Tuesday, December 31, 2013

City Views, Country Dreams

Good afternoon from New York City on the last day of 2013.

At midday the temperature is below freezing, and by midnight's arrival, those fun-seeking Times Square revelers might be dancing in 15 degree F air.  I will be warm at home.

My knitting needles, single and double point, have been very busy throughout 2013, as I created items for the Etsy shop I wished to open.  That goal was a 2013 New Year's resolution that I was able to keep.

I also knit gifts for friends and family.  Last week, I realized that I had not made anything for myself and decided to remedy that with an end of the year slouchy beret, like the ones on the virtual shelves of Foakley Arts.  I used a mix of harmonious 4 ply yarns, mostly shetland style wool, with a touch of a silk mohair yarn in each of the rows separating the diagonal stripes.

I am happy to report that I finished the hat a few days ago, just in time for the sub-freezing cold wave.

It's a pleasure to report that the hat definitely keeps the chilly breezes away.  It's also given me an opportunity to take some funny photographs of myself.

Hoping that these views also give you all an idea of the flexibility of this style.

I am greatly looking forward to the New Year, with all the possibilities its days offer.  I plan to make a few resolutions for 2014, but will keep them to myself for a while.  My superstitious self will also be preparing the Southern traditional New Year's Day black eyed peas, with the hope that eating a spoonful or two will bring me good luck.

Having so many lovely folks visit hereabouts has been grand.  Continued thanks to you all who have left comments.  I'm looking forward to our 2014 blogging visits.  xo


  1. Your hat is a delight and just the things for January days! So happy that your shop is going so well.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR.I need to make lots of resolutions but haven't......
    but one will be to keep up with good friends.

  2. Happy New Year Frances!
    You're photos are a delight. Wishing you many lovely adventures as well as peaceful interludes of knitting in 2014
    From a mild, wet and windy Suffolk, UK

  3. Lovely photos.Lovely hat.Happy New Year to you.

  4. Congratulaton on achieving your 2013 goal, an Etsy shop! :-)

    Love the hat, looks really comfortable and versatile!

    Wishing you a lovely evening and good arrival in the New Year. May it bring all you wish for,

  5. WARM wishes to you on this freezing day for all good things in 2014 - looking forward to more creativity and adventures from NY.
    Happy New Year,

  6. Frances...The hat & you look adorable! Enjoy your blackened peas and may the bring you much luck! We'll have those along with some greens for prosperity and of course cornbread, just because it's so good! Happy 2014! Smiles...Susan

  7. Oh my, Frances! My iPad is definitely not Southern! It changed black-eyed peas to "blackened" peas...what ever those are! Definitely a giggle and red-faced moment from here!

  8. Dear Frances, I love your photos of yourself with that cheeky hat! Have a wonderful year and despite having had no resolutions for 2014, you are right, we shall try and meet!

  9. Hi Frances,
    Love, love the adorable pictures of you - and that very cute bauble hat! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    xoxo Ingrid

  10. Happy New year Frances - hope 2014 brings health and happiness and the achievement of those mysterious resolutions.

    And that hat - it's magnificent.

  11. Happy New Year Frances. You look wonderful in your hat!

  12. Ah, that's made me smile seeing those lovely photos of your dear face. Happy New Year to you, Frances. Cxx

  13. Happy new year! I love your had, you look great wearing it. Nice colours! Lovely greetings

  14. dear frances,

    how cute are you!?

    something came in the mail that made me gasp. you are so beautiful and talented, what a combination!
    happy new year my friend, all the best in 2014!

  15. Your hat is lovely and so are the pictures of you wearing it! Happy New Year, Frances! I look forward to visiting you in 2014, hope it's a good one for you.
    Helen xx

  16. Dear Frances, the beret is gorgeous and suits you so much! I like how you mingled the colours - it must be quite difficult to knit such patterns.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it bring you health, smiles, new discoveries, love and pleasant moments!xx
    Your posts are a real tresure - thank you for taking us with you on these long (virtual) walks!

  17. How lovely to see you properly, you have a great smile. Happy New Year Frances.

  18. Hi Frances,

    A Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year to you! Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop! You are right to do so. Hope you will sell lots and lots of the beautiful things you make! I am still enjoying your lovely beret!!!

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ahead! Is it still 21 degrees in NY?

    Love, Madelief x

    * great photo's of you by the way. You look radiant!!!

  19. Tres chic chapeau! You look adorable!

    The best of New Years to you, Frances -- I look forward to seeing more of your NYC! (After seeing Times Square on TV on New Year's Eve, I'd say you made a wise decision!)

  20. Happy New Year Frances, I love the hat, you wear it well!

    I am so cross with myself, I just machine washed a pair of hand warmers, hand knitted by me. You guessed it, they shrunk and now fit Ted.

    Keep warm and cosy. x

  21. Hi Pixie!

    Your hat is adorable, and so are you.
    Yes, I remember that bright and smiling face very well but it’s nice to have a reminder anyway.

    I am wondering what kind of resolutions you might have committed yourself to; aren’t you perfect anyway?

    Happy New Year, Frances!

  22. That little hat is perfect for the windy avenues of New York. The colors are gorgeous and it looks very elegant on you head. When we left you in New York that morning we went to the NY Library and I bought a hat there as it was cold that day, I’ll have to take a picture of it. I had not bought a hat in years. I am pleased that you started your Etsy business and hope you will be very successful with it in 2014. Enjoy your new year and stay warm.

  23. Best wishes to you dear Frances and may this 2014 bring you lots of happiness, love and success, especially on your new Etsy venture!


  24. I love the hat! I gather things are extreme in New York right now. Keep warm and a Happy 2014.

  25. Love the pics of you in your hat!

    A belated Happy New Year to you Frances, and may 2014 bring you only good things x

  26. Happy New Year, Frances! I love your new hat and the photos of you in it. You have an infectious smile!

  27. Your hat is beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  28. Frances, I am glad to meet you!
    The New York Society Library looks great.
    Happy 2014!
    Feliz 2014!

  29. Not sure I could call you the Mad Hatter, but what you've made will certainly keep your head warm.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2014. Blessings and Bear hugs!

  30. Adorable hat!
    You wuld do well with those in Paris if it ever gets chilly
    Happy New Year France and the best in all your enveavors

  31. Such lovely photographs of you and the knitted hat. So nice to hear you made this one for yourself, it really suits you.. Real wool really does keep you so warm.
    Hope the shop is doing well and you are enjoying making lots of hand knits.
    Just arrived home from a walk, photographed the snowdrops in the church yard, a sight to warm your heart.
    Quite mild here at the moment, damp and odd rain showers. A lovely yellow sunset.
    Hope you are keeping well and 2014 has got off to a good start . Keep warm.x

  32. Hello dear Frances,

    Pretty yarns to the knits and loving the hat too. Congratulations on your Etsy shop Frances, loving the photo of you.

    Happy 2014, stay warm.

  33. Dear Frances, what a pleasure to come back to the blogging world after a prolonged absence to see this gorgeous beret and lovely pics of you!
    Thank you so much for your continuing interest in my lately much neglected blog. Too many other things have consumed me lately, but I greatly look forward to following you again and hopefully one day seeing you again! I wish you every happiness for 2014, and may that include some travel plans :)
    Karen xx

  34. The hat is beautiful, Frances. And I agree with some of your other commentators -- it's lovely to see a picture of YOU for a change! Take care and God bless. Have a wonderful week. Hope the cold weather soon moves out so that things will get back to normal for you. xoxo

  35. The hat is lovely! I love it!
    I wish you the very best for 2014...
    Greetings from a snowy Sweden and

  36. Thank you Frances for also visiting my blog,