Sunday, April 29, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good afternoon from New York.

My creaking old bones were thankful to have a day of rest, after our outrageously busy Saturday at the shop. We were completely swamped by customers from the time we unlocked the door at 10 a.m. It was as if the customers thought there was about to be a sudden shortage of linen, cotton, silk.

All fitting (changing) rooms were filled throughout the day, and we were hard pressed just to return the few items tried on, but not purchased, back to the appropriate shelves/racks. We have only one register at our cash wrap counter, and that operation also kept racing to keep up with the demand. We sold over $20,000, and finished the day a happy, but tired staff.

A very sound sleep last night was guaranteed.

Since it had been a while since my last day off, I began my day of rest with lots of postponed errands, but got them taken care of fairly quickly.

Then the day was mine.

During spring and fall, there are a series of "street fairs" held in various neighborhoods on a Saturday or Sunday. Today was the first one around the corner from my apartment on Broadway. The weather was a bit iffy, but sun prevailed, though earlier heavy clouds and breezes helped to treat the neighborhood to the smell of the street food that many of the vendors sell. (Lots of smoke, and steam, and hot oil.) Other treats available include orchids, fake designer fashions, blood pressure testing, balloon sculpture, musical entertainment.

I always like to see how this year's version varies from the past. Once you have been to one 2007 street fair, you have pretty much seen all that will appear at any 2007 street fair, although some neighborhood versions do manage to put their own spin into the mix.

So, I wandered on over to see what was blooming in Central Park. We had lots of rain this week, and the plants seem to have loved getting their roots wet.

Pear, apple, cherry, dogwood trees were splendid. The really sunny areas' daffodils were past their peak, but the shady area bulbs were spectacular. Not just daffs, but also tulips, hyacinths, strange little hyacinth/tulip hybrids ?, hellebores, fritilaries and ferns. Primroses, quince and some other berry branches. Bluebells. Just all sorts of flowers in artfully planted combinations. The Parks gardeners are always at work, but in spring their efforts are shown at their very best.

People strolling all over the park, rowboats were out on the lake, rollerbladers and bikers were speeding around, but avoiding collisions with pedestrians. Even though the costumes were obviously different, and the overhead helicopters somewhat broke the spell, I could almost imagine that I was walking in one the Impressionists' paintings.

All that strolling around has made me hungry, so I will now drift over to the kitchen and see what I can put together for dinner.

Pleasant dreams to all.

Friday, April 27, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Well, I have gotten back to the city from the isolated suburban area conference center where I attended three days of meetings. The site is beautifully landscaped, totally artificial, has a golf course, and is in the direct flight pattern of a nearby airport.

One day during our sessions, some of us elected to sit outside the very airconditioned conference room for lunch. (The catering was lavish and mostly quite delicious. I always think any meal tastes better out of doors.) But there we sat around a pretty table on pretty chairs, and with regular frequency, a large, quick shadow was cast upon our table and the surrounding terrace and lawns, followed immediately by the shrieking roar of a huge jet. Now... that cannot be good for the digestion. I write of this, in part, to encourage you who actually live in the country to treasure that authentic experience.

I jumped with every jet. But, remember, this was a business gathering, and even with my rather sweet employer, business is business, and sometimes we just have to go with a flow that is not our choice of flow.

Aside from that, what else might I tell you all? It was great to see old friends amongst the other shop managers from all across the country, and to see what they were wearing. (We all have the same collections, from which to chose our wardrobes, but everyone has her own take on what way to go. I remembered how chilly the conference rooms were, and opted for major layering, and covered feet. My buddies who went "light" and wore sandals, were in big trouble.

We got a preview of the fall collections, and the items are so beautiful. I am one to look for what may not please our customers, but have to admit that this time around it all looked sumptuous...and will be expensive.

Back at work today, and trying to play catch-up, but not with great success. Lots of customers, lots of back-office demands. Time flew. I had one very handsome Brit come in with his visiting about-to-be 75 year-old mum. He wanted to treat her to a new outfit. She was determined to resist. But, we all hit it off, and I figured out what she might actually really like in our current styles, so she is flying home to London on Monday, with a great new cardigan and pair of trousers.

I know that while I was out of town, this site did experience a few bumps and hiccups, or whatevers, and it is wonderful to see that survival is a strength that purplecoo embraces.

So far, I haven't really had time to think about how I may write differently here that back at the other you know where, but imagine that it will all evolve naturally. Time is at a premium for me now, so it is likely that I will be writing ... how can I put this, with less quantity, but maybe not less quality. We shall see.

Pleasant dreams to you all. xo

Monday, April 23, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good Evening from New York.

It is so strange to think that this evening I know that my friends at this site will actually read what I am writing. I know that I am older than lots of you (eventually I will reveal more on my profile,) but for me, the blog format has the meaning of a diary. I have written at ... the other place, and will also here, as a way to record my day.

Before joining the designer company where I am now a manager of a shop, I took a self-funded sabbatical after leaving my prior employment in a law firm. I promise, details will follow.

During the sabbatical, that was planned to be at least one year, and lasted four (leaving me much poorer in this expensive city, but much cleansed and refreshed,) I did keep a diary, that I wrote each afternoon in a series of spiral notebooks. I wanted to capture what each of those stolen days was like, knowing that my allowing myself to take them was a show of strength, a foolhardy move, going against the grain, but ultimately, wonderful.

As I saw what I called my "slush fund" run down, especially after the stock market correction, I realized that I would have to return to employment, but wanted to do so in work that I wanted to do. Not just work that would pay bills. (Another feature of the sabbatical was realizing that I truly am not much of a consumer, which is a strange concept for someone managing a NYC retail operation,)

S0...I went back to work and stopped writing my diary. When I began writing at the other location, it was for me, as quick way to note my days. Some of my friends who have read those entries have told me how much I write about work. True. It is all true.

Over here in the land of purple, I am discovering just how many talents and areas of expertise we have to share. For me, this will truly enlarge the possibilities of writing a blog, and I think this is superb!

Early tomorrow, I will be off for a few days' off-site meetings with other store managers.

When I get back, I will check in on all of you, dear friends, and let you know a bit of what my meetings were like.

This is a diary with a difference.

Pleasant dreams. xo

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Children Chocolate & Wine

Good evening from New York,

I do hope that by this time tomorrow, I will be part of the new neighborhood!

Best wishes,


City Views, Country Dreams

Good Evening from New York.

The new frontier continues to challenge, but still amuse and encourage me.
Perhaps by this time tomorrow, I will be able to communicate with my old pals.
Pleasant dreams,
Good morning from New York.

How great to once again be able to see what is going on in the lives of dear friends. It is also great how helpful everyone is to everyone. We are a generous bunch.

This is Earth Day and very soon I will be rushing out to buy (not pick, sorry this is the city) organic strawberries as part of the refreshments we will be serving at the shop. We are also giving everyone mini-laundry bags with some non-toxic cleaning stuff inside.

Yesterday was soooo busy, that I hope it will be a little calmer today.

Best wishes,


Saturday, April 21, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

I could not resist using green since here in New York it is the eve of Earth Day. Also because we are on the even of a lots of fun on this new blogging community.

Since I am a beginner with this technology, I still wonder if any of this will actually get communicated to my old pals.

Warning all, that busy as I may have seem to you, within the next few days, my work days will go into overdrive, including out of town meetings.

So, if I appear here at all, and then disappear in a few days, real life has intervened.

Cheers to everyone, and pleasant dreams.