Monday, July 2, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

July has somehow crept into our lives. This was a gorgeous blue-skied day, and I am thrilled to report that I did not go to work!

Trying to follow the advice of all who have been giving it, I tried to tie up some loose ends yesterday, like...doing the payroll for my staff. Believe me, that is priority numero uno for all of us. I also had a "guest worker" from another of our shops in for day one of her two-day try-on.

If she likes being with us and we like her being with us, it is quite likely that she can transfer to our location. I gather that she would like to work with our group more than she likes her current location. Sometimes the sun can shine in many ways.

It turns out that our shop did have a very profitable June, and so we will all share in the bonus for exceeding the goal. All seem to be happy.

Today I got up early, did grocery shop, laundry and met the new manager of my apartment building when I presented her with my huge rent check. She seemed a pleasant sort, and I was glad to have our first encounter so easy and gracious. (It still remains to be seen what will happen with the building as its inevitable conversion into a condominium takes place. Many blogs will take on that topic I am sure.)

Over the weekend, I had a shocking surge of memory and realized that I had forgotten to send birthday wishes to a very dear friend who is currently out of town. This afternoon I called her and got caught up with both her and her husband. They will soon return to New York and we can have a real celebration then.

Also today, my very well-traveled friend, who only recently returned from Italy and France, takes off again with husband for Switzerland. When we spoke this morning, we both said that we hoped that the only travel difficulties they encounter will the the now predictable delays as various security maneuvers unfold. I asked for a postcard of chocolate or watches ... or a Klee.

Now...the big news of the day. I bought the camera!

Please do prepare yourselves for all sorts of trials and errors. I am really looking forward to experimenting to see what this new wonder can perform.

I have only just begun to read the many manuals that came with the camera, and find it very difficult not to sort of jump ahead of myself. Since I am also treating myself to two more days away from the shop this week, there will be welcome opportunities for me to begin to feel my way around what the little marvel and I can create together.

It is great to know that there are so many experts hereabouts who will be able to lend hands and brains when I eventually get myself into some intractable technical tangles.

I am gonna try to start tonight by posting a picture of a self-portrait I painted some years ago.

Relaxation is so pleasant.

Pleasant dreams to all.


  1. Francis go into teh I have blogged room and change your commetn from anonymous to Francis you naughty girl!! Wow like self portrait!! Never been one to read manuals my brain fogs over!! Hope that the newbee workd well adn you have fun we shall expect many photgraphs of new york and the Fall collection when it comes in please!

  2. the self portrait is lovley hope to see some more lovley pitcures xx jep

  3. Aha, found you, despite your cunning attempt to hide your identity in the blog announcements. A better week for you, good. Hope the potential new member of staff works out and that self portrait is the biz.

  4. I hope you feel better having got a few things sorted out at work. You spend so much time there, things have to run smoothly. Great news about your new camera. Lots of photo's please!

    Crystal xx

  5. Great news about the camera, the paiting is fantastic ( more please) and lots of photographs of New York to come I hope. Don't worry about the first post I spend my time forgetting who I am.

  6. At long last francis a camera, make sure you use it everyday at work as well to take piccy's for us country bumpkins..the painting looks fab! your very gifted i wouldnt have recognised you though..xxo nell says thanks for your comment.x

  7. You will soon be addicted to pictures and thinking how good they will look on your blog....go to it Frances we are all waiting!

  8. Arent digital camers amazing?! I love mine, having been dragged into the 21st century by my son last year. Now I really enjoy the speed with which you see your composition.

  9. Good Evening Francis,
    So glad that you were able to have a relaxing day off from the shop. Let us hope that the new member helping out at the shop, will stay with you. and that she enjoys every minute of it, know I would!
    Great Francis about the picture, at first I thought you had painted a picture of Dora Carrington, you are so like her, even the same hair-style, oh I wish I could paint. The gentleman who did not propose to you by the way, must be mad! he has lost a great girl. Thank you so much for your kind comments and concern Francis, very sweet of you. Look forward to seeing lots more pictures with your new camera.