Monday, February 14, 2011

City Views, Country Dreams

Happy Valentine's Day from New York!

I am so pleased to report that Mother Nature has given our city the perfect gift. The heavy snow falls have ceased for a week or so, the temperature has risen above freezing, and almost, almost all of the snow and ice has disappeared.

Of course, we are all keeping our boots, hats and other winter gear close at hand, because we are sure to need them again before long. Meanwhile, let us all have a great celebration today.


  1. That tea cup is beautiful!
    I'm glad to hear that you are having some respite after the incredible amount of snow you've had this winter. I hope spring will be early for you!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Frances!I like your elegant cups and saucers (inspiring me to choose a nice cup and saucer for mid-morning tea here, instead of the usual mug).
    It sounds as if we are having blessedly similar weather today - mild and promising at last. Let's hope it continues and those stylish new boots can go for a walk, with photos too of course.

  3. What a beautiful painting (appropriate too as I'm reading this with my afternoon tea!). Glad you're getting a rest from all the shovelling for once! Cx

  4. A lovely teacup design for Valentine's Day.

    We've forgotten all about snow... but I bet winter hasn't done with us yet. Today has been glorious, blue sky and little crocus flowers have opened all over the place! I even hung the washing outside to dry.

    To think we moaned about our snow! I can't believe how much you still have over there.


  5. There was a car motoring along the road today, a couple in the front seats and on the visor at the top of the windscreen was printed "Val 'n' Tine.

    "Ho Ho," I thought. Val, I could understand, but Tine? Maybe it's short for Valentine for I know there was an actor once called Valentine Dyall. Or it might be a misprint for Tone - as in Ton-y. You never know. The car was pink too.

    Of course the boy might have been Valentine (Val) and the Girl Tina (Tine). A known unknown I think.

    So glad the snow has ceased - but I wonder on the 14th of February whether you could persuade your city authorites to spray a little amoretto (is it?) or cochineal, red food dye anyway, in the air to give you pink snow? Maybe not everywhere.

    Well, it would be a tourist attraction and might make the snow feel less cold. I do try with my ideas, you see, and have your best interests at heart.

    A very happy Valentine's Day to you, Frances.

  6. Dear Frances,
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
    Love the painting.
    Ingrid xx

  7. I thought you were going to say,
    'We are keeping our boots, fingers and eyes crossed' that the sunny skies are here to stay...
    It is a tremendous relief from too much whiteness.
    Love your cup!

  8. Love these paintings of cups you do - you are so clever.

    Glad the snow has abated for a while, long may it last


  9. Hope you have celebrated well Frances. I really love the teacup painting, you are so talented.

  10. Hello dear Frances,

    I do love that tea-cup and saucer you painted.

    May the warm milder weather continue for you Frances so those gloves and hat can stay tucked away for a while longer.


  11. Karen @ PasGrand-ChoseFebruary 15, 2011 at 1:22 AM

    Happy Valentines to you too, Frances. Enjoy your milder weather - I hope those chic new boots are now getting an outing. Love the teacup paintings - so elegant and delicate - would love to see more! All best wishes, Karen

  12. Trust you had a happy day with better weather. Lovely painting
    of the cup and saucer.

  13. A very pretty cup of tea for a cheerful day!
    Yesterday was bliss and quite warm at the dog park.
    We are off this afternoon and will keep you posted on our adventures.
    We must arrange a Buster meeting on our return.

  14. Hope the weather continues to be kind to you.

    I like your cup, so much more ladylike than my usual clumsy mugs. You have inspired me to try and rediscover what tea tastes like out of bone china.

  15. A lovely Valentine card for us all to enjoy, thank you for your kind comment.
    We have been lucky to enjoy several sunny spring like days, the snowdrops are out and the bulbs are through, if not a little early as the frost may harm them.

    What are your creative projects I wonder. I see the paints are out.
    I am feeling very inspired with the sea objects, lots of ideas are flowing and also sewing a quilt with the pretty Liberty fabrics. Always busy with something, as the days and weeks fly by.
    Glad there is an end to your big freeze. I am sure you are looking forward to Spring.

  16. I love that little cup, it looks very Charlston in a Vanessa Bell kind of way. x

  17. What a pretty card! Am glad to hear you are finally getting some better weather. Am I right in thinking (with ref to your comment on my blog) that there is a duplicate Peter Pan statue in NY?

    PS The little church in Spelsbury will certainly have an active congregation - nearly all of the churches we visit are owned by the Church of England and even the tiny ones will have at least a few worshippers, though attendances are falling all the time. Many rural churches share one vicar between several.

  18. So glad the snow has thawed and the weather has picked up for you Frances. I hope you enjoyed Valentines Day, what a lovely hand painted card.
    We have had gales and rain here, and more snow on the way.....

  19. Hi Frances,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  20. Ah ha!
    I noticed the photos in yr sidebar...
    Any interest in some vintage cups and pitchers - some from the UK...well a little prepared meat jar for one, for yr still lifes?
    Just email me

  21. Frances, I have sent you an email in answer to your query!

  22. Dear Frances,
    this being a small world,
    I am flying in here from Japan
    where a little bird told me
    that you are taking a day off work.
    I hope you are taking good care
    of yourself and are already feeling better.
    Warm hugs,