Wednesday, December 17, 2014

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

I am so very sorry not to have yet shown you all some photographs of the fancy decorations around town.  Time is getting away from me.

Almost all of the windows in my Advent Calendar are now open.  

The fancy decoration photographs will appear soon.  Meanwhile, I have some Christmas cookies to bake!  Thank you all for your visits and comments.


  1. Enjoy the cookie baking and have a wonderful Christmas! xoxox

  2. You know Frances this is something I miss - looking at beautifully decorated windows. When in Paris I spent many afternoons looking at the department stores windows there for the holidays. They always have wonderful animated windows that children love (and adults too.) But living in the suburbs the "malls" decorations are not the same - not as imaginative or unique as windows in large cities like New York.

    Which is your favorite Christmas cookie? I like to make Bourbon Balls for the holidays.

  3. :) cookies! much more important!

    and you've been busy painting, the most frame worthy card. i love mine so very much, feeling honored and thrilled to have a lovely frances original. thank you dear. merry christmas!

  4. Time is catching up with us all Frances. Good luck with your baking.

  5. So glad Frances, that you have the same issues with time than I have. All self-created for sure as I do not work for somebody else anymore. I truly find, Christmas could come only every two years now.
    Have a nice cookie baking session and enjoy every day even if they are so terribly short.

  6. I just don't know where time goes, Frances.
    I hope your Christmas is happy and is everything you want it to be.

  7. All looks lovey and you continue to amaze us with your planning and preparing. I had a visit from the postman, very beautiful as always, last years is still on display on a shelf. I am hoping for a quiet calm festive season, a time to slow time down as yet another year slips by.
    So take care, it does not matter if you have not done all your usual tasks, no one will mind. Relax.
    Have a cup of tea and sample the baking.x