Friday, June 21, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Good morning from New York as we officially enter Summer.

I am going to share with you a mixture of Summertime city views, hoping to give you all an idea of some of the current delights available.  

You might walk, take a bus, ride the subway or perhaps even ride a bike, to the Union Square Farmers Market.

You will find plenty of flowers and lots of freshly picked peas.  You can grab a handful or perhaps select each pea with great care and admiration.

Peonies are amongst the cut flowers that are available.  Lilies and snapdragons are also on view.

If seeing that jolly bike in the first photo tempted you to ride to your next location, you might consider renting a blue bike from the many bikes electronically hitched to a long metal stand at the north end of Union Sq.

Whatever form of transport you might choose, another welcoming destination could be Central Park, where the green leaves are now a deeper green than the earlier Spring shade.

The water in the Lake might seem a bit murky, but lots of folks are enjoying the row boats.

Row boat oarsmen and women need to steer clear of ducks who compete for waterway access, while also trying to avoid collisions with other fledgling oarsmen and women.  Perhaps you might also detect a fisherman standing just in front of the left side of the attractive bridge.  I saw him catch something, but the something got away.  Lake fishing rules prevent anyone from keeping what is actually caught.

The sun was bright, the breezes gentle and the shade was so pleasant.  Had I not also been enjoying a leisurely chat with a friend, I could easily have slipped into an afternoon nap on the bench by the Lake.

Reluctantly, I finally got up, gave myself a bit of a stretch, and began my walk home.  I passed by yet another transportation option.  These pedicabs are lined up at the West 72nd Street entrance way to the Park.  The charge is $3 per minute.

Isn't early Summer a beautiful time of the year?  This weekend we will also be treated to views of a full moon which will appear even larger than usual.  I do hope the night sky will be clear so that we can all fall under the moon's magic spell.

Many thanks to you all for your visits and your comments.