiffnays!! UI am so glad!!

    Happy Forth of July!!

  10. Maybe you will find your Prince Charming when out and about with your new camera. I can see how you equate your life with that of the Ordinary woman but still don't see you as being like her for some reason who knows.

    Anyway the pics are great, you look so stylish and very dainty, lovely, as I imagined you. I love the haircut it is how I always wanted my hair to be. Unfortunately mine is a little too wild at times.

  11. Wishing you a happy independence day. You look very pretty in the photo and your self-portrait is remarkable! I'd love to go to New York one day - my ex-boyfriend is having his honeymoon there later this year. Hope we do get some of your fabulous weather soon!!

  12. Back again to pass on the tag, 5 pick me ups when you are feeling down.


  13. Lovely to see you and the other pics ....now would you have perservered without us nagging?
    Happy 4th of July

  14. thank you for your comment on mine the other day, Frances. I have missed reading blogs for awhile and it is great to catch up. the portrait is wonderful.

  15. Good Evening Frances,
    What a lovely photo of you, and it is exactly how I thought you would look like, hair - short and dark. Hope you feel more relaxed from having few days free from shop. When does your summer vacation begin? Weather here much continual heavy rain, summer clothes will get an airing eventually! Thank you for your comments and concern, so kind.

  16. I love the photo's - and you look so young.
    I had of course pictured you as much bigger. I have no idea why - the Big Apple I guess.
    Might have known really you would be terribly stylish.
    Cant understand why you havent been snapped up by some fab man by now.We have similar hair dos but my "bangs" are longer!

  17. So please to see you not only in oils but in a photograph,have many many happy hours with the camera, you will love it.