Wednesday, January 16, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

This new year with the 2013 number is already two weeks old.    Any silent resolution I might have made to myself for frequent blog posts has already fallen by the wayside.  How does this happen?

My 2013 alibi states that during December 2012 I did have some extra days off, and used them well to celebrate Christmas.  2013 has seen my return to a more familiar work schedule, while still trying to find time for enjoyable off-duty pursuits.

Please allow me to show you some downtown NYC views in the SoHo neighborhood where I work.  Up until today, our recent weather has been strangely warm and fog has featured prominently in daily forecasts.  If you stare intently at a spot just below the center of the following photo of Thompson Street, you might just make out a shadowy form of the so-called Freedom Tower, under construction as a replacement for the demolished Twin Towers.

Even when the weather is odd, and the sky is grey, we can always count on being cheered up by a visit to the corner of Thompson and Spring Streets, just past the mural-enhanced Metropolitan Lumber hardware store. 

Your destination is Ben's!  It's a classic NYC pizza place, and has been serving up delicious pizza with lots of laughter for over 30 years.

I usually bring along a home packed sandwich for lunch, but when that is not possible, Ben's is always there to supply a delicious, fattening and reasonably-priced lunch.  It a place where you can be called Sweetheart by the cashier and take that as a compliment!

Back uptown at home on my days off, I continue my knitting and crocheting with the notion of eventually accumulating enough items to start up an etsy shop.  I have discovered some wonderfully well-designed little gizmos from Japan that help me to create perfect pom poms.

I have also discovered that it is possible to order genuine Shetland wool from Scotland.  

With a generous color range of four-ply weight yarns, it is so much fun to play with various fair isle stitch patterns.  Even on grey days, color can reign.

Of course, more subtle colorways can also turn out just fine.

Yesterday's weather forecast indicated that we were to have some snow last night.  What actually happened was a little snow, followed by some sleet, followed by rain.  The fog was banished, replaced by a much, much chillier day today.

It was a good day to meet a friend at The Museum of Modern Art.  Aside from MOMA's magnificent own collection, there are currently two very special short-term exhibits.  One features the brilliant choreographers Eiko and Koma, performing their Caravan Project on the  main floor of the Museum.  

The above photo is taken from last Sunday's New York Times, and credited to the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center of the University of Maryland.  You can find out more about these amazing performers via the MOMA site

My own little alarm clock symbolizes the other remarkable exhibit we saw today.  

"The Clock" is described a a cinematic tour de force, in which thousands of bits from many, many films have been edited to provide a 24-hour long film that runs in real time.  Some of the film clips are from silent black and white classics, some are from very recent films.  Each five to fifteen second clip features something about a particular sense of time at a very specific time.  

It is necessary to queue up waiting for admission to the mini cinema.  We waited about thirty minutes, but successfully avoided checking our own watches, preferring to have a catch-up chat as old friends will do.  We were granted entry just after noon, and so we missed seeing some of the more obvious clips from High Noon or 12 O'Clock High, but certainly were entertained by many recognizable lunchtime scenes, as well as some other mid-day suspense  moments.  It's a great concept.  Once inside the little cinema, seated on rather uncomfortable  sofas, you can stay as long as you like.  

Before The Clock ends on January 21, the museum will offer folks opportunities to actually spend a full 24 hours there to see the entire film.  Wow.  No refreshments are allowed.

I do hope that you all have enjoyed seeing some of these January city views.  I am so glad that you enjoyed the New Year's sugar cookies and thank you for your visits and comments.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Happy New Year to one and all from New York!

Here is a plate of freshly baked New Year's cookies to accompany whatever beverage you all might choose to refill that Christmas tea cup.

This first day of January offers us opportunities to make plans, knowing that those plans might evolve.  It's also a grand time to connect with folks who mean so much to us.  Many thanks to all who visit here.  It's such a pleasure to read your comments, and experience many marvelous connections all around the world.

Do enjoy the cookies while they are still warm!