Sunday, January 30, 2011

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Our city has tried to set a record for January snowfall depths. Right now, owever, many residents would not mind just letting the record pass us by.

Even after several days of above-freezing temperatures, we still have quite a bit of snowy leftovers, and many of them are not so pretty.

Most folks now seem to have at least one mobile cell phone with them at all times. The stationary pay phones in the picture below have not been much use to anyone lately.

Some urban planners refer to receptacles such as the free-newspaper stands in the following picture as street furniture.

Now, if you look carefully, you will see that this bike has been parked illegally.

Let us leave Broadway and head over to Central Park, taking a route past a block of brownstone houses. Still quite a bit of snow left along this block.

I wonder if this car's battery still has any uumph? Can you all see the discarded Christmas tree just peeking out of the snowbank?

Here is another car that isn't going anywhere very quickly. The discarded palm probably wishes it had gone to Florida. Perhaps that is where the car's owner has been.

At last, we have crossed over into Central Park, where some of the pathways have been cleared, and some have not. The benches are not yet ready for passersby who wish to sit awhile.

Lots of dogs, dog walking folks and pigeons are out for some exercise. Many trees still have their striking white outlines.

In the above photo, can you see the big snowman, actually wearing a hat?
I like this vista looking over the Sheep Meadow, where hundreds of sunbathers lie during July and August. You can see the buildings along Central Park South in the background.

Even though the day was bright, my gloveless fingers were becoming chilled, so I took just one additional photo before putting my camera away, getting my gloves back on, and heading home.

I hope that you all have enjoyed seeing some of my city views.
Stay warm everyone.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

Our New Year has been dominated by snow forecasts and snow falls and snow removal. The snowstorms have been punctuated with days of very fierce, icy air. And, like a knitting or crochet pattern, it seems as if we must just repeat until we reach the end of the row.
We have not yet reached the end of the row. The photo below was taken from my front window early this morning. It looks so much like other photos in my last post.

Snow can be beautiful, particularly when viewed from the other side of a window, the side of the window that is warm. Having a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate can improve the appreciation of the view.
Snow can be fun to walk in, as it begins to fall, and begins to "stick." Snow can be fun in Central Park if that snow is deep enough, and if you have free time, and a sled, and a dog or children along for the ride. It can also be a pleasure to observe with a camera at the ready.
Snow begins to wear out its charms if you don't get the opportunity to play with it. If you need to shovel, and shovel, and shovel again. If you need to deal with murky, slushy aftermath in deep pools at sidewalk intersections. It also can be less beautifully romantic if you have a hard time finding time to get to the grocery store, or do other errands.

If you all think that these listings of ifs mean that I no longer love a good snowfall, you are wrong. I am just wishing that I could have had more time to enjoy the beauty of our various snows since Boxing Day.

Ah, but it is still January, and we in New York still have at least two more months that just might deliver the deep stuff of dreams.

Meanwhile, on a recent clear and dry day, I went out to do errands and returned home with a new pair of boots. I love them. I cannot wear them in the snow. These boots are meant for dry surfaces.
How I would love to wear them tomorrow. They must wait a few days.
Hoping that this still New Year is still offering you all lots of opportunities for fresh starts, and renewals of treasured patterns of life.

Best wishes to you all.