Wednesday, July 18, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good Evening from New York.

Tonight on the television there is coverage of a steam pipe explosion on the east side of our midtown. This would be far away from where I live or work, but near to transportation hub Grand Central Station and the art decon architectural wonder of the Chrysler Building. Various forms of public transport have been disrupted, even though the actuall street blocks involved are not vast. The main lasting worry is of toxics, and asbestos that may have been moistly spewed into the air.

I am glad not to have been near it. About the time of the accident, I was still in my neighborhood mega-cinema, indulging my Harry Potter fandom in the newest film. If I had not read the books, I do not know what I might have made of the movie. But I have read the books, and greatly admire Ms. Rowling for her achievement.

I love the look of the film, and its coy references to all sorts of things, from mythology, to modern politics, to old films, to ... all sorts of things.

The cameos from actors that I love are wonderful, although I do think that we saw one peek too many of Mr. Fiennes. But...Staunton, Gambon, Smith, Oldham, Rickman, Bonham Carter, Thewlis, Thompson, Coltrane...and others, what a treat. There was rather a lot of steamy vapors (my theme tonight is steam!) and shattered glass, but I so enjoyed being transported.
And I did not mind that the editors left a lot of Luna in the film. And... n.b., exJane, that wallpaper with the family tree....

So, I emerge from the theatre to see a number of sophisticate fire dept. vehicles speeding down Broadway, and do not smell smoke. I assume that something has occured, but not in my neighborhood and that I will see it on the news. True.

I had treated myself to the movie, to celebrate actually taking a half day off.

Early this morning, I got to the store about 7:30, to prepare for the 8 a.m. meeting. I travelled in a torrential rain (that may have contributed to this evening's steam set off ... the rain, not my commute, please forgive my sloppy writing.)

Meeting went fine, but at its end, as I tried to just tie up a few loose ends before commencing my "day off," I noticed drips from the ceiling of my office, and summoned the building's superintendent. Sure enough, the rain had found some vulnerable points to enter. I notified all necessary parties within my company, and the super said he would notify the landlord (his boss.)

I then left the store! One small step for delegation.

Tomorrow we shall try to re-set the sales floor with our August collection. It is beautiful and should sell well. I do how that today's expected deliveries of the balance of the collection have arrived. I resisted the temptation to call the shop to check. I will find out tomorrow.

After all the rain, it is very humid here tonight, even far away from the steam.

Pleasant dreams to all.



  1. it is humid here in minnesota too, after a couple of rolling thunderstorms. but no explosions that i know of. great post.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you had a proper day off and a chance to see the newest HP movie. I enjoyed it a lot too!
    I love your mantle/shelf arrangement!

  3. So glad to find you here this morning,your writing alwasy reminds me of the wonderful calm style of " letter from America"by Alistair cooke whcih I listened to evey sunday as a child.

    Hope today goes the mantlepiece collection so like mine!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the movie, I am also a great fan. I think this year's theme will be the rain although dare I say it, we've had two lovely warm days here in North Devon.

  5. When I switched on the computer this morning I saw the headline "Explosion in Manhattan evokes 9/11 memories" and went on to read about the steam pipe explosion I immediately thought of you and wondered if you were affected by it! So glad to hear that you weren't! Glad you had some time off and that you enjoyed the film! Good luck with the August collection.

  6. I loved the Harry Potter movie too, Frances....the acting is sublime, isn't it? Staunton was a revelation in that horrible part. Now we've got the book to look forward to.....yipppeeee.
    The wallpaper was fabulous, wasn't it? Now there's an idea for a wall in the new house!
    Talking of which, I am totally overwhelmed by the parcel that arrived this morning....truly words fail me I am so delighted...but I shall email you directly with more, when my capacity for coherent speech returns. janexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. glad you enjoyed the movie ,i love blue white pottery to xx jep

  8. I love your style of writing too, Frances. I also used to enjoy 'Letter from America' and it is reminiscent of that, as UPL says.
    I'm glad the blast didn't affect you. Good that you had a day off and went to see Harry Potter.
    Love your mantle collection!

  9. Just back from a break and catching up and what a lovely surprise to see pictures and you on your blog!

  10. Very worried about you when I saw the Fox News about the steam explosion - glad you are not near.
    I am the only person now in the world not to have read Harry Potter or seen the movie!!
    I love pottery of any colour I have to admit. I collect hand painted titian ware - sort of creams with fruits around the edge.
    My grandmother had a couple of bits that I now have and I have added to over the years from Estate sales etc.
    I love your photo's.

  11. It was only last year when I first saw any of the HP movies and have to admit I loved them all. I'm looking forward to seeing the latest which hopefully will be over the holidays. Glad you are okay.

    Crystal xx

  12. I think I'm a bit odd as I don't really like HP, not just me though the kids can take it or leave it, I once started reading them the second one, cos I thought i should and they asked for something else
    Amazing pics on the news of the steam expolosion

  13. Good to hear about you having a day off and a proper chill out. I have booked to go to the New HP movie on Sunday. (It is my eldest sons birthday on Monday)I am sure MS Rowling has hypnotised my two-they are both Harry Potter mad!!

    warm wishes

    PS-I just wanted to say such a big thank you for your lovely supportive comments and wise words.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to read this blog. I will have great delight when I can eventually shut this particular book well and truly closed...


  14. I'm a big HP fan too - I lvoe the world she has created. Am going to see the movie at the weekend with eldest. I thought of you when I saw the news about the explosion.

  15. Good evening, i hope your suitably rested now, i've not seen the new film yet can't wait...
    Your painting that you did for jane is lovely beautiful colours ..And we both sent our parcels at the same time, great minds think alike!xxoo

  16. I haven't seen the news but glad you are OK Frances.
    I was a great fan of Alastair Cook and his Letter from America. You have that same relaxed,intelligent style.
    Your painting of the cup and saucer is truly divine.

  17. I liked the movie, too. I will have to go see it again, though...I never noticed the wallpaper!

  18. Good Evening Dear Frances,
    So lovely to have found you again, I keep looking in every day, but know that you are so busy. So pleased that you were able to have a day off, and enjoy the Harry Potter movie. My grandaughter has all the books she is MAD about them. I do so love your mantlepiece with array of beautiful things.

    The weather here in England is much rain, has been raining off and on for almost five weeks now. I see Un Peu mentioned about your writing, I agree, as I said before I do so enjoy your writing, and they are Letters From America, I remember listening to that on the radio years ago with Alistaire Cook. Sending you my best wishes.


  19. Frances - thank you so much for commenting on my little comments and pictures. I did wonder if they bored the pants (Eileen Fisher of course)! off people but am thrilled you like to see them.
    Will continue to post them if I have a photo fan. Likewise I adore your shots of New York.
    Rain again today so combines have gone elsewhere to have a go a someone else's barley.Everyone pitches in together at times like these - a local farmer has come with his combine so we have extra help and my brother will go back there with his to mousie

  20. Hello Frances,
    Thankyou for the message. Yes it is nice to be able to relax a little now the exhibition has opened. Yesterday I chatted to a couple from Texas who were admiring my work. He said the Americans would love it and I should take it there. Maybe one day ! Hope all is well with you ,and you are not having to work such long hours. I did see a glimpse of one of your beautiful paintings. How are you getting on with the camera ? Raining again here, we have to just make the most of the sunny days . Millyx