Sunday, May 27, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

The humidity rises, as we await a thunderstorm. The cagey storm is no doubt waiting for me to try to go to sleep, before unleashing the dramatic bits.

But, I can be passive aggressive and perhaps will wait this storm front out.

Meanwhile, it has been a busy weekend, and tomorrow will be another work day. I am still trying to sort out some assistance for the week, since my assistant is wisely staying home until her baby delivery date. I have sent out my messages begging for help, but no volunteers have so far stepped forward.

But, let me tell a sweet New York annecdote from yesterday. It was manic in the shop, customers filling all of our changing rooms. Mostly very pleasant people.

One lady came in with a huge bunch of peonies that she had just bought at the nearby greenmarket. She put down her peonies, tried on some clothes, bought them, and said she was off to meet some people uptown for lunch. Just a few minutes later, she returned to the shop and gave us the peonies. She claimed that she'd just realized that the flowers would not last out the rest of her planned day, and that someone should have the benefit of their beauty.

Magic. Blessings indeed.

We thanked her over and over, and then got those beautiful flowers into a tall glass vase of cool water. Today they have fully opened up and are even more lovely and fragrant than yesterday. It is this sort of generous gesture that make me continue to be cheerful in challenging times.

No sketching yet today, but I will still be awake for another hour or so. I have not yet had time to even read the morning newspaper.

This is beginning to dribble off, so best conclude now.

(I am having a difficult time getting on to CCW this evening.)

Hoping that you will have a lovely holiday Monday. Hope that our work day is not too tricky. We did vastly surpass our sales goal for May, so all the staff will soon be sharing in a pretty good extra bonus pay check. Success. But after lots of hard work. Balance ... unsure?

Pleasant dreams to all.

Friday, May 25, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

I had such plans for today.

An early start, breakfast, laundry, some drawing, get a new lipstick, talk/see friends, enjoy the suddenly hot weather.

Some of that list came alive, but had to share the day's hours with the unexpected. Once again my time management skills fell prey to chance.

I am not so fluent in converting F to C temperature, so when I say that it was over 90 degrees F here today, rest assured that what I mean is that it was hot. Humid too.

I managed a short stroll through some favorite parts of the Park, hoping to sit awhile and do some sketching in my new book. I did not sketch. It was too hot. The recent rain plus current sun have turned the greens loose on the lawns, the branches and the stems. Not many flowers left now. I saw remnants of rhodedendrons, iris, wisteria, tulips, and some others I cannot identify. But the greens were so varied. Tiny little rose leaves (flowers due in a week or less,) huge leaves on ground cover plants - the leaves were like platters. Leaves on tall trees have gone through the tender hues of green into the deep, almost dark greens. Ferns fully unfurled. Lots of birds hopping about through the lush undergrowth.

As I walked along the edge of the lake, and saw through the shrubbery on the banks, lots of couples struggling with the rented rowboats, I kept hearing the throb of electric bass.

Usually the park only has specifically sanctioned concerts at specified locations throughout the summer months. Some concerts are free, some require tix. Rarely would either category be happening on a Friday afternoon.

Before going home, I did allow my feet to follow my ears to the source of the throb. It was in a funny old concrete domed bandshell, dating I would guess from the 1930's or so. It has deco aspirations in its style. (Back in the day...that day being late '60s, I saw free performances from this site by the likes of the Jefferson Airplane.) Anyhow, today it was home to a rag tag quartet of noisy chaps that seemed to be sponsored by the ... ARMY.

Too strange. This is "fleet week" here in NY, with many military ships docked along the Hudson River, and many service men/women on leave. I got the impression that today's concert was somehow connected to fleet week, and was accompanied by a number of folks in uniform demonstrating on huge mats various body-strengthening exercises. Also, and even more oddly to my eye, these camoflage-wearing fellows had Guns, and were allowing passers-by to take their photos, and if requested, let the passers-by hold the guns during the photo ops. Very odd.

Anyhow, I walked on homeward, passing through the lilac walk, which was also past its prime, though the scent lingered.

All this park talk is just delaying what was the big news of the day for me. My assistant manager, the about-to-give-birth mom-to-be, had a scare yesterday when she went for a weekly check with her doctor. Almost had an emergency caesarian right then.

I will not give too many details, other than to say that I doubt that she will be in the shop for any more days until after baby is born. I do very much hope that all will be well for mom and baby, and that mom will be able to return to work at some point. The essential, important thing is that their health will be good.

I do not know that she will return to work, and therefore, will have to begin figuring out how to put even more on to my heavy plate.

It was good to have the walk in the Park, although it meant realizing that spring is on the wane. Summer is my least favorite season. I did not like it growing up in the southern part of the States, and I do not like it surrounded by simmering glass and concrete.

But, right now summer is just across the threshhold. I cannot prevent its arrival.

This summer should be filled with change. Some change I can direct; some is so far beyond me.

Even though I didn't do any alfresco drawing, I did manage a little drawing before leaving my apartment -- a flower study, based on the structure of a clematis. Funny little flowers. Fun to draw. I am going to try to do at least a drawing each day, to remind myself of the pleasure that I can so easily can set aside, as I tend to let responsibilites take over my space and time.

Pleasant dreams to all.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

A relaxed good evening from New York.

The weather is so mild here and the trees so full of fresh green leaves. By this weekend we may be complaining of the heat, but right now all is perfect.

Yesterday was a long day, full of varied demands.

I went to the shop very early, so as to "receive" our weekly cleaner. In the past, I had a staff member assigned to this early morning, but he was late too many times. It was very inconsiderate of the feelings of the cleaner, so we have now made other arrangements. I and two other staffers, who have short travel times, now alternate these early mornings.

It is a good time to get lots done, before the shop actually opens. Yesterday had some special events scheduled. At 10, we were due for a visit from six or seven folks from the corporate offices of the company, mostly of the financial aspect. They were to visit several of the shops to see more about what shop life is like. A great idea, to cross-polinate. We had a fine time trading questions, answers, comments and laughter. I would like for these visits to happen on a regular basis, because it really does let us have greater appreciation of what we each do every day.

Also yesterday, we needed to "redecorate" the shop with the June collection.

As usual, we are supplied with some directives, visual and written to guide our floor move, but it can be more complex in the doing than it may seem on the paper!

By the time that my corp. financial visitors has departed, the store had been open for about an hour and there were customers all over the shop. We love to have this sort of traffic. makes it more difficult to completely change the store around while still trying to keep the ladies happy. (If it were possible to do these floor changed while the store was closed, it would be good, but that would require having more staff work longer hours, and...I have enough of a challenge getting them to work hard during their regular shifts.)

Anyhow, we did manage to get the job done, and I imagine that within the next day or so, we will find ways to re-merchandise the floor, to make everything flow better in a more inviting way.

Oh, and something else yesterday, we got a big delivery of yet another shoe style that we will be testing. These are from the company with whom I got to meet a few weeks ago. So, getting those cartons unloaded, properly checked in and the sample shoes displayed on the floor was another task. Completed.

Today. A day off. A beautiful day off.

After a light breakfast, I attacked a much needed bathroom clean-up. It is so sparkling in that area now. I am very glad that I gave it top morning priority.

Did some laundry. Grocery shopping. Lunch prep and eating.

Then, downtown to a discount art supply store that I like to wander in. I treated myself to a two new sketchbooks (different paper, size -- for different uses/impulses.) Also remembering a type of colored pencil Milly had mentioned, I looked for them, and got a little sample box to try out. These pencils draw dry, and the colors seem dry and a little grey. But...give them a wash with a brush and water, and brilliant color appears -- almost startlingly brilliant. I had not expected such a transformation. Once the washed bit dries, it is permanent, and cannot be messed about with like watercolors can. So, these will take some experimenting with before I am comfortable with them.

I got two other toys at the art shop, an india ink pen for drawing nice, smooth black lines, and a pair of funny scissors that cut beautiful "provencial" curved lines, like a more stylish version of pinking shears we sewers have used for years. I should have a lot of fun playing around with curved edges, or making chains. Just playing.

And, while downtown, I stopped by the big Union Square greenmarket and got a bright blue-red geranium plant to brighten up my window sill. (Also to draw.)

I got home in very early afternoon, and sat down with my new sketchbook and pencils, pen, brush and paints. It was a lovely afternoon in my very sunny little living room. I did some close inspection of my plants and did lots of studies of their leaves, flowers, stems. Just playing, with no self-editing. It is the best sort of warm up exercise for me when I have not done anything "serious" in a while. Best to edge into creativity, do some experimenting, see what happens.

I did drag myself away in time to prepare a delicious dinner, that finished with some very delicious blackberries in creme fraiche. Yes, perhaps I could have used sour cream, but it is just not the same thing. On a day off, it is nice to be a bit extravagant in toppings!

Tomorrow will be another long work day, but it begins early with one of my favorite bits, the focus group meeting at which a bunch of us (shop managers, design team members, buyers, production team folks, and others) gather to rate the style from the most recent collection. What was good, great, horrible, should never have been produced. And, my favorite, what was missing?

After that meeting held at my old store on West Broadway in SOHO, it is back to my shop to try to continue our selling success. We are having a terrific month, and it looks pretty certain that we will all share in a bonus for exceeding our monthly sales goal. Hurray!

Earlier this evening, I did take a peek at views of the Chelsea Flower Show on the BBC site. I had a lovely visit to the CFS years ago, and look forward to hearing what Blossom and others may think of this year's version. The BBC videos looked to me as if high concept was in the air. But clearly, video is not the same thing as seeing something live.

Pleasant dreams to all.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

A late good Sunday evening from New York.

We are still having our iffy spring moments, interspersed with hints of summer. And then, some sort of shower squall passes through and we regress. This morning I wore one of my "vintage" handknit, by me, jumpers out to do what I had to do.

Within the hour, the day warmed, and I wished that I had put on a lighter layer. But no time to return home, had to press on.

This was a beautiful New York day. My neighborhood had a street fair going on Amsterdam Avenue, and also a bit of vehicle/pedestrian contretemps (UPL, did I get that remotely correct?) was ongoing as the annual AIDS walk NY crossed the City.

It was to be a day off, and I did observe that status by not getting up any earlier than I truly wanted to. But then. I remembered that I had not made a proper list of what needed doing before I went to the shop this afternoon, prior to this evening's informal baby shower for my truly wonderful assistant manager.

Thrilled to report that I had managed to delegate some of the catering duties relating to this evening's gathering to two of my staff. They did a very good job. I am delighted.

We invited all staff from other NYC shops to come to the shower, and up to the 11th and 1/2 hour were still fielding phone calls re who would/would not attend.

This speculative aspect created a bit of a challenge to my two wonderful staff members who handled the catering.

Pleased to report that all was swell. Food arrived on time, beautifully arranged, and plentiful enough. We had lots of bubbly already in the house and in the fridge. I got some alternative beverages (various organic juices) for the mom-to-be.

Thrilled that some staff members, whose day off it actually was, did show up. Also, we had lovely arrivals from the shop location that mom-to-be and I worked at prior to our current team-up.

Best yet, mom-to-be's handsome husband honored us with his handsomeness, wit, and just great personality. Everyone that wasn't working at our shop today started gathering within a half-hour of the shop closing hour. It was fun to set up our buffet tables, bring out the flowers, the bubbly. And the lovely wrapped gifts, which, when opened later on in our party, displayed a real variety of choice. (Gift certificates from shops, to zen buddhist talismans, to Tibetan silk shawls, to all sorts of baby clothing and toys, to breast-feeding helps, to lovely treats for the new mother like chocolate (!) bubble bath, scented candles and lotions.

Sometimes I feel that my staff do not connect. This evening, at the shower, they connected absolutely. And other folks that know of my assistant from our years together, also contributed in beautifully creative ways. It was a lovely Sunday evening. Lots of digital camera photos were taken and lots of very funny words were spoken , and we were all together.

What more could we ever wish for?

The little baby boy that will be born in mid June (Gemini) will have many good wishes sent to him from folks who have worked along, and well know, what a wonderful mother and father he has. Gives me hope for the future, that this wife and husband will soon be a mother and father.

Pleasant dreams to all.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

An early good evening from New York.

What a relaxed, glorious day. It is taking so much restraint for me to refrain from more comments to exmoorjane's celeb listing. One more from me, David Bowie and Iman three seats away from me in the stalls to see Michael Gambon in Skylight. He left her sitting there during the interval. Funny. Iman and I the only ones in the row, as everyone else went elsewhere.

Yes, I have seen many in their underwear. In the shop, I must add. Way back, Woody Allen and Diane Keaton one evening on Lexington Avenue, interrupted an open air argument between me and my then boyfriend. More recently, I see Mr. Allen and his young wife often. Elton and I splashed in the same puddle on Columbus Ave. in my neighborhood.

But, I have digressed far away from my intended subject. Jane, you do tempt me off the route.

It has been wonderful to be away from the stress of the shop for two more days. After I get this written, I will have to check in with shop/corporate e-mails and dread to see what might be there.

Last night was a night of a fierce thunderstorm, that left many parts of our region without electrical power for most of today. But...I slept through it and only saw blue skies all day.

Yesterday, I went across the Park to the Met to see an exhibition of the clothing designs of Paul Poiret. In the early 1970's I worked at the Met in various jobs, including the archives dept. It was a great place to work then, even if all of us were badly paid.

Still, memories die gelled, if not hard, and when I get into the queue to pay my admission to acquire the little colored fold-over-tabbed badge at the admissions desk and see above the desk, in the tiniest of print the word "suggested" before the larger fonted $20 admission, WELL, I do a bit of a 1960's freak out and try to warn any international visitors, or even out of NYC, visitors who might be lured into giving up their $20. I have to let them know that they have the choice to give what they might wish. The Met's physical building is owned by New York, and therefore, anyone can be admitted by contributing from their hearts.

I always do this, and to make sure that the visitors don't think that I assume that they cannot afford the $20, always mention that I am sure that they will also be visiting the restaurants or the gift shop, and can spend their money there. Every single time, I am happy to give this message, and the recipient is also soooo happy.

So, if any of you come to the Met, remember, pay what you want to! No pressure whatsoever.

Wow, finally past that threshhold, I headed for the Paul Poiret exhibit. I am such a fan of that turn of the century and beyond designer. Had been looking forward to seeing the show for months.

What a treat. It was not set up in the rather cramped current area of the Costume Institute, but had been granted a very elegant space off the newly re-configured Greek and Roman galleries. Sponsored by Balenciaga. Won't say more on that.

Because of the age of the clothes on display, the lighting had to be darker than for more hardier objects. There were a vast number of tableaux that had been set up within glass-fronted display areas. What was wonderful was that each of these environments had as backdrops a big painted back drop, similar to what might once have been common on the stage. These backdrops were painted in the style/color/taste of the period of the clothes and set the stage indeed.

The clothes were displayed on mannequins, and often the mannequins also wore incredible hats/ornaments of the period. Also, the tableaux included furniture of the period. There were also quite a few photos by Man Ray et al., of Mrs. Poiret in the garment being displayed in the case.

Two of the cases had an additional effect. A scrim was across the front of the display case, onto which was projected an animation that showed how a length of cloth magically was transformed into an incredible dress or coat. Then, the animation would fade away, and the lights would come up within the case to show the actual garment. Magic.

There were also lots of fashion drawings from the period, and a case that contained perfume bottles, fans, hats, SHOES, etc.

I will visit this one again, and hope that eventually the beautiful gold-covered hard back catalog will be available for less than the current $65. Usually if one waits a few years, these things will show up. Yesterday, I did see some Brits buying the book, and they commented that the strong pound made it possible.

Today, I did some more errands, but also finally got out my sketchbook and pencils, and did some close scrutiny of my rosemary and tarragon plants, and a few drawings.
I will let my observations percolate a while, and may turn the beautifully graceful flow of those green leaves into some other sort of picture. I like to translate direct observation into something else.

I did also turn some of those observed tarragon and rosemary leaves into seasoning for the delicious chicken with mushrooms and wine dish that I just ate. Really, it was good!

Earlier, I had thought of getting tickets to go to the American Ballet Theatre performance at nearby Lincoln Center this evening, but decided to wait until next week. A bit of creative input at a time. Today was a glorious, because I actually got my energies together to be a creative participant myself, instead of an appreciative bystander.

Pleasant dreams to all.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Though I never quite got to any sort of country that you all would recognize, I did actually travel outside the boundaries of New York City today.

Yesterday was a day, spent in NYC, that released every one of my dormant hay fever allergy sensors. I sneezed and blew my nose over and over and over, until my nose was quite rosy. I somewhat feared what today's trip to the deep suburban woods would bring. But my fears were unwarrranted, and my taking along a huge supply of tissues and allergy pills was unnecessary.
Could be an instance of taking the umbrella keeps the rain away.

Enough of the ego-centric health concerns. Let us get on to the luncheon celebration.

In my past careers, not much respect was given to years of service on the job. In fact, sometimes it was quite the opposite. If one stayed long at the fair, one was taken for a fool.

My current employer is a different sort of woman. There is a benefit in having a wise individual as the head of the company. In our case, she believes in annually honoring employees in many ways, and one of them is the annual luncheon held today.

Employees who have worked 5 or 10 or 15 or even 20 years are given tributes by their immediate bosses, and gifts, too. (And a very nice lunch at a lovely place on the Hudson River, that was once a home owned by the author Mark Twain.) Those reaching the ten year mark actually are giving money to let them take a trip to any place in the world that they would like to visit. I do not make this up.

I was at the luncheon today because my five-year anniversary comes up in July. I will get a bit of a cash bonus at that time, and today was presented with a symbolic gift of one of those miniature zen sand gardens.

The day was lovely, weatherwise, and those of us needing transport from the city up to the party site met up at the showroom location in the heart of NYC's Seventh Avenue fashion district. As is usual with our company, not all logistics were perfect, and our little mini-bus/van was almost an hour late. (I thought of the zen garden that I knew I would receive later.)

Anyhow, it was a jolly group of folks waiting on the sidewalk, representing all sorts of departments within the company (retail stores, design visuals, buying, merchandising, quality control/production.) The beauty of this company (for which I admit that I sometimes work way too long and hard) is that every department is recognized.

Eventually we reached our destination, and joined the lunch party at the end of the cocktail hour. Beautiful setting, beautiful canapes on silver trays, fine wine, happy people. It is an occasion to see lots of folks from other departments that you do not see for months, though you may e-mail/call them regularly.

The head of the company, Eileen Fisher, as always was present and as always, very friendly, low key, and fun.

Delicious lunch was soon served in a big dining room with lots of windows overlooking the riverside at the bottom of a sloping hill. Lots of round tables with folks that do regularly work together sitting together. (After the delicious appetiser of a stack of grilled vegetable rounds on top of grilled (I think) goat cheese, I had the sea bass, bok choi, and more wine. Dessert was some incredible chocolate glazed scoop of ice cream, the chocolate on top rising in a peak. Under this turned out to be a selection of fresh berries. And then coffee and petit fours ... mini carrot cake, cheese cake, chocolate scrumptious bits. Anyway, it was good.

But. There were lots of people being honored, and even though everyone was cautioned not to take too much time, lots of people (Not Me, be assured) did take too much time, so that eventually it took on the feel of the Golden Globes. It is a wonderful idea to thank everyone for his/her contributions, but ... this took hours. When I got to make my "thank you" remarks, I reminded the room that there were even more folks celebrating longevity with the company in other locations across the States, and that someday we might have to have an international video hook-up for this luncheon.

Eventually, back on the bus/van along with other slightly dozy, wined and dined and appreciative/appreciated colleagues. The driver was kind enough to let some of us off at an uptown cross street before he continued to make his way down Second Avenue back to the showroom starting point.
That way, I could just hop on to a crosstown city bus to take me through the park to the west side.

So, I got back home in time to write this tonight. Even better, tomorrow and the next day are days off, so who knows, I even draw or paint before the next installment. In any event, today was an opportunity to see how many hard-working, creative people contribute daily to success of the company for which we are fortunate to work.

Pleasant dreams to all.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good Saturday morning from New York.

I am hoping that many of you all will already be enjoying a fine May day, and I thank you so much for your very kind comments.

Although I have been meaning to write a proper blog for days, this will not be the day for that either. It is just too busy at the shop. My work days are very long, and it is too boring for me to just recount that situation once again.

There will be a break in that cloud on Tuesday, so I may write again late Monday.

Meanwhile, it is a relaxing pleasure to see what all of you have been doing all over the globe.

Best wishes.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

First, please accept my apologies if I have not been able to rid the mother ship site of a blog (not unlike the one that I write now) that I mistakenly laid there.

Second, let the record show that the acronym for the Museum of Modern Art is MOMA, not MOMO, as I recently wrote. (Thinking those country dreams, cows, etc., but truth is that I type fast and do not proof read, much.)

So, with the air cleared, let me say that I slept much later than usual this morning, after a very long day yesterday. It was a beautiful day weather-wise, and a real pleasure to be out side, tending to various matters, including buying and sending off to my mom in Virginia, a gift for our American Mother's Day, this Sunday.

Yesterday was so full-bodied. My stockroom assistant had the day off, seeing his father off to his home far, far away (a Tibetan in China.) So, I got to wear his hat (not a beautiful Tibetan hat, but rather one to wear while processing shipments, receiving shipments of inventory, etc.)

But the highlight of the day was attending, on behalf of the shops, a meeting at the company's Seventh Avenue showroom regarding a potential additional line of shoes to be sold in the shops.

I love shoes, have small, wide feet (35 european) and used to buy expensive shoes at sale. My weakness, second only to books. Now that I spend so much time standing, comfort has overtaken style in my shoe evaluating, and mostly I wear shoes that never before would have interested me at all.

Anyhow, I do love shoes, and it was a treat to attend this meeting and make the acquaintance of several reps of the prospective shoe company. The gentleman was the actual founder of the shoe firm, and developer of the patented sole construction that takes its comfort from pillows containing flax seeds. Apparently the seeds can shift around to assure that one's foot can find a comfy resting place at any time of the day.

I got to sit next to this shoe man, and we got on well. After my return to the shop, my colleagues asked me if the shoe man was married. As usual, I was too busy being friendly, and taking notes of shoe info, to try to determine his status. It is so rare for me to meet any men, remotely my age, who I find remotely interesting that I have sort of lost my detective skills!

At any rate, he was fun to meet with, and it is possible that we may have contact again sometime. The shoes are flat, made with deer skin, lined with deerskin. (I am thinking of Jane and deer in her Walker book, wondering if it is good for a human to walk in deerskin.)

Tomorrow I begin a span of numerous days at the shop without a break, but will try to find time to write a bit here and there. I want to use some spare time to paint rather than tapping and clicking on the computer, but for me, painting takes more of a warm up session. Writing, especially without proofreading, can be almost automatic.

It is such a delight to read your blogs, and to vicariously enter into the country. Some days I do wonder how I have chosen to live in this city, but then something swell happens to remind me that this environment also has its charms, even if most are quite artificial.

I wish everyone very pleasant dreams.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good Sunday evening from New York.

I have observed a day of rest, doing some needed tasks like laundry and grocery gathering, but also done a fair amount of sitting down.

I sat during three meals. I sat to read most of the sections of The New York Times. I sat during a long, laugh-filled conversation with a friend who is about to go with her husband to Paris and Venice. (I think that this is their second trip this year, but I lose count, as my envy grows!) Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to France or Italy ever again. I tell myself of course, but still I do wonder.

Back to sitting. I sat for a long time on a city bus, as it tried various detours on its regular route, as dictated by a parade up Fifth Avenue this afternoon. (Normal traffic patterns on Fifth require southern, or downtown, motion.) I had forgotten about the parade, as I thought of a quick trip to see an exhibit at MOMO (the Museum of Modern Art) in midtown. Poor bus driver. He was really getting exasperated with the telephoned instructions he was receiving along our way. Turn here, turn there. No, not there. Anyhow, I asked him if he could stop at the curb somewhere between 55 and 52 streets, and he cheerfully obliged me, so that I departed the magical mystery tour.

The MOMA exhibit was perhaps not worth the journey, as it was the results, so far, of an artist's cartooning (mainly economic/political satirical comment-tinged) on a tall white-walled gallery space. You know the old cliche re: my child could have done that? Well, a bunch of us could have done this. All the same, the artist who did actually did it, rather than saying that he could. So good on him.

I made my way back uptown, for a few more errands, and had a fine time in the very freshly green Central Park. It was lovely, and also the source of instant sneezing from me. Now abating, almost all sneezing over.

Tomorrow I return to my challenging job site, and will attend a mid-afternoon meeting offsite with regard to a fall shoe possibility for the shops (different from the current ballet slippers.)

Yesterday I seized a few minutes to actually select some fresh clothes from the current collection that I will be able to wear, to update the outfits that I have been assembling. My choices were as follows:
black (of course) silk palazzo trousers, side zip, ankle length, graceful drape.
cocoa brown very light, weight, almost sheer, linen knit long-sleeved, ballet neck pull-over
black linen gauze button front (buttons are sort of crocheted knots) long duster/tunic/dress (?) with no sleeves, and with a sort of fringed edging along the jewel neckline and the armholes
lavishly huge rectangular silk scarf/wrap in the same cocoa brown shade, with gold woven edging on the long sides of the rectangle and tiny, little pyrimid-shaped appliceed shapes sewn with tiny golden threads on the shorter ends. (this piece is a wow, and could be a wrap, a sarong, many identities -- as the fabric drapes beautifully.)

These pieces can be all worn together or split apart and joined with other items from the shop that I already have. These are all part of our virtually free clothing allowance, that we are given so that we can show our customers how they might wear the clothes.

So...even if the coming week does get hectic, at least I will be wearing some new clothes. It will be fun to have some new ingredients.

It's been good to get caught up with you all tonight.

Pleasant dreams to all.

Friday, May 4, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

I wondered about just writing good evening to the world, but stepped back, briefly.

How I wish that I had the energy or wit to properly write tonight. But. It has been a work week so full of challenges. I do not think that I have met them. I do not think that I could have met them. I am not even sure that others may even recognize the magnitude of what was on that challenge platter.

I will not complain. I will try to get a good night's sleep. I will put on the clothes that I hope to sell, duplicates of course to others, tomorrow morning.

Barring severe paper cuts, I do hope to be able to write something more skilled tomorrow, or even on the Sunday morning. Sunday is lined up for my official day of rest. Remember, I am the one who makes the schedules at the shop, so if I am tired, I am to blame.

Gosh, this sounds awful. It's just that I am tired.

Tomorrow is another day, but we always say this before that particular tomorrow arrives, don't we?

Pleasant dreams.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

A belated May Day to all. I meant to write a proper piece today, but all sorts of unforeseens became all too apparent.

No, I did not take part in any workers' marches, but was part of them in spirit. In body, I tried to maintain my day off observance, and even got a chance to catch up with an old friend in one of our favorite neighborhood cafes.

Lots of the day's hours got redirected to problem solving at the store, as a series of computer-related mishaps unfolded. Some of these are still unresolved, so I will be up and at them pretty early tomorrow morning. (It is already tomorrow for most of you, but I still look forward to a good night's rest.)

Perhaps I will be able to put together better sentences, even paragraphs, tomorrow.

Pleasant dreams.