Saturday, April 25, 2009

City Views, Country Dreams

Good evening from New York.

I hope that many of you have had the treat of reading blogs by Exmoor Jane. For some reason, Jane has tagged me to participate in a meme. I am both honored and alarmed.

I will try to answer some of Jane's questions, and then ... read carefully to the end, will tag some readers to catch the toss and perhaps respond. No pressure. Only respond if you wish.

What are your current obsessions?
Trying to survive is at the top of the list as our world changes in so many ways.

What's for dinner?
Just had that quickly prepared dinner, and as it is many evenings, it involved pasta, lots of colorful vegetables, a bit of chicken, olive oil, Parmesan. A few glasses of wine always make these dinners relaxing.

Last thing you bought?
On the way home from work, I got a quart of milk and a half gallon of orange juice. Oh, and also some chocolate almond biscotti.

What are you listening to?
Reggae show on BBC via my trusty laptop. I am multi-tasking.

Favorite holiday spots?
Years ago, when I could afford to take vacations, I would always travel across the Atlantic to the UK, and have many favorites places there.

Reading right now?
Current issue of The New Yorker magazine, and ... courtesy of a tip from Jane, Granny Reardun, by Alan Garner.

Four words to describe yourself?
Honest, un-dyed (hair), tired, energetic.

Do you talk to yourself?
Oh, yes, and sing also.

Guilty pleasure?
I just cannot answer this one. Any answer that I begin to write just seems so trivial.

Who or what makes you laugh until you're weak.
Less and less as time goes on. I still do smile quite easily.

First spring thing?
Seeing the faint green haze over Central Park and taking that first walk to see if the snow drops are a bit past it, and if the yellow signals of daffs and forsythia are on the move.

Planning to travel to next?
If the economic situation does not improve, I may never again travel for holiday pleasure. next travel would either be via the NYC subway to work or perhaps by foot over to beautiful Central Park.

Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Another tricky one. I did have a pretty delicious slice of cake with raspberry filling and marzipan icing last week.

Flower of the moment?
As a city person, I mostly experience flowers vicariously. Tulips are the latest showstoppers in New York.

Favorite ever film?
Too tough to select one. The Manchurian Candidate and Dr Strangelove were pretty good, but I also just loved The Thin Man, My Man Godfrey, lots of the Marx Brothers films, Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes, Wings of Desire, Chinatown ... too many others come to mind.

Care to share some wisdom?
I love to gather wisdom from others, and only get up the courage to share any of my own notions when really, truly feel that someone would want to hear some of my nonsense.

Would you rather walk, run or ride?
Walking is my choice every time possible. It clears my mind of troubles, and often presents me with some unexpected joy. A flower, a friend I haven't thought I'd see, a funny dog, a child learning to walk.

So, I have gotten through Jane's challenge, and will now pass on the toss. If any of the following folks see this post and wish to take up the tag, please do replace one question, add a question, and have a bit of fun with the list. I pass along no pressure at all.

Readers tagged are:
Irish Eyes

I've listed lots of names of folks who are kind enough to visit my blog. If any of the rest of you have not visited these folks, I encourage you to make that click.

With that, I will now wish all of you pleasant dreams.


  1. That was fun, Frances. I like your 'green haze over Central Park' and your 'undyed hair' - mine is also undyed!! Are we the only ones left?

  2. What a lovely, simple list of pleasures. Walking is definitely the way to get around.

  3. That's great Frances, but also sad. May you really not travel any more for pleasure? But of course the economic situation will improve. It always does.

  4. I wish you would get to England again.
    Gretel did such a lovely post the other day about cricket and an old church........
    I did this meme a while ago and think it's a lighthearted and friendly one.
    Isn't it hot!

  5. You are so brave, Frances. I just dont do these tags now.
    By the way , my hair is natural too!

  6. Lovely blog, Frances. I do hope that one day you will visit us 'across the Pond' again! Raspberries and marzipan, Oh! Delicioso!

  7. Liked reading your answers Frances... I have just done a similar meme, I was new to it too, it's rather nerve wracking isn't it?! x

  8. Lovely Frances...thank you. I too wish you could travel to England again...what a warm welcome we would give you! Janexxxxx

  9. I enjoyed your answers, Frances.

    Thank you for listing me among potential candidated, but I will pass, thank you (a time management decision, I can only either publish my daily blog or do memes or awards).

    I will try to put together a "Some of My Favorite Things" post, I will let you know then.

  10. Golly Frances, so behind am I with my blog reading I hadn't realised you had tagged me! Twiglet too has sent me a tag, so I will combine questions and see what we get. Thank you though as it now makes me feel like a real blogger!

    I love these things as I am generally nosey by nature and like to know about people and their lives, likes and dislikes.
    Thank you for sharing some of yours with us.

  11. I love Marzipan.
    Enjoyed another trip around New York City,Brings back so many happr memories-and some sad ones too.
    Always enjoy your blogs.

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