Thursday, July 5, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

An early good evening from New York.

I have added a picture of one of the two entrances to my corner subway (tube/metro) station, to give you all an idea of my neighborhood. As days go by, I plan to show you around my neighborhood, and even...for the some corners of my very small, cluttered apartment.

This will all go to show why I do have country dreams!

To have this third day off this week is such a splurge.

Even better, this morning I had an e-mail from my assistant manager, who now, thankfully, is recovering from the difficulties she encountered giving birth to her precious new baby boy.
I will be talking with her later this evening. Any of you who have read my prior blogs will know how worried I have been, and how reluctant to call her home phone to inquire. My delicate patience is now rewarded. has this free day gone? Apartment is a bit cleaner than before, but still not ready for any magazine shoot. Just wait until you see some views. It is a challenge to take photos that do not betray the massive piles of ... magazines, art materials, needlework projects, newspapers, books waiting to be read (with no more room on the shelves.) Well, you may be getting my drift ...this is no glamor spot! But it is home sweet home to me.

Weather here today was not as lovely as before, the overcast skies lingered past last night's July 4 fireworks. Humid too. Bit of a shower.

I went down to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) (attention, UPL!) to see the Richard Serra exhibit. Had my member's card scanned by a no-doubt-very-underpaid-MOMA employee, and up the escalator I went to do my stroll through Mr. Serra's metal curves. Think of a wrought iron maze that slants toward you as you explore its depths. Or think of cautiously entering a snail shell (albeit a huge one, organgy metal, 20 feet tall, tipping toward you as you enter its opening. I have been to many of Serra' s gallery shows, and seen it on display out of doors (best place to view it) and made quick work of today's reunion.

Hard to tell what my fellow museum visitors made of the show. In NYC, no one wants to let on any sort of dismay at any emperor's new clothes. I enjoyed looking at various folks' clothes and tried to figure out who was from what country. Japan, definitely. Also Italy. Not sure about the rest.

Dropped by the other midtown palace of style, Bergdorf Goodman, hoping to meet up with my long time make-up lady (who is now head of her department.) But she was lucky to have today off, so I just got a lipstick ... Another Valuable Method to Chase Blues Away, and returned back to my neighborhood to the mini-greenmarket (too early for real tomatoes) and took care of other grocery and wine needs.

I checked on the goings on at the shop, so that tomorrow won't be too much of a shock, and also was able to make contact with a dear London friend of many years. Since my work day has gone into overdrive, and the five-hour time difference stands between us, I have been having a hard time getting a catch-up telephone call with her. She just got back from a trip to the south of France (Sally ... so sunny and hot that it was hard to stay outside for long!)

What I did not manage to accomplish today was to add anything to my sketchbook, but right now I feel as if that activity will come more easily in the next few days.

Perhaps a page has been turned from my excessive devotion to the working day.

I wish very pleasant dreams to all.



  1. Good Evening Dear Frances,
    I do so love your Diary's from NY. Thrilled that we can now see your lovely pictures. My rooms in house are completely bulging with books and literature, but then I cannot do without them. I visited a person recently, and noticed there was not one book or painting anywhere. So glad you were able to have some relaxing time for yourself Frances. Hopefully when you arrive to the shop all will
    be a lot easier for you, do hope so.
    Warm Wishes,

  2. You are sounding much perkier after your few days off. I'm glad all is well with your assistant manager. Can't wait to see some pics of your apartment. Don't tidy up too much. Toady

  3. Aha so you did go to the exhibition!! I agree outside would be better but then where in NY could you stage it!

    Your outdoor shot is so NY ! Your apartmetn soudsn like our house, so many piles of books and magazines and trucs lying around in what you need is 7 cats to add that country feel!!

  4. Your surroundings seem very galmorous to me. It's lovely to hear about your life. so very different to my own.

  5. How lovely to see your pictures, it brings back such good memories of visits to New York, I have been twice and enjoyed each visit very much. The exhibition sounds great and you sound full of life have a great day and I so look forward to seeing more pictures. Perhaps when I have time I will blog on my trips to NY and post some of my pictures.

  6. L also so love your blogs. I am so attracted to New York, perhaps it is the Irish influence (do you have Irish roots, sorry I am being mosey, yuo don't have to answer. You bring NY to life for me with your writing and colour it now even more with your photos.
    Love your multicolour tips to beat the blues too. I agree with them all and do the same. Your apartment sounds like a treasure trove not a mess. Sounds like my cottage actually, you can't move for piles of books.
    Have a good Friday. I am pleased you have had time off.

  7. Sorry so long in getting back to you will have to catch up and read later.

    Re the tag what I did is I chose my five and checked and assumed because they hadn't done it that they hadn't been tagged all reADY.

    Rachel XX

  8. I so look forward to your diary. I just love New York as you know.
    I also adore lipstick and have had a very upsetting moment. My Chanel Hydrabase lipstick No 45 Aventure - my pickmeup red lippie is no longer sold here!!!! Sob Sob. So if you see some, please grab some for me!!!
    I am digging out the remains from the container at the moment.
    Oh the joy of the huge department stores. Here I am deep in the country and wanting what you have access to, and visa versa!!
    Love your views and look forward to one of Empire State Building and Chrysler Building - my particular fav! love mousie

  9. Hi Frances, I love your photos. A place isn't a real home without books, paintings etc. and yours sounds like a real home.
    I too, like Cait, think of the Irish connection with New York and wondered about Irish roots. (But as Cait also says we are nosey, you don't have to answer.)
    I have a Great Aunt who emigrated from Ireland to Bridgport, Connecticut. I think that is fairly close to NY?
    Look forward to more pics. x

  10. You sound so relaxed! I Think you should take more time off. Perhaps become a lady of leisure for a while.

    Crystal x

  11. Sounds like you have had a good break.

    Your photos do bring you and your blog to life.

    warm wishes

  12. Hi Frances. Great to catch up on your blogs..and to see PHOTOS! What a treat! The subway corner scene made me want to get on a plane and head right on down. As it is, yesterday I booked tickets for 4 days in Toronto where my youngest sister is in a show. Six hours in a place and not even as far as NYC - sometimes I feel a little cut off from the mainstream.
    So - Loved your hair, loved the city scene and park, loved your good vibes list and just plain loved your diary.
    I hope you can soon begin to treat yourself to more than a day off at a time! You sound positively relaxed!

  13. Oh dear - meant six hours in a PLANE.

  14. I love the photos, they really bring the place alive for us poor souls stuck here in rainy, miserable Britain!!Can't wait to see more.
    I believe that a house is not a home without books, magazines & clutter. I'm not sure my husband would agree with that though, but what does he know?

  15. We all suffer with 'piles' in this house...piles of books, piles of CDs, piles of magazines and I type there is a pile of post in front of me that belongs to others...
    Love the blog and now with the pictures bringing it all to life it has gained an added dimension. I await the next with anticipation

  16. Good Evening Dear Frances,
    Thank you for your comments, and concern. The picture of Cat & Dog was sent to me by my 12 year old granddaughter as attachment to my mailbox, thought it was quite amusing. Great that plastic bags are being recycled I think, and what you say about using for Tote Bags is an excellent idea. I dont mind Paper Bags either Frances. Warm Wishes to you.

  17. Hi frances,

    Good to read your blog again, been missing you, but least having a catch up now. Hope your weekend is a good one

  18. Good Evening Dear Frances,
    Have popped in to say Hello to you, hope all is well, I am missing you. Do hope you are not working TOO hard, and that you get some time to read or paint. The weather here in Norfolk/England today has been gently warm, with a cool breeze, just how I like it, but then we did have a short spell of light showers early in the evening. It is wonderful Frances that we can now see your lovely pictures of you and New York.
    Sending you my very best wishes.

  19. P.S. Forgot to say, thank you Frances for your lovely comments on my list/Poem, most kind.

  20. Oh I agree with you on a new lipstick chasing the blues away. My niece has a mother who doesn't do cosmetics of any kind. So she is fascinated by visits to her aunties' dressing tables. My sister is known as the nail varnish auntie and I am the lipstick auntie.

    PS finally got the hens!

  21. Where are you dear girl??
    Are you on the new site yet i'm missing you..xxo

  22. Hello Frances and thank you for the comments. Where are you? We are all missing our NY fix. The photos are lovely and I could just breathe in the clear air when I looked at the beautiful views - or am I romanticising! Could do with a walk through the parks for a change. As for clutter, I agree with the others - it all depends on the mindset; it is clutter when it is things of no interest, but piles of books, mags and sewing projects only ever spell excitement for me! By the way, the new business (very small scale at the mo) is for handmade goods such as bags, aprons, keepsakes, etc. I use beautiful textiles and a variety of finishes such as hand embroidery of script, poetry and anything else that catches my eye. xxx

  23. what an absolutely charming blog. i'm so glad i found it.