Tuesday, August 9, 2011

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from a hot and humid night in New York. A sustained, overdue rain did fall upon our fair city this afternoon, but has left us not very cooled, but very moist.

I do not know if other of my blog pals have been encountering problems with accessing your posts, or dashboards, or other bits and pieces that allow all of us to keep up our international, airborne connections. Well. I have had such problems for the past few days and am getting annoyed. Why no patience with this recent hiccup? Easy answer, because I do so enjoy staying in touch with you all.

I hope that our New York weather will soon turn milder, and that google, blogger or whatever power is experiencing difficulties, will soon have a complete recovery.

Hey, I also would not mind of the stock market might find a way to send its arrows upwards.

Best wishes to you all. All over the world.


  1. Yuck. Muggy weather. I remember living in that when I was growing up in Toronto. Cold and sweaty at the same time.
    I hope the "hiccups" with your international connections are much improved. Disappointing when the technology doesn't work properly.
    Can't say much about the stock market. We're heavily invested in bonds. When the market for stocks falls, bonds pick up quite nicely. I agree it would be nice if there were some economic stability. But that's not likely to happen, given the sharp partisan political bickering the the US Congress.

  2. We could do with a 'few degrees'of your warmth here. Our summer is just not happening this year!

    I think Blogger is being awkward generally. I know lots of poeple have been complaing of slow uploads, unable to see followers, unable to follow / comment etc. Hopefully it will get sorted soon.

    Sending cooling breezes ...

    M x

  3. Hi. I enjoy your posts. I was having a lot of trouble with blogger a while back. Couldn't make any comments. Based on some online advise, I stopped checking the box that says "Stay Signed In" and it works fine. I'm sure this may not be the answer to your problem, but just in case ...

  4. Hi Frances,

    So sorry to hear you are having problems posting. I am using Firefox in stead of Internet Explorer, which helps a lot!

    Hope the weather will get less humid in NY. Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. It's a little bit grim all round at the moment. My blog's been fine, Frances, but our weather's been cold. I had to put the heating on yesterday morning! Let's hope for a spot of good news.

  6. Windy, sunny, a few showers... usual English summer menu here. I don't envy your hot and muggy!

    Hope Blogger bucks up soon.... I'll give you a wave across the pond :-)

    Hope you don't get the impression that England has flipped it's lid - yes it is awful in those isolated city areas, but mostly it's life as normal over here. And very heartening that calls to pickup a broom and clear up or to sit down with a cup of tea, put things in perspective!


  7. Trouble here as well, haven't tried to post in a couple weeks, too frustrating. I thought it was because I'm in Provincetown where the internet is pretty weak since we sit out in the ocean, but it seems to be a google-gmail problem.

  8. Frances, these problems seem to ahve been on going for ages now.It's very irritating, but don't lose heart and disappear, please.
    The 'Bourse' here is at rock bottom and the financial world is in despair.

  9. My blog has been fine - apart from its author not having anything sensible to say in it - and I think I am broadly immune from the stock market being poor as a church mouse, though I do get rung up by denizens of your town who imagine I have thousands of pounds sloshing away somewhere with which to take a punt at Visa or some other share. I say I have no money; they simply do not believe me. Maybe I should write them a cheque made payable to CASH and ask for 50 per cent.

    I was brought up on the slogan 'neither a borrower not a lender be' which doesn't make much sense I know if you want to run a business or buy a house - but why governments can't adopt the principle of balanced budgets and 'sound' money, I don't know. It was the one thing Mrs Thatcher used to say which I agreed with her about. You cannot, should not, live on tick. And that applies to governments!

  10. When Blogger acts up I switch browsers. Chrome works the best for me, then Firefox, and IE works the least.

  11. Thank you all for your comments. I am still experiencing connection difficulties, but will continue to try to connect!


  12. Hope your soon back to normal. things in the UK have been anything but. Very depressing times in the inner cities with riots and looters, maybe we could take a leaf out of NYC book and go for zero tolerance?

  13. Moist can be a lovely word when it comes to things like cakes, but when applied to weather, it's uncomfortable isn't it! I hope you get your fully functioning internet back soon Frances, there's nothing more frustrating than not being to access the web properly, I do understand. Vanessa xxx

  14. I've had a couple of small problems with blogger/google but nothing very major, not like the horror stories everywhere else: the world of finance, the world of politics, and the world out on the streets.

    Sometimes I think it's just as well that I'm getting old and living away from it all. Still, everything out there has an impact on my life hidden in the country, so perhaps I better pay attention.

  15. Riots and falling markets - it's a messy time indeed. I am so caught up in keeping things together here that I don't have time to think about the world as I'd normally do. I know that I have a couple of emails earmarked for you - and they will be sent!!

  16. It's been hot and humid here too, but the rains came this week and it's a bit cooler now thankfully. The rain seemed to stop the riots, also thankfully. It has felt like a very strange week - markets crashing, riots, thunderstorms. An end of days feel. But the corner seems to have been turned...

  17. I too have some qualms with Blogger since they had their blackout a few months ago.
    At least the weather has changed much for the better.
    I hope you can do a Monday 'Spring' post Frances...
    FYI, I thought you might want to know that Sesame Street pair Bert and Ernie 'will not marry'

  18. Good that you are back in touch! We are up in Tappan escaping the dreaded floor sanders chez us!

    Hope see you on our return to NY!

  19. Hello Frances
    I'm sorry you've been having blogger problems - so frustrating, I know. I do hope it is working better now for you. I hope you have some nice cooler weather too, and feel much more refreshed.
    Sending you good wishes for a happy week.
    Helen x

  20. One of the reasons I decided to use Word Press when I started to blog again, was that Blogger seemed to have PMT far too often!

    I didn't know you had glaucoma too - it was something I added to the list this Spring. I understand it can be controlled well these days.

    Trusting all is well, Frances. Reading between the lines, I sense maybe its not.

    Thinking of you x

  21. Hello Frances, you had to be quick to see my brief flash of unfinished blog go up before I pulled it down again!
    At least Blogger behaved long enough for us to have a quick message from our New York friend. We only feel alone, in truth we are all connected.

    Here's to cooler, saner days soon.

  22. I hope that your weather has become a bit more amenable now. I don't know what browser you use, but I don't tend to have problems in Chrome - Firefox is usually OK as well - it might be worth trying another one? Best to avoid Explorer - my techie son tells me it causes no end of trouble.

    Pomona x

  23. Frances, it was so nice of you to visit me. Thank you. As far as a new sewing machine? Well, I am using an inexpensive Singer sewing machine that is twelve years old now. It works just fine.

  24. Hi Frances – it is always a pleasure to read your thoughtful comments on my blog, merci. I did not have problems with blogger because my laptop did not work. I thought it had crashed and bought a new laptop. That night my daughter discovered that only my connecting cable to the electricity was bad. I received my $35 cable on Monday and the laptop works! (I returned the new one, the box unopened.) During my downtime I used my husband’s computer and made some travel plans. I got really good tickets on Delta for New York the end of September, for a week. I hope your weather will be nice then. Here it has been warm but not humid, so it is pleasant.

  25. Hi Frances - yes, Blogger seems to be plagued with various irritating problems. Sometimes switching browsers helps for a while. Hope your weather and the stock market improves, and meanwhile, if it's any consolation, just think of the state of the Euro! All best wishes, Karen xo

  26. I hope your August weather is at least as fabulous as the one we are enjoying right now: no humidity, gorgeous blue skies, hot during the day, but mitigated by cool nights.

    Blogger is a bit erratic this month, it truly is!

  27. I too have been experiencing blogger problems!