Friday, February 26, 2010

City Views, Country Dreams

Good afternoon from New York.

Our most recent snow fall began about thirty hours ago, and is finally beginning to wind down. The television news reports that over twenty inches has accumulated in Central Park. I have not yet been over there to check.

It has been quite cold and windy, and so it has been much more pleasant to remain indoors on this day off and click a few photos from my front window.

I worked all day yesterday, and found lots of slippery slushy icy sidewalks along my path to and from the subway ride home. What a relief not to have taken a tumble. Overnight the slush froze as the temperature fell along with the continuing snow.
That concludes my brief weather report.
My primary reason for this post is to answer a tag by exmorejane. Jane is one of the folks who first encouraged me to write a blog, and so, I cannot deny her request that I write a bit about ... my handbag.
Now you have seen this disreputable, aging, slouchy leather bag that I carry over my shoulder every day. It is roomy, lightweight and strong. This is fortunate. This bag carries many items besides the magazine that just peeking out.
Let's see what else is in there. I spy a wallet, a card case, some cough drops, a checkbook, a pen, some mints, a brush (I bought that Mason Pearson brush eons ago at a January Harrods sale.)
I have a small supply of make up (lipsticks, powder, concealer, tiny cologne spray) in a plastic zipper bag that was a make up counter's giveaway years ago. Oh, I also see my pocket diary, full of deadline reminders, and phone numbers and addresses of friends. I have a wonderful little pen that advertizes JVC equipment, and was given me by someone who used to sell such equipment.
The pen reminds me that I've got an orange covered pad of grid paper, for quick notes. Not many sheets left in that tablet, so it's about time for a replacement. I have got a Irish linen hankie and one of my pairs of non-prescription reading glasses in this bag ... probably near the bottom.
If I were on my way to work right now, I would also have a sandwich packed for my lunch.
There are lots of keys in the bag. Some are for home and some are for work.
Sometimes, instead of carrying along a magazine, I will tote along a book for reading while waiting for, or riding on a bus or subway train.
I think that I have now revealed all the contents of that wonderful bag of mine. All the contents are there for a reason. I found no surprises. It might surprise some of you that this bag that goes out daily into New York City does not have a zippered closure. I would find that too much bother, and have been fortunate never to have lost anything.
Hoping that luck holds, I am going to tag the following folks, who might also choose to write a bit about their own bags:
I also invite anyone reading this post to visit the above folks' blogs. You will find great variety and will no doubt want to visit them again.
Oh my, while I was investigating that handbag and trying to type the link info correctly, time has rushed past. The sun has set. The continuing light snowfall glitters in the glow of the street lamps. It's time to begin preparing some supper.
Best wishes to all.


  1. Hello Frances. I hope that the stormy weather is beginning to settle down. I've been keeping tabs on the situation via our evening news - it looks terrible. Take care on your way to work in the morning, if you have to go out.
    PS I just knew that your bag wouldn't have any crumpled receipts, shredded tissues or fuzzy mints!

  2. Hello Frances, how kind of you to tag me - I will be delighted to write something. I have been unaccountably blocked for writing until tonight, after a walk in alternating moonlight and falling snow. It sounds as though you are getting even more of it that we have here.
    I love your honest list of in-bag items - an Irish linen hanky, some cough drops - as well an another glimpse of one of your projects (perhaps?), the crochet blanket on the chair.
    Isn't it pleasantly cosy to be indoors when it's snowing, and to have something like fresh scones and a cup of tea while watching it fall and fall.
    Be safe - don't slip!
    And thanks again,

  3. More snow - hope it doesn't make its way over here.

    Love your slouchy leather bag - I wouldn't describe it as disreputable - poor thing! Its obviously well used and well loved - and old friend.

  4. Now that is my kind of bag - maybe not the contents, mine would probably have animals bones and woodsy bits and bobs in, but it is a thing of beauty to me - simple and patina'd, and (more importantly) useful!

  5. Hi Frances! Thank you for the very nice comment!

    Even here in Japan I have heard a bit about the snow over there in between news reports about how there is not enough snow for the winter Olympics...
    I hope it is not too looks so pretty...

    You have a very nice bag! It looks comfortable to hold too!
    Your "bag tag" has reminded me that I seriously need to clean out my bag ;-) so I will gladly write about the insides of my bag asap!

  6. I do hope that by now the snow has abated, and does not leave you with icy surfaces. we seem to ahve finished with snow, but a tempest is forecast!
    What a lovely classic bag that is. I'm afraid mine is no different from many...old receipts, pens that dont work, a sugar lump or two.....!

  7. Frances, I always look forward to your comments. I have been wondering how you were doing when I heard about all the snow in Central Park. I love your bag. I, myself, tend to have serial favorites. My style-conscious sister-in-law has made fun of my bags, but I don't worry about that. Right now I have a little slim black purse with pockets on both sides. My daughter gave it to me after my old purse was lost. It holds a checkbook with ID and various bank and medical cards, stamps, zoo passes for me and my grandkids, car keys, cell phone and a few receipts. That is all it will hold which helps me keep it free of clutter. You stopped writing too soon. I was wondering what you were having for supper on a cold, snowy night.

  8. Now that bag Frances looks like exactly the sort of thing I could do with. And I bet you could even find room in it for a laptop and some papers as well. The lack of a zip would worry me though; still you've proved by example that one isn't necessary. Can I say I did enjoy reading this and also your weather report. I've only ever seen snow like that perhaps twice in my life and although it has its drawbacks it must be magical too.

  9. What amazing weather you are having, twenty inches of snow in Central Park, good heavens!

    I enjoyed reading about your bag, it looks like the kind of bag I like, aging leather and bulging with stuff. I would have expected a crochet hook and wool to have made its way in there.

    Take care on those slippy sidewalks.

  10. Definitely best to stay inside with that much snow on the ground. I hope that you are nice and warm!

    Pomona x

  11. Hello Frances,
    Last Sunday we woke to a similiar white world, the following days it was gone except for the hill tops and the really white hills in the distance.
    So to have that blue sky yesterday was so beautiful. Not to be fooled though, it is still bitterly cold.

  12. I don't blane you for not going out in that snow Frances - mind you, Central Park must look so magical.

    Another interesting little peak into a bag - have you seen Elizabeth's over at Welsh Hills Again?

    I LOVE your slippers - you are clever and they're completely gorgeous!

    Jeanne x

  13. Nice city photographs. I also like knowing that the New Yorker half hidden in your bag is a perfect accompaniment, as it's the one with the snowy dog-walk cover.

  14. So sorry not to have visited sooner, Frances - I've been on my knees with lurgy, really horrid.
    Gosh, I'm glad we didn't have that snow when we were visiting. It looks lovely but not good when it freezes - I hope you've kept snug and warm.

    I loved reading about your handbag and will blog about mine as soon as I am up and running (actually, I can't run at the moment). Love Cx

  15. All that snow - so it's not just us! Spring came yesterday, warm sun and a gentle breeze, but this morning - guess what? More snow! It's transient and fleeting this time though, and however incongruous it looks, I have white sheets billowing on the line above a scantily snowy lawn!

    Lovely bag, I'm so interested in what's in people's bags, as you say - nice to see how different we are, and also how similar!

  16. Lovely bag, I have to say, it also looks very chic and very cool, I imagine models walking around with bags like this. Yes, very nice indeed! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  17. Francis, I can't imagine the Francis, i imagine, with that great big, brown sloucy handbag. I had you down as a neat,black, trim purse sort of person. But then where would you keep your book and knitting? I shoul've known better.