Thursday, November 21, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Hello from New York on an overcast afternoon.

Even though the light is not very bright now, around midday I did take some more photographs of my hand knit scarves and hats and added them to my etsy shop.  Tending to the shop is an interesting process, and I am learning a lot, day by day.

I thank you all for your visits to FoakleyArts and very much appreciate your comments.  I am fortunate to have had the current couple of weeks of open time to set up the shop and also be able to keep knitting, see friends, do errands, make progress on my watercolor Christmas card painting...and still have time left over for sleeping.

The above photograph shows a very lightweight and long lacy merino wool scarf that I began knitting during my U.K. holiday.  The needles are thin (2 3/4 mm) so this scarf is no one-week wonder.  I love working on knit projects that take awhile, since I always find knitting very relaxing.  the background of the photo is a very large knitted patchwork blanket I made years ago, when I actually thought I was going to use up all my leftover yarn.

The following photos show some beautiful silk/mohair yarns that I bought at Liberty's.  I plan on using each color in separate projects, that will probably involve some sort  fair isle mingling of that particular shade of ethereal haze with some delicate wool yarns in harmonizing shades.  We shall see.  I will keep you posted.

My little stack of tweedy four-ply wool also came home with me from Liberty.  Again, I will find some less tweedy yarns to combine with each of these colors to make some as yet unknown design.  It's such fun to play with colors, whether the colors are subtle or bright.

A bright colored project I currently have underway is a collection of fingerless mitts.

As you may be able to tell from the colors, I intend to finish these Christmas colored mitts in time to add them, along with some other mitts I just happen to have already finished, to FoakleyArts.    I am using double pointed bamboo needles, which work well with these wool and wool/cashmere double knitting weight yarns.

Before I leave the laptop to return to the workshop, I will show you a photograph taken during a recent visit to the Union Square farmers market.

I wanted to make sure to show you all at least one City View that did not feature my very cluttered apartment.  The colorful autumn squash and  gourds do have their own sort of clutter...isn't it jolly!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American visitors.  I will try to get outdoors early  next Thursday morning to take some photos of the big Macy's Parade.  Meanwhile, thank you again for your views and comments.


  1. Oh Frances, what utterly, utterly beautiful knitting. Thank you for such a colour-filled post.

  2. I am worried, Frances, that in your Etsy shop you may get an order from Harrods in London for 16 of your hats. What would you do then? You would need a worldwide family of knitters to knit them. Which is actually quite a good idea. Think of all the people now unemployed and idle who might then be productive for after all if you are a good knitter you can talk or watch television as you go along; the knitting doesn't interfere much with your day and keeps your hands supple. Perhaps I jest but you could be inundated with orders. Good luck anyway. Fame and Fortune awaits.

  3. You knitting is fabulous! Worth every penning as you much devote many hours to each lovely scarf or hat.
    I wonder if you might think about getting someone to model them on a walk in Central Park? It would make them even more enticing for potential customers if they saw them 'in action' on a crisp day in NYC ;-)
    Celia xxx

  4. I'm green with envy! I want the tweedy Liberty's wool.
    Your shop is set to be a real hit!
    I love the idea of having someone model the hats in Central Park or some other typical NY location -outside the Public Library?
    I linked to you on About NY.
    All systems go!

  5. I love your Etsy stock, but what really got my heart racing was the glimpse of the fair isle patchwork throw... is there any chance of blogging about this beautiful creation sometime. Gorgeous gorgeous post xx

  6. You really do magic with your hands Frances and you have such a good feeling for colors. The last picture of the squashes and gourd is perfect for now and so vibrant.

  7. Your fabric artistry is delightful. The colours are energizing, even the grey. I hope your shop does well.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  8. I am not a knitter but I love your creations, your squash photo looks like a colour palette for a quilt.

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  10. Hello Frances1 Your knitted things look as warm and beautiful as the squash photo looks seasonal and colorful! I am tickled to wander to your blog (from A Bloomsbury Life) - and MOST delighted to read your reading list. Margaret Drabble - a MD fan! I so love her and miss the time when there seemed to be a new book every couple of years! I also loved reading your Cambridge day and last of London - and look forward to more! I wish you a lovely Thanksgiving week!

  11. Such beautiful knitting Frances and suchlovely yarns for future projects.

  12. I am off to your Etsy shop right now! Your knitting is fabulous, especially that beautiful grey lacy scarf you had begun in the UK.

  13. So sorry, dear Frances, to be so late to catching up with your news... on the plus side, it's been an utter joy to look at your photos. We know Kettle's Yard too - and revisited Cambridge on our recent trip to East Anglia. How lovely too, to see your work for sale... I did laugh at Fennie's comment; I can see that you could well be inundated with orders! I shall now enjoy a leisurely catch-up over the next few days re-reading your recent posts! Cx

  14. Hi Frances,
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!
    Thank you for your kind comments, it's always nice to hear from you. No, I was not familiar with Morandi's flower book. He is a favourite of mine. I looked around a bit on Amazon but it looks like its out of print, very expensive or bad Kindle copies. But I will keep an eye out for it!
    Looks like you are very good knitter - I should go on Etsy and see what you have on offer. How do I find you?
    xoxo Ingrid

  15. I am so glad to see that at last you are sharing your beautiful knitting with others. I love the fairisle scarves. It is so beautiful. I am sure it will be a huge success, love Zoe xx

  16. It's all so lovely, Frances! I have been away from the computer for a while. I can see that I will have to go back to catch up with what I missed!

  17. What gorgeous, gorgeous handknits! That teeny glimpse of patchwork blanket has got me desperate to see more. :)

  18. I am sorry I missed this post showing your Liberty’s loot. They are wonderful colours, your clever fingers will make equally wonderful things with them.

    Happy knitting!

  19. Your etsy shop is full to the brim with gorgeous! Bravo lady!

  20. I am falling so behind with everyone I missed the announcement of your shop opening. Every good wish for its success Frances x

    I'm loving all the coloured wools in this post, and do please show us more of your patchwork basket :)

  21. Hello Frances, wow what a fine selection of wool and knits. You are an artist even with wool. I hope your little shop will be very successful and gives you loads of encouragement for your future projects. Have finally managed to catch up with blogs, what a fine journey you had to the UK :-). Hope you can soon come back to Europe.