Monday, February 15, 2010

City Views, Country Dreams

Good afternoon from New York.

I'd like to thank everyone who left such kind comments on my Valentine's Day post. It's fun to visit back and forth and find out how many things we have in common.

Since last fall's Christmas gift-making activities, I have continued to pursue various craft projects as a way to relax after my long days at the shop. Somehow, crocheting or knitting seems to be more playful that painting or drawing. I may soon have to do some extensive doodling just to begin to get the feeling for holding a pen or pencil in a playful way. Somehow I treat making pictures a a much more serious pursuit than I do fiddling around with yarn.
Let me return to the theme of generosity amongst bloggers. There are so many sites on the web that offer craft inspiration and some also actually offer instructions. A favorite of mine is Vanessa's blog do you mind if I knit. If you have never visited this creative artist's place, please give yourself a treat.
The following picture shows a pair of house slippers I have finally finished ... adding the pom poms this afternoon. I followed Vanessa's expert instructions, and found the slippers really easy to make. I think that I will be making more of the slippers for gifts.

Another interesting site is Kristin's getting stitched on the farm. Kristin is firm advocate of vivid colors, and I have made use of one of her patterns to make the colorful slippers in the next picture. They were also very simple to make, and I look forward to trying lots more colorways.

What is great about each of these two patterns is that a knitter can vary them, change the sizes, experiment with various weights of yarn, and combine colors at will. All this provides a relaxing way to spend an hour or two.
I am still working on some socks and some fingerless mitts. Each of those projects demands much more attention than the either slipper design.
Perhaps this posting will encourage more of you all to visit some new sites, and try some new projects. The days are getting longer, as we stretch towards springtime, but this is still very much a time for indoor projects.
Why is it that another classic indoor project, housecleaning, never interests me as much as knitting?
Best wishes to you all.


  1. Ah well Frances I think perhaps housework lacks the creative skill which your knitting and painting nourishes! Love the bright and spotty slippers they may even encourage me to return to knitting !

  2. Those colourful slippers look like fun. Thanks for the tip about the site - I'll pop over for a look.

  3. Your slippers look wonderful! Both pairs. And love your Valentines card! I have these slippers for guests, when they come to stay, they love them. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. I love the rug the slippers are sitting on, too! Goodness you have been busy - those slippers would still be a ball of wool in my hands!

  5. I'd rather do knitting over housework any day. Such fabulous slippers!

  6. I love the slippers, Frances, such fun clours!
    Housework..... that's not so demanding creatively, it's just something that has to be done!

  7. Oh, how lovely are those?? well done, I love both pairs.
    I enjoy visiting your blog, there's always something interesting going on...
    I'm looking forward to seeing the doodles...
    Take good care

  8. Wow Frances, those slippers are fantastic! I now have the urge to knit and will have a look at the sites you mentioned. Sadly I have no urge for the housecleaing!

  9. I spotted the slippers with the pom poms over on another blog and thought I must must find out more. They are lovely. Although I cannot knit I do love making pom poms for my cats - anything is better than cleaning!

  10. Oh Francis, don't tempt me into even more projects. I love those colourul slippers, so very snazzy.

  11. You are a very clever knitter!
    You do such cool designs.
    I am totally awed..... as is Buster who could un-ravell those elegant socks in no time flat.
    I knitted two rows when I was up at my daughter in law's yesterday and felt the urge to take up the needles again.
    Hope to go to the market on Saturday to buy some uber pure (expensive!!) wool to knit a hat for Henry James.
    The Valentine card was a delight.

  12. What lovely slippers Frances, they make me want to curl up, toasty and cozy in front of the fire with a good book - a cuppa and beautiful slippers like that.

  13. Oh such lovely slippers Frances. I too read Vanessa's blog and really enjoy her tutorials. You have inspired me to have a go at some house slippers too. x

  14. Hello Frances, I agree, there is nothing much to recommend house cleaning, a thankless task that is never finished.

    I have finally started to knit inspired by some very inspiring blogs, yours included. The slippers look fun and just about manageable. It is so wonderful that people post these free tutorials for us all to share.

    I love your little tea cup, I have only just found it after having been away for a long weekend. It is obvious that you enjoyed the creative process, I look forward to seeing more.

  15. My, you are a multi-talented lady! Those slippers look so cosy and inviting. Have just been having a quick catch-up, and lovely to see you had a grand day out with Chris and Tom - wish I could have joined you all.


  16. Hello dear Frances,

    Thank you for the knit links to those blogs, I will be taking a peep, who knows I may even be able to create wonderful knits for myself, it is never too late for me to learn.

    Oh especially love the sweet little slippers with pom-poms Frances, really lovely.

    I would choose anything in creativity in art form before domestic/cleaning Frances, house cleaning always seems such a negative task, with not much to show at the end of it, but just needs to be done.


  17. housework? If I can avoid it at all, I will.
    There are so many more rewarding things to do in life.

  18. You've made very lovely knitty slippers with Vanessa's pattern - how I love their pom poms. The other ones are rather zingy too - the colours remind me of South American fabrics. Both pairs look reassuringly cosy on a wintry evening. Do you think they would be too tricky for a beginner like me?

  19. Hello Frances,
    Your knitted slippers are going to keep your toes cosy. As you say a good project to experiment and also use up odds and ends from other projects. I think we all agree on the housework!
    Just been to the other blogs, both new to me.
    Happy Knitting.

  20. What beautiful slippers. I do so enjoy your colorful joyful colorways. Do you create as you go or plan ahead?

  21. Hi Frances, just going about my blog-catch-up session and have really enjoyed reading your last few posts - all that knitting, and meeting Chris... lovely. The knitting is inspiring, I just disvocered Vanessa's blog and am enchanted by it!

  22. Frances, sorry my reply to your comment has been delayed, I've been very busy this week.
    I've never been called a fabric and haberdashery detective before, but I suppose I am.
    Glad you like looking at all my treasures from the past.

    I love the slippers you have made, you really must have a lot of patience.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  23. Oh wow, you clever sausage!!

    You're tagged by the way, over at mine.