Wednesday, August 21, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Good morning from New York.

August continues to be more kind to us than July was.  There have been many mild days, perfect for meeting friends in cafe gardens, visiting farmers markets, and just taking long walks.

Some New York towers are covered in mirrored glass.  These facades come into their own relationships with the sky on bright days when breezes keep the clouds moving.

I actually prefer the intricately decorated facades of older buildings, such as this beauty in my neighborhood.

However, what I truly prefer is yet another walk over to Central Park.

I wanted to see what was still abloom over in the Shakespeare Garden.  The foliage has gone a bit straggly, but there's still quite a lot of color, too.

As usual, there were only a few other folks strolling through the Garden.  I saw several other cameras in use.

Pink, white and green always make a fine combination.

Not all the leaves are green.

Aren't these roses lovely?

I hope that you all will forgive my continuing ignorance.  I do not know the name of this pretty little pink flower.

The following photos gives you an idea of the graceful design of the flag stoned pathways that wander through the garden.  You can also get a glimpse of the rustic wood fencing.

On the day of my Garden walk, the sky was overcast, but the yellow flowers still showed up brilliantly on their very long stems.

My camera and I were not quick enough to photograph any of the many bees that I saw enjoying their favorite flowers.  There were also some lovely varied colored butterflies that seemed quite camera shy.

As I left the Garden, and continued my walk along the western edge of the Lake, I saw evidence of the gradual departure of Summer.  These lacy leaves have their own natural beauty.

I hope that you all will enjoy this opportunity to see these city views.  As always, thank you so much for your visits and comments.


  1. Dear Frances, The pretty little pink flower is from the Police Man's Helmet Plant. If you let the flowers go to seed and then touch them the seeds will burst out in all directions with a loud snap. Children love them. But watch out, once you have them in your garden you will have them forever. They love a shady spot best of all.

  2. Years ago, I used to travel to NYC a lot, but I have always been there during the winter season. Looking at your wonderful pictures I noticed that I have missed a lot of green and flowers and beautiful gardens.
    Thank you so much for this walk through the gardens of your wonderful city!
    Greetings from Germany, Monika

  3. Frances, the flowers along the way are so lovely. I would have said that the mystery plant is Balsam, but not sure if that is the same as Policeman's helmet!

  4. So lovely to see New York bathed in sunshine and beautiful flowers. How I wish I could visit .. one day.
    A friend of mine was there in July and had a wonderful time.

  5. Thanks, Frances, for that enchanting tour around Central Park. I still think you should suggest to them that they acquire a floral clock.

  6. i'm glad the weather is being kinder to you, i've heard the kids reports too, much nicer than the intense heat. the flowers do look like they like it though! autumn is on the way, are you having that feeling yet frances?
    xo lori

  7. Hi Frances!
    Yes, this August has been a delight. Clear and lovely and not too horribly hot.
    Loved my virtual visit to the Shakespeare garden with you.
    No, I'm not sure what the plant is....!

  8. You are so fortunate to have Central Park on your doorstep. I am sure you never tire of it. The weather has been very kind to us also, it does lift the spirits.

  9. hello Frances
    I was visiting the blog of Madelief and I am always so inspired by all the beauty she is showing and also her very own way of sharing .....
    She lives in Rotterdam and I do too.
    I have been so lucky to meet her in person when KORALEE a blogger from Canada visited Holland and Rotterdam-bloggers organised a meet and greet and there I met Madelief who is called Desiree !
    I saw your name in the comments and was surprised because our names look almost the same !
    so I came and visited you !
    You live in New York Oh my ....
    and yet you also have a very inspiring blog about gardens !
    I will follow you now .

  10. I do envy you the colour on your doorstep and all the culture, both lacking here in the Welsh hills. I am not moaning honestly - there is much green here and a lot of sheep...... :-)

  11. Hi Frances,
    another lovely trip along the paths of this very pretty garden, which you so generously show us in all seasons. Central Park has so much to offer and you are fortunate indeed to be able to walk here without too much trouble. I just cannot understand why it isn’t busier. However, I expect you prefer your splendid isolation.

    Re your question: yes, he does. two teaspoons of sugar.

  12. Frances.. Thank you for the stroll through the park! It is always a pleasure to see the city through your eyes. I was so intrigued by Gina's response about the flower, I googled and found the following on YouTube.. The exploding seed pod! I hope the link works... If you would like to see!
    Exploding seed pod of Policeman's Helmet in Super Slow Motion ...
    ► 1:04► 1:04
    Aug 9, 2012 - Uploaded by W3stlander
    The common names Policeman's Helmet, Bobby Tops, Copper Tops, and Gnome's Hatstand ...

  13. The mirrored buildings are lovely in their reflections of the clouds -- but I fear they're a hazard to birds. As always, the amount of 'nature' close to hand must be a blessing for New Yorkers.

  14. Dear Frances, I've loved taking this walk around the summery Shakespeare garden, though your first two photos of mirrored glass buildings against that blue sky are just stunning!
    Glad to hear the heat is less intense now. I'm also enjoying the milder weather in London, where for once we've had something like a proper summer!
    Warm wishes, Karen

  15. You make my day
    Thank you for your comment
    I cannot believe I have a blogfriend in New York !
    Last days of august are here and I love the smell of Fall coming up ...
    Have a happy new week !

  16. Thank you all for your comments.

    Fennie, there is a traditional sundial in the Shakespeare Garden. I think that a floral clock would have to be planted in another part of Central Park, and would be a big attraction.

    Lori, I am beginning to get that sense of autumn.

    Gina and Susan, thank you for identifying that flower and for the very entertaining youtube link.

    Friko, I just had a feeling that gentleman would welcome sugar in his tea.


  17. I always enjoy your strolls round the Park, but those buildings were a fine sight too! X

  18. There are some remarkable frontages on New York's streets, but I agree the park is the prettiest place :)

  19. A nice tour of our Shakespeare garden
    which always reminds me of being a
    child with my parent's there during and just after world war two.
    The sundial on it's pedestal was at time (pardon the pun) so much larger than I was ,and it is still there reminding me how tall I thought it was as a young boy and now shrinking with age I see that it is only a bit above 3 feet in height.
    For the last 40 years or more a
    miscreant wishing to leave her/his mark forever ,bent the arrow of the dial and really succeeded as no one has ever repaired it,so now at the right moment in the right sunlight that shadow shows a crooked time.

    Thanks, Frances,

    Mike of Tin Pan Alley NYC

  20. Hi Frances,
    Another delightful trip around NYC or this time Central Park. Last time I visited NYC I went to the Shakespeare Garden - it was spring time and the garden was delightful.
    Hope you are keeping well and enjoying late summer in NYC.
    xoxo Ingrid

  21. These tall buildings with mirrors have an elegance of their own and look so good under a sunny and cloudy sky. We saw your Shakespeare Garden last year in the spring and it was pretty then. I am pleased that you show it to us in summer. There was only one person when we were there, it is strange that not more people visit it, but then it is nice too to have it quiet and to yourself.

  22. I love the buildings old and new! The clouds in the glasses are so specially new york. But central park is also special, we cycled around the park last spring. If we come to ny again i want to walk and see all the beautiful plants and flowers. Lovely greetings

  23. Like you, Frances, I prefer the older buildings. They seem to tell a story that is absent in the big, mirrored buildings that just reflect what IS in the moment.
    I always enjoy your walks in the park. Last month a friend visited New York and spent two days wandering in the park. She told me that few understood why she could spend such time there. I, having followed your blog all these years, understood perfectly.

  24. We visited NYC a few years back and never managed to make it to Central Park, although we past by it at least a dozen times. I see the red Cardinal flowers are standing tall. I loved the old section of the city with the 19th century architecture, none of the newer buildings can compare.

  25. Oooh how i would adore to visit, i love the pictures of the clouds scurrying over the tall glass buildings x

  26. My dear Frances, I am so pleased to meet you! I thought your profile photo looked familiar, but when I came here to your blog, I don't recall ever meeting you. Thank you for coming over today and leaving a comment. I enjoy (like most of us do) getting a comment from a new visitor so I can meet them.

    What a lovely tour of the city you have shared! Are you originally from NYC? I love the comment you left me about Mlle Baker! Do you know that I read your comment on my phone today, JUST BEFORE I started to prepare for my 12th grade French class. Your comment was extremely important for me because sometimes as teachers, we are just not sure about the impact we will make. MERCI d'être venue me voir.

    COME AGAIN!! Anita

  27. Hello dear Frances,

    Such pretty flowers and plants in Shakespeare Garden in Central Park, wonderful too that they are so close to home for you to enjoy on those lovely walks.

    The tall yellow plants look similar to 'Ladies Mantle'.

    Beautiful Autumn days are nearing, time for long boots and cosy knits.! Hope you had a wonderful Summer dear Frances.


  28. Everything looks so delightful, except the glass and steel buildings. I'm sure that some people find them attractive; I see such a lack of character. Not at all like the older building you included. And certainly not like the flowers and trees!

    Our city has been hot this summer, with temperatures regularly in the high 80F to low 90F range. Thos are unusual up here.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  29. I saw your comment on Pondside. Always nice to find another New York Blogger. I'm an Upper West Sider myself, loving this glorious weather.

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