Thursday, September 25, 2014

City Views, Country Dreams

Good morning from New York on a rainy day.

I am delighted to report that a rainy day means that the drillers have the day off.  There is peace in this apartment for the first time in weeks.

Earlier this week, on a very sunny and clear day, the noise from the drilling on my apartment building's facade was so intense that I escaped to the great outdoors.

My first destination was the fabulous Bergdorf Goodman shop's Beauty Level.  I was in need of a couple of skin care products and discovered that my purchase also entitled me to a gift bag full of samples of other skin care products and some eye shadow and lipstick, too.  It's always fun to see what's going on inside this fashion HQ and to bring home a treat.  

Although I took a bus to BG, I decided to walk home through Central Park.  Midtown traffic was more intense than usual, because the United Nations is in session.  I find it maddening that these diplomats have gathered (including our own President Obama) as additional bombing commenced in Syria, and additional reports of terrorism arose.

With such thoughts in my head, I appreciated the opportunity to see the beauty of sunlit leaves in the Park.  Most of the leaves are still green, but a few have begun to take on those beautiful autumn hues.

I'm a big fan of shadows on green lawns.

As usual, you all will be seeing some tall buildings peeking up over the tree tops.  You can also see the brilliantly blue sky.

Our 2014 summer was cooler than usual, and mostly dry.  Keeping the Central Park lawns green requires some sprinkler action.

The northwest diagonal route of my walk took me along pathways a little different than those I usually show you.

I was surprised to encounter a large area of ground that had been enclosed by extensive chain link fencing that had been entertwined with lots of plastic ivy leaves.

It was intriguing to find out what was going on behind that fence, and I discovered that a large project was underway.  Lots of men and machinery were preparing for a Horse Show.

I peeked through some gaps in the ivy, and saw that much still needed to be done before any show occurs.  I caught the scent of horses, but saw no horses.

In the coming weeks, I will try to keep an eye out in the media and on walks in the Park to find out more about this Horse Show.  I do not remember anything quite like this happening before in the Park.

Continuing on my walk, I got closer to the western edge of the Park, and came upon the West Drive, one of the roadways that is shared by runners, skaters, bike riders and horse drawn carriages.  I do not think that any of those horses will be part of a Horse Show.

Pedestrians wishing to cross Park roadways like this one need to be alert because fast-moving traffic of many types can arrive from several directions at the same time.  Yes, there are some traffic lights that help this maneuver a bit, but not all the fast-movers can quickly stop as directed.

Recently, a middle-aged woman was struck down by a bicycle rider, who'd swerved to avoid hitting another group of pedestrians.  The woman went into a coma, and after being in hospital for some time, died.

I assure you all that I am very careful in looking in all directions before attempting to cross these roads.  Years ago, I was also knocked to the ground by a young fellow riding his bike in the wrong direction.  I never saw him coming.  I wasn't badly hurt and the fellow was very, very apologetic.  Hoping that we both learned from that experience.

On this recent walk, I found a helpful pause in the traffic and got home refreshed by my exercise.

The drillers were still at it.  I made myself a sandwich, had lunch, and then picked up one of my knitting projects.  It is yet another of my fair isle tubular cowls.  

I thought the optical illusion in the following photo was amusing.  The model on the beautiful Morgane Le Fay postcard seems to be knitting something really Big.

Maybe some of you all also tend to keep postcards with striking images?  I tend to use them as bookmarks.  They are also useful to use as markers when following a particular knitting pattern's grid.

I'm using quite a few harmonizing colors in this cowl.  A dusty denim blue, a heathery black, various shades of teal, and lots of roses and wine.  And a pale celadon green and some white, too.

Eventually I am going to be adding this and some other recently completed items to my Foakley Arts shop.

It's just past noon now, and so it's time for me to think about lunch.  A cheese omelet seems a good idea for this rainy day.  And then it will be time to knit.

May I thank you all again for your visits and comments.  I really appreciate hearing from you.  See you again in October.


  1. oh to be in Central Park particularly at this time of year.I do envy you having this on your doorstep.I love the Fair Isle knitting and love your choice of colours.Take care when out and about.Barbarax

  2. Your pictures of Central park bringing back al lot of memories. What a great place for a horse event. Must be a great view1 Hope you have a lovely autumn in NYC. Lovely greetings.

  3. What a blessing that Park is to NYC! I shall look forward to your report on the horse show -- meanwhile, watch out for cyclists!

  4. The trees in Central Park in the fall have such a wonderful variety of colors. The park along the river shows great color too – so perfect that you are close to both.
    I love the colors in your knitting. You need to go to Tallinn in Estonia – when we were there last May we saw a large number of shops selling hand-made knitting garments. There are also senior ladies who place their knitting for sale along the streets. I purchased several pairs of socks and head gear there even though in Georgia we rarely need very warm clothing. I’ll have a post on that but it has to be after Christmas as most of them are presents…

  5. Great pictures of the park! I have been to NY a number of times and the park is always so calming. Last time we were there was 3 years ago and my best memory is of renting bikes (of course, we are Dutch after all) and cycling thru the park. The bycicle chain of one of the bikes came off in the middle of the park so my husband proceeded to fix it (we are Dutch so know about bikes) much to the amusement of some in the park. The weather was perfect, it was a lovely day. Because of the bikes we saw so much more of the park than on previous visits. Good luck with the traffic, I know it can be terrible when there is something going on. On one of our visits (years and years ago) Pres Clinton visited and spent the day at a fundraiser at a hotel two blocks from ours. Mind you, by chance we saw him from really close up when he left in the evening, there was no one else where we were standing, we got a smile and a wave, fun!

  6. What a delightful wander around a sunlit Central Park from the comfort of my bed before I get up - it's a cool grey Autumnal morning but still mild ... our summer started early and has gone on and on!
    I live your knitting notes and chart, rather like the plans Bridget Riley makes for her paintings.

    After all I said about putting knitting aside to make way for sewing, evenings just weren't the same without my needles - so I've downloaded a pattern from Brooklyn Tweed and a local yarn supplier is posting me some worsted yarn - it might arrive before breakfast!

  7. Much joy in seeing the park looking so lush!
    You highlight two on going problems - the fact that we have the UN which is a wonderful idea - and tends to fall down on the job....
    and the crazy bikers in the park.
    A case of too much success. The park is now safe and lovely - so many too many walkers/bikers.
    Super knitting as ever.

  8. Lovely stroll round NY and Central Park Frances and good to hear that the drillers are having a day off. Poor you! We have chain saws going next door today but hopefully it is just one day. I can't imagine what it would do to me to put up with that sort of noise day after day.

    Love the knitting too - is there a link to your online shop?

  9. Thank you all for your comments.

    Marianne, you should be able to see a link to my Etsy shop on the right sidebar to my blog page.

    I'll be working this weekend, so plan to take advantage of today's gorgeous weather and get outdoors for a long walk.


  10. I love the colours in your latest cowl Frances... They sing together. Your post reminded me of when I lived in Boston and I always used to wait until the cosmetic companies had offers on their products in the big stores. I loved getting the free box of treat size goodies. I'm sure it happens in the big stores in the UK too but I guess I don't do my shopping there any more. I tend to pick up things I need in the supermarket.

  11. Oh just GREAT pictures from the park...again, you live in a beautiful city!
    Thank´s for showing me this!

  12. What a lovely walk, I love all the shadows on the grass too. And your cowl patterns is stunning. :-)

  13. I am so sorry that the drillers are still making life unpleasant. Perhaps they will be finished soon and you can hear yourself think in your own four walls?

    But if they drive you out into your beautiful and exciting part of NYC then it’s not quite so unpleasant perhaps? As always, your walk is fun to follow and I am glad that you are a sensible lady watching out for traffic.

    Wonderful things you make! What clever hands you have.

  14. Still drilling? Gosh, you must be very fed up with it now. Shadows cast from trees and in the world, it seems, as you so subtly remind us. My race is approaching and I can't help but think of Boston in these unsettled times yet to live in fear of what could happen is worse. The only solution, as I am again reminded by this post, is to hang on to what is good and make the most of every day.

  15. Lovely tour Frances, Bikes scare
    me especially on 6th avenue as they
    come from all directions without
    concern for older folks crossing
    on their pedestrian right of way.

  16. Yes I guess that autumn is well on the way and time for some cosy wool knits. I do love your new hat and I had also downloaded the same pattern. Not sure if my skills and eyesight are up to it! Your colour combinations are so attractive.
    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on inspiration and being creative. It seems to me you are living and have lived a very rich creative life. And it is getting near to that time, planning your Christmas card, time really seems to fly by.
    Happy wishes for more lovely projects and inspiring walks. Millyx

  17. The park is such an oasis isn't it, and clearly a source of much pleasure too.

  18. Love the park pictures with that bright blue sky...and I love the shadows on the grass too. Such lovely walks, and always something new to see. Your knitting is gorgeous, Frances, and makes me want to knit again too! I hope those drilling workers move away very soon and you have a peaceful autumn.
    Happy October!
    Helen xox

  19. Did you go to the Central park Horse Show? I gather this was the inaugural event held in the ice rink!
    I thought of you the other day as the builders next door started hurling sacks of slates from the roof to the skip below. It is more usual to construct a chute for this sort of work. The house shook. But at least the end is in sight. I hope your lovely knitting is therapeutic.

  20. Hello Frances,
    Loved your walk through Central Park!
    You want to visit our new Food Market in Rotterdam, I want to visit New York again!
    But by bloging we can share it all by sitting at home, love that!
    with love from holland

  21. Hello, Frances! I liked this September morning walk in New York very much (although it's already October)! I know that you love to be in the open air and to explore the beautiful Central Park in all seasons, but I find that the unceasing noise around your apartment is a serious reason to spend more time outside! Will it ever stop?!
    Everything looks so pretty, harmonious and friendly through your eyes - I suppose because you are an open-hearted, good person!:)
    The knitting looks gorgeous!
    Happy October!

  22. Lovely to catch up Frances and share your walk through Central Park. A horse show in Central Park, that will be amazing. Love the optical illusion of the knitting. Hopefully I'll get chance to catch up more frequently now the busy summer months have passed. Best wishes xx

  23. Hi Frances,
    I'm so happy to see you are doing your beautiful knitting. Some of the patterns have a Scandinavian touch. Lovely! And NYC is as always charming! Also glad to hear that you sometimes get a break from the drilling!
    I hope you are keeping well.
    xoxo Ingrid

  24. Hi Frances
    Great to see all these beautiful photos of Central Park which, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, is in my brother's neighbourhood as well - he uses it for his daily run! I'm sure you've probably even been blighted by the same drillers! Anyhow I just wanted to say thank you for your recommendation of Four Hedges - I've just ordered it from ebay as it looks right up my street - engravings and all. When we first had an allotment we had a lovely book called 'A Bucket of Nuts and a Herring Net' - that certainly spurred on our dreams of growing our own! Thanks again and take care x Jane